Hello World !

My motto for life is simple, wake up…..survive in this cruel world….try fulfill your duties in life…..and eventually back to sleep again !!!!

Although I am only 20 years of age I am proud to say that I have learnt and understood the corporate culture of different countries of the world and even experienced a taste at different levels in my country. I wish to pursue my study in these two fields altogether as I think that the corporate world is advancing at a far more rapid pace than we think and eventually those who are aware and constitute to the minds who do multi tasking in this world are going to be the ones successful in this world.

I have loved to write and share my own views with the rest of the world on many issues such as religion, human rights in this world and especially how nations are exploiting the resources of other nations to gain more power and control in the world.

Since the day I went to school, I always wanted to become an engineer and invent some amazing gadgets that people would often see on TV, such as the hover board in Steven Spielberg’s “Back to the future” and holographic images from some amazing cartoons like “The Centurions”. Unfortunately life has been very unpredictable and I believe everything that happened in life with me was already planned by God Himself.