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CNC News - A New Voice of China Has Been Launched

CNC News - A New Voice of China Has Been Launched

Although the whole world has globalised and many innovative changes have taken place but the minds of the people are still running on the single track of discrimination between the races and there is quite a difference in the way that the Eastern world is looked up. The recent launch of the English language channel of China called the CNC looks quite productive but the critics are afraid that it may behold the international audiences skeptically especially as it will not be able to win the hearts of the westerners.

The latest global news channel is going to turn out a new source of information for the global audience. After the success story of many globalised channels in English China also planned this launch so that it could also have a media platform with the global influence but with their own agenda in mind.

Though this is certainly not the first globalised English medium channel of China which offers 24/7 service but the real problem is that though the CNC channel is being broadcasted globally providing global news round the clock Chinese people will not be able to view the channel and this sure stand out the biggest flaw with the launch of this channel.

There are many Chinese people who have mastered the English language and the foreigners in China can also get all the global news by watching this channel but the real fact is that it is unavailable for them and sure will be an obstacle in the growth of the Chinese Economy.

All this is certainly is because of a political purpose which really creates a climate of strict censorship but still there are ways that the CNC world will pave the road to the top of the developing world. As until know no other channel has seen successfully established and held a dominance position. Most of the government channels of China are actually the eye and the tongue of the ruling party of China and they deliver the news according to the set restrictions by the governing party.

The real truth behind the success story of China is the fact that it uses its official language as the medium of education and communication within the local population and so people show their best potential when working in their own country with their past traditions and communicating in the medium that they understand best. The globalised world has certainly packed all the countries of the world in a chain reaction where a little problem in one certainly messes up the entire connection.

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Another Ecological Invention - Concrete That Reduces Pollution

Another Ecological Invention - Concrete That Reduces Pollution

The latest scientific experiments and research have led to new discoveries that can really help in reducing the pollution problem. Scientists have come up with a new type of concert that helps reduce pollutants in the environment that lead to acid rain.

Netherlands finest researchers in Enid Hoven University of Technology have been successful in developing a paving material that eats up the aerial pollutants, especially green house gases and is soon to be the most crucial tool for improving the quality of air in industrialized locations.

The new concrete absorbs nitrogen oxide from the air and turns it into Nitrate a quite harmless substance. Scientists are confident that it can be mixed with Asphalt and used as a perfect material to build roads and walls that will be free from wear and tear due to environmental l factors.

Today, industrialized countries responsible for vehicle emission and fossil fuel usage have been reportedly increasing in the percentage of nitrogen oxide in the air. This is the main cause of acid rain and smog that ends up causing adverse health effects on humans and also effects the material used in building. Though the government has imposed strict air regulations, the quality of air in most busy streets is still low.

As revealed upon severe experimentation, the new found concrete is not affected by the pollutant which is why it has recently been used on the pavements of a Dutch town in Hengelo. The results are positive and have inspired hope that it's really going to reduce acid rain and leave positive effects on the environment.

Thus, areas where there is increase in air pollution will undoubtedly find this very useful. Plus it is quality material that doesn't require much maintenance and doesn't wear off easily. Though the material is quite expensive at the moment public usage seems to be confined with just a few people. For this reasons, scientists are continuously trying out new experiments to reduce the cost down to at least 10 percent. This should be in your best interest as this way you will not have to spend more on maintenance when you use quality materials that are healthy for you as well as the environment.

There is always hope for the future and our hope is our motivation that keeps us going. Maybe some day our inspired hope will offer more feasible solutions to the problems and difficulties that we face in our economy. We should abide by the laws and follow strict rules and regulations that will help us reduce the effect of pollution in our lives so that we can lead a quality life.

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Now Make Free Phone Calls to US & Canada with Voice in Gmail !!!

Now Make Free Phone Calls to US & Canada with Voice in Gmail!!!

Well this is like one of those days when you buy the last Willy Wonka Chocolate in the shop and win your Golden ticket to visit the Chocoloate! I might have got a little carried away with all the excitement rushing up through my nerves, but on a more serious note Google's dedication to be best at everything and its wishful days of eventually taking over my and your computer does not seem too far!

Like everyday, I seated myself infront of the computer to check my gmail account to connect back to the wireless world most of us have been accustomed to and get rid of those unwanted messages piling up to infinity and beyond. Surprisingly a pop-up message with a "New! Make phone calls from Gmail" feature notification.

To some people, they would still prefer skype while others would just be astounded with additional features like a preload 10cent credit, which you could use to call around the world for as low as 2 cents per minute. Well, I'm a miser what actually made me breathless wa sthe power to call on landlines and phones with my google account and all that for FREE! Atleast that what it seems when they say Free Calls to U.S and Canada in 2010.

Some of us might already be using services like Google Voice to call from our cellphones to each other like we do for Nimbuzz or Skype but this stuff is neat, really neat! Dial a direct number whether your friend is not signed in or is still in bed even when you are outside U.S.

Although Voice in Gmail has a lot of benefits, I somehow fear that this may be another way of tracking what the gmail users have been up with or even surpassing the algorithims that Google Adsense implemented to find out the demographics, likes and dislikes of IPs and people.

Additionally, one more funny yet irritating scenario could be to get actual human voice calls, with real people or recorded messages on software telling you to buy their stupid shampoos and so called money back guarantee teeth whiteners. I'd really love to hear such funny voices....but lets see how it really goes!

Pieces of Greenland Drift Away Because of Global Warming - Measures Required

Pieces of Greenland Drift Away Because of Global Warming - Measures Required

Greenland, North America's own Iceland lying between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, no longer seems to be a favorite destination for tourists that once delved in its beautiful landscape.

Are humans really responsible for global warming?

Are we the ones responsible for triggering and increasing the rate at which global warming is effecting the environment?

Whatever the cause may be, we sure need to identify this as quickly as possible before we reach the point of no return. The whole world will be effected by global warming as it is not only a problem faced by a country but will end up effecting the lives of the entire world. You may wonder what the reason maybe, but what most do not realize is their own contribution to such devastation including excessive fossil fuel burning, CFCs and industrial wastes.

Large glaciers of ice, four times the size of Manhattan have broken off from Greenland according to the latest updates. It is believed that fresh water stored in this ice island can keep the Hudson River flowing for about two years. The broken ice pieces on the other hand can also block Nares Strait which separates Greenland and Canada and while it continues to melt down and flow into the open waters of the Atlantic. According to environmentalists the rising temperatures of the Arctic have been identified as the underlying reason for global warming, and as of now they have reached their warmest levels.

Scientists are working hard to find solutions and alternate fossil-free energy resources to sway this environmental hazard but there are still unanswered question that need to be answered. If we don't catch up with the real reasons we will never be able to find remedies in the situation. All the research conducted up till now confirms that the sea level rising beyond current predictions is the culprit causing global warming in this area.

The climatic and environmental changes are affecting the animal life living in the areas that are more at risk. With melting of the Arctic ice the flora and fauna found the Arctic region are now even found at lower altitudes. Most animals are not adapting to the rising temperatures and may end up being extinct because they are more suited to live in ice-covered areas. The eco system is also suffering a lot and there are chances that many species may end up being extinct.

The species of polar bear and seals are more badly affected as they usually give birth to their little ones in lairs and caves but because of the early spring rain these lairs collapse and kill the young offspring's. If global warming continues in this way it looks as if soon enough the Arctic Ocean will soon be ice free.

We are experiencing global changes in the air, water as well as the ground and these are changing the face of the earth. We can all step forward and play our part by adopting ways that will help to reduce the effect so that we can reduce it to some extent. Start using eco-friendly energy, use minimum resources and produce less waste. Re-use, Reduce and Recycle today if you want your kids to see a tomorrow!

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The Deadliest Plane Crash in Pakistan, flight ABQ-202

The Deadliest Plane Crash in Pakistan, flight ABQ-202

28th of July would always remain a tragic day in the history of Pakistan, when domestic flight ABQ-202 of Air Blue Airlines crashed on Margala Hills early in the morning. 6 crew members, pilots and 146 passengers on board, looking forward to reach their destinations found instant death to be their destiny. Incidents like these are obviously unpredictable, but what is even more tantalizing is that not only do the lives of victims are at loss but, instances like these destroy the lives of families involved.

Grief stricken families were devastated with the news and crowded the airport awaiting news of any possible survivors. International news agencies and the local news channels flashed the updates on the plane crash, while Thursday became a national day of mourning declared by the Pakistani government. Over a 100 bodies were badly mutilated and burned under the wreckage, while the rest missed body parts. Rescue workers strived day and night to retrieve fingers and bones to be collected and identified for each individual who boarded the plane.

No one to date has been able to discover the true cause of the devastation. Where some speculate that the bad weather may be the culprit, others think it to be either the incompetence of the flying pilots or loss of communication with the control tower. But whatever the truth may be, the lives of 152 Pakistanis and their families had run down to ruins. The death of these passengers has also destroyed the lives of many close relatives and various other employees of the airline industry in Pakistan.

Among the victims of the plane, there seems to be a long list of young men and women that idealized a promising future for Pakistan. Entire families have been wiped out while some have lost their fathers, mothers and their dear siblings. These are devastating incidents that makes your heart cry out for the realities that are living dead. It was the worst plane crash in the history of Pakistan, after the 1988 crash of General Zia-ul-Haq a martial law administrator that left twisted metal wreckage hanging from the tree tops with clouds of dense gray smoke rising from it.

No one knows what really happened but as the black box has been found the reason of the crash may be revealed soon enough or remain a mystery depending upon its contents. We can avoid the mistakes that led to the crash but the real fact is that we can't bring back the survivors to life. Although the cause of the plane crash is still to be determined, the irreparable damage can never be replaced.

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Outrageous Floods and the Will Power For Survival

Outrageous Floods and the Will Power For Survival

The rising waters hit the land of Peshawar in Pakistan and left a trail of shrieks and wailing when people drowned and their houses were completely wiped out from the face of this earth. The rooftops were filled with people signaling for help and weeping for their loved ones who were missing. The tallest men were stranded in on the rooftops and looking for ways out. You can just imagine what must have happened to the little babies and kids trying to make way in the flood waters to live up another day. All television channels were filled with breaking news and giving the latest updates on the floods and the damages caused by it.

Saturday was a black day in the life of the people living in the pathan territories of Khyber Pukhtoon Khua as the death toll was rising with the receding waters of the flood. The roads of this North Western province of Pakistan are damaged and all means of communication are cut off hindering the rescue workers from doing their rescue work. When these natural disaster start to recede they spring up the threat of diseases and brings with it more deaths.

The Pakistanis when hit by floods were so devastated and frightened because such an unpredictable situation had arrived without even the slightest hint so that these victims could have evacuated the area beforehand. These drowning men and women clutched at straws and trees or anything that they thought could save their lives from getting swept in the flood water. Buildings and homes on the other hand started crumbling and sunk to the ground with all the furnishings of the inmates who once saw these places as home.

The lists of missing people in these affected areas seem to be growing by the hour. They are ones whose survival is still essential for their relatives and children looking with lifeless eyes hoping for the safety of their fathers and mothers who were swept in the floods.

You can never know the true state of damages and disaster caused by the floods as there are areas that are completely cut of and are unreachable due to the devastating damages. The rooftops are still filled with people in the hope that maybe rescued. Hunger and diseases are lurking in the air ready to attack people who are even a little weak. These are the devastating conditions of the effected people.

But the hope and the faith in Almighty is strong enough to push the people forth so that they can stand up to a new found zest in life and start their lives from where they left off. There sure is a sunny day after every dark night as this is the motivation that keeps the Pakistanis afloat. Life is precious whether it's your or these feeble ones, take care and spend every moment of your life as if they are the last ones. a US based Online News Magazine, capturing different perspectives of people and their view on News around the world. Visit for more updates around the world and Breaking News.

A Response to an Article on " On being ‘kafir’ "

A Response to an Article on " On being ‘kafir’ "

Well...the article itself seemed quite fluffed up with sufism, which again itself is quite debatable in context of islam.

However, I'd like to shed light on a word in the english dictionary: "infidel" which means a non-believer in a certain religion.

The word can be defined using several dictionaries and encyclopedias, however every definition would depict the same concept.

To start of I'd like to point out that I'm a muslim and Chrisitans for instance would find me as an infidel for I do not believe in their religious teachings of the Holy Ghost, Jesus (son of God) and God (father of Jesus). For this reason, they have every right to call me or anyone else who rejects their belief of religion an "Infidel" and thus I would be someone who is not of their christian faith but another faith.

The word "Infidel" when translated in Arabic means the same as Kaafir.

The word Kafir is in no way used to abuse any person, but just to draw a boundary based on religious beliefs among people. I still have non-muslim friends in the US and even here where I live, but they would be Kaafir for me since they do not believe in my religion while I wouldn't mind if they call me a non-hindu, non-christian or infidel even for that matter since I only believe in the teachings of Islam.

The issue of, 'the Hindu youth who was a member of Youth Parliament, Pakistan.....also a passenger of the recent plane crash' I believe is another publicized matter for the press and the media to aggravate the differences among the public.

The plane crash was indeed tragic, while the devastations were even worse, you'll agree with me when you see pictures of bones and fingers on TV as the invetigating teams could not find what body parts belong to which human being. Upon being separated every corpse had to have a coffin which could be handed over in order to proceed with the funeral. Such body parts could not really be handed over in case of some passengers, as they might be unbearable for such families.

In such a scenario where most of the corpse belonged to muslim passangers, differentiating the corpse of non-muslims seemed rather important. While muslim corpse were being buried, perhaps in respect of the Hindu funeral traditions, the folks responsible might have decided to separate the corpse of this Hindu boy marking as Kafir so his family or anyone repsonsible might carry the homa rituals for delivering the corpse to its end.

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