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Eco-friendly Inventions for a Sustainable World can Straighten Our Lives

Eco-friendly Inventions for a Sustainable World can Straighten Our Lives

Technology has never been the same leading factor in the old days as most humans these days just leap for such devices that are really going to make innovative dreams a reality. This is the motivation that keeps the intellectuals busy in inventing applications, devices and peripherals and come up with new ones that can really work into molding our lives for a better tomorrow.

Although there are many who really oppose technology, but the fact is that technology is just a resource like many others. Some may find adverse effects on the world as a whole but the it cannot be denied as cures are being found for global warming as the hot technology has been inspired to create a new world. Konica Minolta’s technological devices also help and prevent from global warming. Quick and cost effective economical printing is what makes Earth a better place to live in.

Technical advancements are being developed bearing in mind the deadly global issues so that we can create more environment friendly applications and devices that will make the future of this Earth sustainable enough for the coming generations. Konica has come up with high speed and high definition multi functional printers which are also environment friendly and play their part well in making your home and office environmental friendly.

They work up in minimizing the environmental burden as they try to reduce the carbon emission and also try their best to conserve energy being functional throughout their life cycle. Inventions like these really help in conserving as much energy as you can.

The compatibility of the multifunctional printer covers all your office requirements in one single device. The rapid speed and the host based processer makes the multi-printer energy efficient and with the automated easy operating systems you surely can get your work load released.

If all the innovative inventors start to focus on environmental technologies then we sure will be able to save our resources for the future generations so that they can also benefit from nature’s bountiful resources and enjoy and benefit from them just like us.

Technological advancement has really made life easier and has also started of paperless offices where everything is done in an automated computerized way and thus we start to depend more on innovative and environmental friendly technologies.

The innovative environmental multifunction printer offers you exceptional image quality and giving you the chance to utilize the HD tone technology. This makes it more efficient and functional as compared to any other multi functional printer. With such thoughtful innovations there sure is hope for a more sustainable future of this planet and we can be positive and hope for the best.

Our future is in the hands of the environmental friendly innovations that will even help to make our future sustainable!

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North Korea Un-Curtains the Next Kim: Kim Jong-un

North Korea Un-Curtains the Next Kim: Kim Jong-un

Korea was split into two parts at the end of World War II with the Soviet Union placing leadership in the North and the Americans placing their leadership in South Korea. The leader of North Korea Kim II Sung launched and invasion with his Soviet equipped army to unify the peninsula under his rule but he failed to succeed.

United Nations helped the South Koreans to counter attack into North Korea and from that onwards the Korean peninsula has remained divided to this very day. North Korea has most of the industrial and natural resources and was successful in rebuilding itself back. The cold war between north and south still persists and seems to go on for ever.

Kim II Jong the son of Kim II Sung and was chosen the eternal president after his father’s death. The guiding policy of the father was self reliance while the son’s was military first. Kim II Jong lacks his father’s charisma and the only time that he spoke in public was to praise the army. But one thing is for sure that Kim II Jong has inherited his fathers near like god status and his cult too but recently his health has been depleting as he has suffered a stroke.

Just like his father Kim II Jong didn’t even try to launch the China styled economic reforms as he felt that it would show disrespect to his father’s legacy. The anti Japanese strategies and the Korean War explains why the Korean state links to resources for it military.

The common Koreans are said to live in destitute conditions while a huge part of the population relies on State asset striping’s, Hoarding and trading. The dwindling Korean economy in this part is known as the Black Hole because of the immense power shortage. North Korea was known to be a heavy industrialized nation but due to power shortages and heavy under investments most of its economy has been doomed.

The future of this country is really unpredictable and bleak today as there is unrest among the locals and recent years botched currency revelation has also been leaked. After this entire downfall are the Koreans ready for a third generation of Kim rule? This sure is a question that lurks in our mind but it is for the Koreans to decide if the next Kim successor Kim Jong Un would be as powerful as his father and grandfather were or would he be the puppet of the military figure. These are unanswered question and time will only tell what the future has in store for the North Koreans.

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The After Effects of the Gulf Spill Are Yet To Come

The After Effects of the Gulf Spill Are Yet To Come

Sea Snot the sticky clump of organic matter discovered around the Middle East and surrounding regions is the result of the Gulf oil spill and has temporarily wiped out the base of the food chain by scouring the small organisms from the water column. The oil rig explosion site that was surveyed but the top scientists have spotted large particles of Sea Snot. These marine snow flakes are actually the tiny dead and living organic matter.

The mucous like substance produced by the ocean Phytoplankton pumped out more of this sticky stuff due to the devastation caused by the oil spill. Nobody knows how this organic matter sunk so fast and deep down in the ocean but according to scientific calculations the large number of organism that were killed due to oil spill became abnormally heavy and sank faster and deeper into the ocean.

It is possible for the Sea Snot storm to pass away but the devastating effects that it will leave behind is a matter of grave concern as it may starve or poison the marine creatures living in the area. It is possible that the snow storm may have ended up the lives of many marine bottom dwellers.

Researchers have also seen tar balls accumulate in the snow storm under the ocean bed and observed that their toxicity has also been a contributing factor for killing more marine life. Most fishes mature slowly making it difficult to actually determine how many species have been wiped out from the face of the Earth due to the oil spill.

The Gulf Oil spill has also threatened the lives of thousands of migratory birds who now have nowhere to go while we may face a lost generation of sea and land animals in the future as we can never tell for sure the real extent of the devastation caused by the Gulf oil spill. One can see the ill effects of the oil spill even in distant lands which are far away for water has no boundaries and it can flow from one area into another without any reservations. Thousands of dead jelly fish were discovered recently, additionally the low oxygen levels in the sea water has also been a contributing factor for many marine fishes are dead.

The Gulf oils spill has seen to expand in the dead zone when the mass of oil eating bacteria gobbled up all the oxygen and left none for the sea organisms. We humans are impatient creatures and aim for speed and success undermining the fact that nature works in its own way at a slow and steady pace to keep the eco system intact. We should adopt ways in life to inspire people to care about our plants so that we can save its natural resources for our future generations to come.

The author is an associate at a US based Online News Magazine, capturing different perspectives of people and their view on News around the world. For more detailed insights on US and the Middle East News visit the website.

The Real Facts Behind Your Reliable News Sources

The Real Facts Behind Your Reliable News Sources

Accessing the World business news through the vast media network will surely keep you updated on the economic position of businesses around the world. You will be able to get a chance to make sound decisions making an enormous fortune in the process. Today the latest updates in the news both broadcasting channels and some of the most reliable online magazines and websites. Keeping up with financial statistics and analysis helps maintain business profitability.

Getting constant updates on the world markets, the internet has packaged the world into one big business unit. Since last years recession within the US economy the impact of a business in one part of the world passed on its side effects to several nations. Strong economies like Japan, India, Canada and a few big shot companies in the United Kingdom all experienced their most dreadful days.

News flashes and live updates showing blood and gore during a violent protest or some hearty programs not only are directed to keep you engaged with those News channels but also add to problems such as chronic heart diseases, rising blood pressures and the daily stress. At other times breaking news ends up being a political fiasco diverting people's attention to other unimportant issues steering them from the actual issue. These are examples of just a few strategies of the fast paced world which is driven by the power of television and internet access as instruments of the media.

Middle East news is more important for the people who are concerned about the rich oil producing Middle East countries and try to create unnatural circumstances that are far from the truth and create events on the spur of the moment diverting people's attention from the real issues.

It's time we broke all the boundaries and removed the hurdles in the path of bringing about growth and development within the Muslim community and bringing the real news that is true and more related to the important events. Understanding and gasping the real facts behind the breaking news will certainly help you pull the rabbit out of the magician's hat.

For this, sites and online magazines such feature some of the most reliable updates to their viewers from all parts of the world. Those who wish to actually participate in discussions are welcomed to the portal and exchange ideas and suggestions to make our world a better place to live in.

The author is an associate at a US based Online News Magazine, capturing different perspectives of people and their view on News around the world. For more detailed insights on US and the Middle East News visit the website.

The author is an associated editor at IslamTribune a US based Online News Magazine, which tries to address the issues pertaining to people around the world especially the muslim community. Visit for Breaking News, Current Affairs and blogs run by people who have more to share with this world.

Water Pollution and its Unseen Fruits of the Future!

Water Pollution and its Unseen Fruits of the Future!

It sure is a reality of which we Earthlings should be aware of that the Earth’s rivers are in crises and this is going to cause dreadful devastations in the world. Freshwater is undoubtedly the most essential and the only water resource that is vital to life and this is the reason that humans have build dams and reservoirs to store freshwater. But the burgeoning human population and the chemical pollution has had far reaching results on these fresh water resources.

Latest research has uncovered the possible threat to Earth’s rivers which is affecting its quality and aquatic life throughout the world. The world‘s rivers are under stressful conditions as they go through agricultural intensifications and industrial developments. The flowing rivers are the only largest renewable water resources for the human population. But when you take note of the combined threat to freshwater rivers you can see a global syndrome of river degradation developing in the coming future.

United States of America and Europe face the highest level of threats of diminishing resources of freshwater. This is the reason that the government is working on project goals for water system protection.

Water pollution is actually the contamination of water bodies like lakes and river which in turn affect the aquatic plants and aquatic life who live and depend on it. This water pollution is actually caused by sewage effluent chemicals and fertilizers that contain harmful chemicals and are discharged without filtration into the river leaving negative health effects on living organisms including humans.

The Asian rivers are the most polluted rivers in the world as they have three fold increases of harmful bacteria as compared to other rivers. The most comprehensive river assessment results show that nearly eighty percent of the earth’s river bodies are at risk. And the river biodiversity is also in deep trouble because of the polluted water.

But some scientists still hopes that by working with nature we can secure our water future for our survival and development. The water body’s main risk factors are the overuse of water, pollution and over fishing. Humans are sucking the water bodies of the world to ensure the reliable supply for agriculture, as food is also an important ingredient of living.

Its time we made our contribution and start to adopt positive lifestyles that will not deplete out water resource and make them sustainable for the future generations to survive. If we start today we sure will get fruitful results as a fluid ounce of prevention is much better than a gallon of cure.

The author is an associated editor at IslamTribune a US based Online News Magazine, which tries to address the issues pertaining to people around the world especially the muslim community. Visit for Breaking News, Current Affairs and blogs run by people who have more to share with this world.

Depleting Water Resources In China - Thirsty Days Ahead!

Depleting Water Resources In China - Thirsty Days Ahead!

According to the Hydrological reports China’s reservoirs have run dry and about 250,000 people are unable to get drinking water. China is the world’s second largest economy and is capable of importing myriad commodities to all parts of the world to drive such growth but there sure is no perfect solution to its water problem which is turning scarce with each passing minute.

The water crisis in China has risen quite recently as China was unable to support the infrastructure and water supplying streams in most sensitive parts of the country quickly enough to quench its thirsty population while the water shortage has really turned into a devastating situation.

The farmers of Northern China are under constant pressure as the land has developed cracks that are about 10 meters deep. While on the other hand, South West China’s Guizhou province drought has affected thousands of Chinese villagers and their live stock trying to live in the area. More troublesome is the deteriorating water quality that is constantly rising as the industries continue to pollute the water by draining their chemicals waste in it.

The Chinese government is trying to build dams, river reservoirs and deeper wells to store water and the large countries of China like Beijing have gone to the extent of tapping the underground water to meet the growing demand of water shortage of the Chinese people. World Bank has also warned China against the unsustainable demands of water that will increase the status difference between the rich and poor and the rural and the urban population living in the area.

The stability and growth of China is also threatened due to the water crises not only in China but several neighboring countries on the whole. Some beautiful natural lakes around China have found to be covered with a blanket of toxic blue green algae that has been identified to be the result of chemical fertilizers for agricultural cultivation. And according to reports the water tested from the Lakes was not even usable for watering plants and crops let alone drinkable water for human beings.

Although Southern China has abundant water but the water is not usable as it is polluted. China is trying its best to extract underground water most efforts remain in vain as the water table seems to be seeping lower each day. The Chinese government is trying to resolve the issue of water pollution by investing in waste water treatment facilities but something on a large scale should be done to meet the growing demand of water shortage in the whole world.

The author is an associate at a US based Online News Magazine, capturing different perspectives of people and their view on News around the world. For more detailed insights on US and the Middle East News visit the website.

The Unpredictable Fate of the Kashmiri – When does it end?

The Unpredictable Fate of the Kashmiri – When does it end?

The turmoil in Kashmir continues while the protests are further instigated because of the disrespect shown to the sacred books of Muslims is really creating a devastating situation in the Indian bound Kashmir.

The violence in Kashmir has escalated and has made the government plan new strategies to control it in the best way possible. Although, Kahsmir has been an issue since the partition of Pakistan and India, but it is in face since 1989 Kashmiri’s have been gravely suffering and waiting for the moment that they will be free from curfews and restrictions and will get a chance to live and enjoy life just as everyone does.

Though some officials are calling to ease the harsh security as a goodwill gesture but some top state government officials are ready to use all the powers to restore the order in Kashmir. The government plans to adopt all the legal measure that will help to stop the protest and ease the tension that the Kashmiri people are living with for the past years.

The Kashmiri Muslims want their independence from the Hindu dominated Kashmir and are continuously protesting and demonstrating for their lawful rights. The Kashmiri folks are really tired of living in government curfews and strikes and want a breath of fresh air to live a normal life.

The Kashmiri’s have had enough restrictions to face and have been observed to introduce an even more revolting attitude with the government who has again imposed an indefinite curfew in the area. Local residents have been reported against unbearable tortures and beatings by the soldiers and have also accused the soldiers of firing at the innocent people who were participating in peaceful protest rallies.

According to sources the Indian soldiers are carrying batons and tear gas instead of the regular guns and this shows that they are ready to crush whoever comes in their way while filling their satisfaction. With the strict laws enforcing and the curfews, Muslims were not allowed to offer even their traditional Friday prayers in the main mosques of the area and instead prayed in the small mosques of their own localities.

The security forces controlling Kashmir need to change their strategies in cooling down the Kashmir people and need to adopt non lethal means so that the number of casualties in Kashmir can be reduced. The faith of Kashmir is the most volatile topic that has been going on and on and seems to be a part of the never ending debate and discussions.

The Kashmir rebellion is being largely suppressed but the real fact is that the public opposition to Indian rule remains deep rooted as anti India sentiment runs deep down in Kashmir. The loud cries of the Kashmiri people, “We Want Freedom” are unheard by the governing parties as they remain immune to all events and instead wish for their own separate and distinct identity on the face of the earth.

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Drug Resistant Bacteria - A Matter of Grave Medical Concern

Drug Resistant Bacteria - A Matter of Grave Medical Concern

Health officials around the world have been worried as a new drug resistant super bug was discovered in at least three States of the United States of America. This infectious nightmare is unfolding and is frightening the wits out of the world scientist.

A new gene has been discovered that can create havoc in the medical field as it has proved to turn many different types of bacteria’s into super bugs which are resistant to antibiotics and are increasing health complications among the sick. This problem occurred when patients from US and Canada receive medical treatment in India. This gene is said to be found in bacteria that usually ends up causing gut and urinary infections. Scientists have always had a dreaded fear of such discoveries when adaptable genes hitch onto different types of germs and start of broad drug resistant.

This sure is a devastating situation as drug resistant is said to rise and it‘s just a matter of time before this dreadful genes started to spread from person to person and created havoc in the world. This gene is called NDM-1 and is specially named for New Delhi. These foreigners have developed urinary infections while traveling and being treated in India.

According to experts we should not pressurize out doctors to prescribe antibiotics but rather concentrate on the best ayurvedic and homeopathic suitable medicines that they prescribe us. It is also a proven medical fact that repeated antibiotics alter the beneficial gut bacteria and starts of further health complications. Though an antibiotic can surely affect your stomach but with continuous use may leave lingering ill effects by triggering the good germs that already live in your gut. Although research is still going on about confirming such medicals facts and the scientists are confused about how the customized bacterial zoo that lives in our stomach is actually formed.

Patients who are found to be resistant to antibiotics should be isolated so that the infection doesn’t spread from person to person. It is a proven fact that the babies by Cesarean operation react quite differently to bacteria than the babies that are born vaginally and this surely explains the fact that the C-sections are more infectious as compared to the normal delivery procedure. Additionally, the gut bacteria of the pre mature babies contain more hospital type germs as compared to babies who are born in full term.

The antibiotic that were used in the 1950’s and 60’s were known to cause harm to the kidneys. Doctors have constantly been treating medical cases using combination of antibiotics, but we should ideally not use antibiotics because they can soar of infections causing bacteria to become drug resistant. Plus keep your hands clean as this way you can at least prevent your self from getting infected.

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The Recent Solar Flare C3 That Escaped our Planet Earth

The Recent Solar Flare C3 That Escaped our Planet Earth

On 8th September 2010, the Sun unleashed a massive solar flare aimed over an array close to our planet. Luckily, we had escaped such a seemingly dreadful devastation as it would have caused maybe a lot more than just the expected bright auroras of hot light.

The Sun unleashed a powerful Solar flare from the sunspot location of 1105 but luckily it was aimed away form Earth and so our planet was untouched. However with the passage of time, what we may need to really worry about is the fact that the sun has entered an active 11 year period where it could start off shooting solar flares that could hit the earth. Such solar storms would have catastrophic consequences and can result in knocking out satellites which could further cause the mobile phones, cables, internet connectivity and obviously lead the electric power grids to shut down taking us back to medieval times.

Solar flares are categorized according to their intensity into A, B C of 100 to 800 picometer but the real thing is that the C class flares are powerful but can only create bright auroras on earth. The Sunspots are actually dark structure on the sun which are caused due to intense magnetic activity and erupt causing energetic storms and flare ups. Not many are aware of the proven fact that the fossil records confirm that Earth suffers mass extinction at a 27 million years interval. For this reason, NASA has planned a solar probe to be launched in 2018 so that the sun could be studied at from a close distance.

Due to the decreased rate of solar flares and radiations the atmosphere is shrinking and also lowering the levels of the solar radiation, the actual culprits that are blamed for the shrinking atmosphere. This sure can cause problems in the orbits and other rotating objects around the earth.

Scientists at the National Centre of Atmospheric Research discovered the need to study the importance of solar influences on our terrestrial environment both with scientific implications and social consequences. Satellites that orbit the Earth make the job a little less complex as the Thermosphere is more dense and shrunken, the unwanted debris will also rotate around the earth freely. The sun’s radiation penetrates into the first gaseous layer of the earth’s atmosphere that is the Thermosphere and when there is less solar activity this layer gets less dense plus the solar flares are also less active. Plus this is also the main reason that the density of the Atmospheric layer has decreed.

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Red Toxic Sludge Creates an Environmental Havoc across Hungarian Villages

Red Toxic Sludge Creates an Environmental Havoc across Hungarian Villages

Three villages in South West Hungary were hit by a wave of toxic red sludge that was the result of blast and leakage in an Alumina Plant Reservoir. Four people are already dead and 6 missing with quite a few injured. The workers have been searching for the missing people in the villages wearing chemical protection suits and using metal sticks to detect the missing people in the three feet deep mush. The 116 injured people are under treatment in Budapest hospitals.

The repair work has halted the flow of alumina from the plant but the material that flowed out caused a threat to the people in the area. More than 500 people from the National Disaster as well as the staff members of the Hungarian Aluminum Production Company have been working relentlessly searching for the missing people and trying to halt the flow so that further damage doesn’t take place. They worked hard to stop the Alumina leakage from reaching the Danube River so that it may not spread into the neighboring areas. The Alumina sludge has already reached the Marcia River where the clever scientists have poured fertilizer and plaster to neutralize the acidity of the toxins in the sludge.

People who overturned in the sludge are lying dead because of its deadly composition that is extremely harmful for humans. The villagers are restricted not to eat any fruits and vegetables grown in the area the sludge overflowed in. The government has declared a state of emergency and it looks like the villagers living in the area are going to face long term disastrous consequences.

The village was evacuated as human life was in danger and with the hard dedication of the people who worked in stopping the flow of the deadly alumni really came out with positive results. Test results show that the acidity level of the river was only a little above normal and so the river water will not be harmful for the people living there.

It is believed that all this devastation was caused due to human error but the environmental damage is yet to be assessed. Scientists are still keeping a careful watch on the area where the Danube water flows so that necessary precautions can be taken. The Hungarian officials are still trying to calculate the cost of the disaster as they were busy in halting the flow of the sludge as soon as possible.

This sure shows that at least the Hungarians were clever enough to deal with the emergency situation first and didn’t waste time in calculating the cost of damages. This sure was an intelligent decision on their part as human life is certainly more valuable as compared to the devastation cost.

The author is also affiliated with IslamTribune an emerging US based Online News Magazine. His works include capturing distinct stories and perception of people the world over. Visit for more updates around the world and News in the Middle East.

Grasping Opportunities for Promising Ventures Around the Globe

Grasping Opportunities for Promising Ventures Around the Globe

For good business prospects it is essential that you follow the latest International business news and stories from around the world. Internet has made it possible for you to get connected to the latest hot and happening even in the other end of the world as the world business markets have turned into a global village. You can buy and sell your products through the online stores and gain the benefit of profitable and promising business prospects.

Some people may not realize, but sites that provide the latest updates on mergers, growth and other economic factors are bound to help you take advantage of the emerging opportunities and earn you big profits in the process. You can easily buy products from one part of the world and get a chance to compare the quality and price of the product through comparison shopping on the internet and so staying connected to what is going on in the business world is also very important and this is the real reason that big business companies stay connected with the International business news so that they can get all the latest updates.

Online news is very effective in providing you news as it happens and so you get to know about the latest events and happenings at the moment. Online news sites allow you to stay connected to the Middle East news and even know what is happening in you neighboring countries as this will help you to make sound business decision in a better way.

Headlines for emerging markets and subjects including the Middle East are of utmost importance as they are the leading oil producing countries and have a great impact on world wide economy. Through the International Business news you get an insight on the different business prospects having a bearing on the overall economy.

To match the fast paced world it is necessary that all businesses should have all the latest updates regarding trends and business operations not only in their part of the world but also know what's cooking at the other end of the world. The media provides you the latest news as it happens and you can sure get an insight into things and get prepared beforehand so that you can face the challenges that come with it. Plus getting and insight to all the helpful Global news increases your prospects of doing good business and reaching new heights of success.

The author is also affiliated with IslamTribune an emerging US based Online News Magazine. His works include capturing distinct stories and perception of people the world over. Visit for more updates around the world and News in the Middle East.

People World Over Still Struggle for a Quality Life

People World Over Still Struggle for a Quality Life

The world is at war fighting against poverty, hunger and inequality among the developing nations. For over a decade the world leaders are constantly fighting to overcome these problems and the world economic situation has collapsed under the pressure.

Nations around the world had already set their specific goals but the struggle is to meet the targeted goal in the year 2015. Leaders world over are busy planning the right strategies to start off on the perfect path of eradicating devastating problems from their lives. According to recent reports the sub Sahara African area has made very little progress for eradicating poverty. The lack of progress in mother and child deaths and promoting the quality of life of the females in poor and developing countries like Africa, Asia and Latin America needs improvement on a large scale.

The important goals of the world leaders are to eradicate poverty and hunger from the world so that no one stays hungry and to at least give the young kids the chance to get primary education so that the children of even the poor countries will have their basic education need fulfilled and will have a better quality of life. The set strategy of the world leaders is to promote gender equality so that girls and boys will get equal opportunities to educate themselves and will also provide opportunities to empower women as well as men as they should get equal rights.

They are also working up in improving the quality of life so that they can help reduce child mortality each year as more children die below the age of 5. These leaders are also trying to improve the maternal health of the females in these countries so that healthy women can give birth to healthy offspring and lead to lower birth to death ratios in both developing and developed nations today.

Combating the spread of infectious diseases like aids, HIV and malaria is another problem that is being targeted by the world leaders so that the quality of life in this world speeds up. Plus the main focus of all the countries is also to ensure possible ways for environmental stability as this is a problem that is getting worse each minute.

World leaders are trying hard to achieve but will they really be successful is uncertain but staying motivated to your cause helps in gaining the impossible.

The author is also affiliated with IslamTribune an emerging US based Online News Magazine. His works include capturing distinct stories and perception of people the world over. Visit for more updates around the world and News in the Middle East.

Reliable Online News - "Straight From the Horse's Mouth?"

Reliable Online News - "Straight From the Horse's Mouth?"

Today, the internet seems to be the fastest way of spreading bundles of information and global news all over the world like wild fire. Conspiracy theories, updates on the War in Iraq and the return of Katrina, all have used the extensive internet coverage of the cable plugged, satellite covered world to bring in the latest updates. There seem to be numerous online magazines and news sites for people of all regions to connect to and stay updated.

Newspapers, Sunday magazines and paper back digests had been in the lime light for quite some time, but with the advent of technology these too have transformed. What we refer to as constantly updated news sites provide extensive information, more accurate and fast and all that for free. Although online news sites are commonly understood to be reliable and authentic that may not be the case always. Thus it is very important to choose the best networks and the most authentic sources for your news. You may find this a little hard to swallow sometimes but switching on to famous news channels such as Fox News and Al-Jazeera might be a little more comprehendible.

Politically people try to play up with the Muslim news and the Islamic world and try to manipulate the events and news in their favor blackening the Muslim population. Middle Eastern countries really are part of the Muslim world but the way they end up being manipulated by the political parties who try to hold the positivity of the Muslim world and try to upgrade its problematic issues so that people will only be able to see what they are shown.

In this globalised world we sure need to keep up with the world business news as what happens in one part of the world also has a bearing on the economic position of the other part of the world. Though there are positive benefits of breaking news and accessing World news from all parts of the world there are still hurdles to overcome as our fast paced technical world is still not ready to face the challenges of our narrow minded thoughts that act as hurdles and create problems even in the path of truth.

Using media in a positive way to bring peace and unity in the world instead of creating complexities is the only positive way that we can emerge winners and live in a peaceful world.

The author is an associate at a US based Online News Magazine, capturing different perspectives of people and their view on News around the world. For more detailed insights on US and the Middle East News visit the website.

News Channels Assist Texans to Prepare Against Hurricane

News Channels Assist Texans to Prepare Against Hurricane

News headlines, excessive coverage and internet streaming news sites have certainly become an important strategy of the world wide media to attract the public's attention. They certainly end up giving you the most reliable information while some times they are just a publicity gimmick to grasp the attention of the general public and increase the ratings of their network.

Texas is in trouble according to the latest news updates because Hurricane Alex has churned its way towards the Gulf of Mexico. The storm is categorized as Hurricane 1 which is known as the least powerful but you never know what they actually have in store for you.

The local residents and vacationers took heed of the situation and have started making preparations to evacuate the area. The oils rig in the locality where the storm is set to start of has been evacuated. Though we can't stop natural disasters from happening but we sure can prepare ahead and try to be ready to handle the unexpected.

This sure is the positive aspect of all breaking news as it helps us prepare for unpredictable circumstances beforehand. With the continuous upgrades on the situation your nerves become jumbled wires and you end up being over pressurized, making your blood pressure shoot up and your life to be even more complicated.

Hurricanes and other natural disasters are unpredictable and you never know what they have in store for you. Coastal warnings are issued through the breaking news so people can take immediate action and evacuate the expected site immediately. Every body starts to take action and follow as much precautions and safety measures that they can adopt to reduce the disastrous effects of the hurricane which will bring unpredictable situations that need to be dealt with a clear mind.

Updates and events like these broadcasted by news channels and reporters certainly suggests that not all news would be biased and serving any interest groups. The constant flash of breaking news updates especially with Muslim involvement is flashed with more excitement creating an aura of terror among the common folks.

No doubt, the media tries to delivers authentic and the latest information on the top stories that are true and people truly believe what the media portrays. But if we are intelligent enough we can even read through the lines of the breaking news and get an insight on the real World.

The author is an associated editor at IslamTribune a US based Online News Magazine, which tries to address the issues pertaining to people around the world especially the muslim community. Visit for Breaking News, Current Affairs and blogs run by people who have more to share with this world.

Earth's Next Katrina - Are We Prepared for Solar Storm 2012?

Earth's Next Katrina - Are We Prepared for Solar Storm 2012?

Years ago, the Mayans had created calendars that stated the end of the world. Many thought such statements to be illusionary, but today scientists have discovered some similar facts stating these prophecies may be part of what we might face in the future years. It is believed that a solar storm due the ultraviolet rays of the sun is said to strike the Earth, however what is more important is what kinds of devastations could this bring us?

Are the predictions of a solar storm going to turn out true?

This is a really puzzling question, although I never believe in predictions but with the scientific evidence supporting it especially from NASA it sure makes you ponder. Natural disasters are unpredictable and you never know when they can occur and how extreme they can be until you are struck by them.

The solar storms can cause colorful auroras which are usually seen at higher altitudes. In 2012 the sun will be at its peak of its 11th year called the solar maximum and according to scientist around the world we are heading towards a super storm with such catastrophic incidents paving way. The solar experts in the world are constantly looking for stir ups in the sun's surface and they have recorded hyper activity in the sun.

Lawrence D Joseph warns the world, to prepare for a Super Solar Storm that may end up destroying a crucial piece of infrastructure and could cost losses of trillions daily. NASA has launched a Solar Dynamic Observatory which keeps a consent eye on the solar activity going up there this very minute and this way the sun's activity is constantly monitored. According to NASA's findings the super solar storm can end up knocking out the power grid station and thus all the electricity on this planet will be zapped out. Is this really going to happen and are we going to start back from level zero? Living, in a blackout and leading a life of the pre historic man? These are the questions that keep rewinding and disturbing us.

The 1859 and the 1921 solar storm which created havoc in the world and brought enough destruction that simply took years to build up is an example through which we can learn. Over the Kink Rover of Palmer in Alaska, activity on the sun creates a natural light show and if they turn too severe they can even destroy Earth's power and utilities and knock out total communications.

With some possibilities, it might take only one solar storm to wreck our lives, returning civilization to the 18th century with total blackout and while those who survive may need to start from square one. Our reliance on technological gadgets in this modern world will lead to more destruction and devastation as we all our slave of this technical age and have become dependent on all the electronic gadgets.

Experts are out there constantly trying to search for ways that can prevent this from happening but the works of nature with waves as high as 500 meters and cyclones that dissolved bays there is no definite answer for stopping them though we can try our best to adopt precautionary methods.

What will happen? Will it really happen? And will we survive?, are questions that are churning in your mind that only lead you to one answer is Almighty God who is the only one who can save and help us out. So its time that along with liking preventive measures we should start to prays and asks for God's forgiveness to help us out of this destruction.

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Childhood Obesity Is Reversible and Preventable!

Childhood Obesity Is Reversible and Preventable!

Childhood obesity is among the biggest problems faced by American kids today, not only making children to look over sized but causing several other health problems. According to Dr Jonathan Mac Clements nearly 40% of all fourth grade kids have been determined to be clinically obese suggesting a major increase in the number of heart related patients and diabetes problems over the years.

The American Marketer & The Parents

Child obesity has really become one of those problems in the United States where the numbers increase day by day. With the electronic boom and the availability of television, computers and video games children enjoy surfing around and avoid any form of physical activity. More importantly, the amount of junk food and delivery meals forming the daily diet of families with both working parents has been another outlined reason for such obesity.

However, like many other diseases this ailment growing in the youth of America can also be cured. For these obese children, motivation and the will power to adopt and stick to a healthy lifestyle along with lots of physical exercises in their routines could be a great way to start off with. Even making minor lifestyle changes in diet and exercise can really work up in reducing and eliminating obesity.

Obesity is caused by the sedentary lifestyle habits including attractive canned and tinned food which shortens the cooking time and makes things easier but the real fact is that they are connected to obesity as they contain preservatives and chemicals that trigger of obesity. Freshly cooked food is best for your health and with the proper proportion of the essential nutrients that are required for healthy living.

First Lady Michaela Obama recently came up with an agreement with the Food and Beverage Companies and initiated a healthy American Slogan to fighting obesity. Partnering to fight the obesity problem paves ways to reducing the amount of calories in manufactured food and adding including lower calorie options for many packaged meals as well. These are positive ideas that will work out if implemented in the proper way and may reduce the American kids' obesity and may lead off to a healthier America.

Parents, teachers and even politicians should play their part and try to eradicate these problems so that they may hinder the growth and prosperity of a nation. Undoubtedly our children are our future leaders and if they are not healthy enough then who will take control of the world and lead the nation to glorified success.

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Living the Evils of Capitalism (Part 1)

Living the Evils of Capitalism (Part 1)

Born in a world where humans soon enter folds of Islam, get baptized under the Christian customs or connect with any religion, it is somehow contradictory that they live up to be profit maximizers. The so called beliefs of Buddhism and its stages of ‘Nirvana’ as a matter of fact none other than those which relate to Christianity, Islam or Hinduism.

Today, the irrational human who would live his life sacrificing material needs and sharing more with those in need, unfortunately exists none in the real world but in theory. Charity concerts, fund raisers and all such activities titled as “Cause for the underprivileged” in conclusion seem to bring more benefits to multinationals and Fortune 2000 companies than the kids in Sudan who were entitled to receive all the benefits as per the show of awareness. UNICEF, USSC, 9/11 Charity concerts and several similar fund raisers have no doubt helped many in taking firm stands and fight their disabilities to cope up living in this world, but in the end these organizations have only been running due self-interested individuals after all.

Man simply has transformed it values from an irrational believer to a profit maximizing entrepreneur. Many hard headed folks who realize this phenomenon tend to blame the US and the Jewish lobbyists for having their hands dirty, yet no one tends to realize their own rat race for the love of their worldly desires.

‘Capitalism’ in the words of Adam Smith himself according to his book, ‘The Wealth of Nations’ is defined as:
" an economic theory which stresses that control of the means of producing economic goods in a society should reside in the hands of those who invest the capital for production. It is a system based on the production of goods and services for exchange rather than use. Private ownership and free enterprise supposedly leads to more efficiency, lower prices, better products. "
The devastations of the World’s economy that looks upon such a system, as an end in itself can lead to nothing else but utter chaos. Financial institutions and government bodies which still look upon instruments of debt consolidation and the business tycoons with helping hands are not receiving much help in reality. Such inefficient practices can only add to suppressing the unavoidable bankruptcies, but with more fearful consequences.

If however one wishes to live a life of freedom in its true sense, following the fundamentals of religion which are not anything other than divinely ordained laws will indeed provide the most fruitful outcomes.

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What’s Next with Pakistan’s most popular couple: Shoaib & Sania?

What’s Next with Pakistan’s most popular couple: Shoaib & Sania?

The couple (Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik), which made news all over the world 2 months earlier with their wedding have eventually made Dubai as their abode. What started off as a rumor among the sports section of each newspaper turned into a wonderful and epic marriage sprinkled with a little mayhem with the legal and social dilemma tossed upon the two players.

Both Sania & Shoaib seemed to have decided before hand that each would play for its respective country no matter what, while still cheering for each other and giving all moral support they could give. Dilawar Abbas, the chief of Pakistan Tennis Federation states, “We welcome her and hope that she would become a Pakistani national and play for us in future. She has a great future ahead and we would be delighted if she plays for Pakistan”. He further added that if required she could also team up for a great mixed doubles partner with Pakistan’s very own Aisam-ul-Haq and bring home lots of cheers together.

For the time, I believe that Mr. Dilawar Abbas should not keep his hopes too high and it would be perfectly fine for anyone to play for his mother country. What we should cherish at the moment is that both these couples who made history hold trust in each other and best of all they both are Muslims.

But being a female Muslim tennis player creates another dilemma in the minds of many Muslims in the subcontinent altogether. Playing tennis or any game for that matter for a woman isn’t and shouldn’t be a problem, however there are certain limitations that one should try and confine to.

To start off, many Muslims would certainly find it a little disrupting to see a Muslim woman to put a show wearing nickers and mini skirts to worldwide broadcasted game. Many broad minded Muslims would not mind such a picture but with the Revisionist and Orthodox Mulsims on the line who try to cling on the Divinely Ordained laws of protection for Women would suggest quite the opposite of how things are running with this couple.

It is believed that if in future Sania gets to pursue her life in her husband’s home country she would have to face a lot of criticism and may be asked to give up her game. Issues like these and that of a marriage between an Indian woman with a Pakistani husband have a possibility to create more problems for both of these world class players.

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“The 99 Superheroes”: Are Islamic Cartoons justified?

“The 99 Superheroes”: Are Islamic Cartoons justified?

In Islam, every man or woman who enters the fold of the ‘Divinely ordained’ religion is bound by a number of laws and beliefs that he is to adopt for sustaining in the material world. No doubt, the most important faith among these is to believe in the uniqueness of the Creator, His Powers and His Attributes. It is thus, known to be the responsibility of Muslims to not only commit their lives to their creator but also convey the message to those who still dwell in ignorance.

A few days ago, while skimming through some news websites on the internet I came across one of president Obama’s speech that he delivered during a Summit on Entrepreneurship a month ago. The speech covered topics on what areas he wanted American citizens to look upon to add on to their productivity and how they should collaborate with each other to promote their common goals of sustenance. Among this speech was also a topic that caught all my eyes and ears. The president shed light on a Muslim figure; Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa for his contributions on capturing the imagination of youngsters through a message of tolerance with his comic series entitled “The 99 superheroes”.

This series of comic heroes as I discovered later were actually derived from the 99 names of Almighty Allah. The founder of Teshkeel Comics, Mutawa, considered his act to be a way of building a bridge between the Muslim extremists and the Western ideology by making use of the Islamic concepts to promote universal virtues. The comic book with a monthly subscription around US, UK, Middle East and several other countries since first printed in May 2006, for me was hard to swallow.

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) himself once mentioned that angels would never enter the house of those who had pictures. For every believer it should be clear that images and portraits of any living thing or cartoons for that matter cannot be justified in the jurisdiction of Islam. In this regard, not only the images but those personifying the attributes of God in cartoon characters cannot be allowed. A human being can possess one or many virtues attributable to God for His 99 names, but the use of cartoons in this case raise questions and controversies similar to the past incidents at Denmark and recently reincarnated on Facebook.

One cannot deny alcohol to be condemned, interest to be forbidden and the taste of pork to be justified in Islam. Cartoons or any other expressions of art, no matter what angelic purpose they might seem to pursue cannot be allowed in any case no matter what.

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The Mexican Oil Spill - Is it Over?

The Mexican Oil Spill - Is it Over?

The oil spill that ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico is slowly seeping into the Middle East. Although the State authorities tried their best ways, closing the lakes from reaching the Eastern part and started lining up barges to stop the spilled oil from spreading. However, the oil spill is spreading as the sea has no boundaries but the clean up crews are working hard to collect the tar from the dock as quickly as possible to reduce the damages as much as they can.

Quite a huge amount of oil waste has been collected and the tests on sea life have not as yet turned up with oil contamination and this shows hope for the remaining sea life. These are incidents that are really unpredictable but a little care and precaution can surely help you to resolve such problems within a short time.

The slow response of the American government as compared to the fast forward reactions and solutions of the Malaysian and Singaporean people in such matters shows that they are far better in environmental performance. BP is surely responsible and needs to face all the liabilities in the circumstances of grave danger which may cause environmental destruction to both the coastal areas and the marine life living there.

The slow reaction of the Americans really speaks out that there is surely a need to make amend in the oil prevention policy within the US soil. The huge oil spill disaster occurred just days before the American president announced that more oil would be drilled of the Eastern and the Mexican shore of America. The most troubling question lurking behind the minds of the local population that are at risk is will they be able to survive the oil spill.

The bad weather conditions and the storm threat surely acts as an obstacle and halts most of the work at the oil spill. The reports of the oil spill are based on the State and Federal official conclusion. Plus the government makes its reports based on two estimates firstly it reports are based on the study of the undersea video of the oil and gas that is leaking out from the site and the study of the flow rate group is also combined to form the final report. But due to bad weather there may also be problems in getting the exact estimates and International news is filled up with the latest updates in the rescuing strategies used for the oil spill disaster.

The oil spill workers have landed on safer waters so that they don't get tangled up with the storm and are waiting for the weather to tone down so that they can start of with their protective measure in fast forward way. is a US based Online News Magazine, capturing different perspectives of people and their view on News around the world. For more detailed insights on US and the Middle East News visit the website.

CNC News - A New Voice of China Has Been Launched

CNC News - A New Voice of China Has Been Launched

Although the whole world has globalised and many innovative changes have taken place but the minds of the people are still running on the single track of discrimination between the races and there is quite a difference in the way that the Eastern world is looked up. The recent launch of the English language channel of China called the CNC looks quite productive but the critics are afraid that it may behold the international audiences skeptically especially as it will not be able to win the hearts of the westerners.

The latest global news channel is going to turn out a new source of information for the global audience. After the success story of many globalised channels in English China also planned this launch so that it could also have a media platform with the global influence but with their own agenda in mind.

Though this is certainly not the first globalised English medium channel of China which offers 24/7 service but the real problem is that though the CNC channel is being broadcasted globally providing global news round the clock Chinese people will not be able to view the channel and this sure stand out the biggest flaw with the launch of this channel.

There are many Chinese people who have mastered the English language and the foreigners in China can also get all the global news by watching this channel but the real fact is that it is unavailable for them and sure will be an obstacle in the growth of the Chinese Economy.

All this is certainly is because of a political purpose which really creates a climate of strict censorship but still there are ways that the CNC world will pave the road to the top of the developing world. As until know no other channel has seen successfully established and held a dominance position. Most of the government channels of China are actually the eye and the tongue of the ruling party of China and they deliver the news according to the set restrictions by the governing party.

The real truth behind the success story of China is the fact that it uses its official language as the medium of education and communication within the local population and so people show their best potential when working in their own country with their past traditions and communicating in the medium that they understand best. The globalised world has certainly packed all the countries of the world in a chain reaction where a little problem in one certainly messes up the entire connection.

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Another Ecological Invention - Concrete That Reduces Pollution

Another Ecological Invention - Concrete That Reduces Pollution

The latest scientific experiments and research have led to new discoveries that can really help in reducing the pollution problem. Scientists have come up with a new type of concert that helps reduce pollutants in the environment that lead to acid rain.

Netherlands finest researchers in Enid Hoven University of Technology have been successful in developing a paving material that eats up the aerial pollutants, especially green house gases and is soon to be the most crucial tool for improving the quality of air in industrialized locations.

The new concrete absorbs nitrogen oxide from the air and turns it into Nitrate a quite harmless substance. Scientists are confident that it can be mixed with Asphalt and used as a perfect material to build roads and walls that will be free from wear and tear due to environmental l factors.

Today, industrialized countries responsible for vehicle emission and fossil fuel usage have been reportedly increasing in the percentage of nitrogen oxide in the air. This is the main cause of acid rain and smog that ends up causing adverse health effects on humans and also effects the material used in building. Though the government has imposed strict air regulations, the quality of air in most busy streets is still low.

As revealed upon severe experimentation, the new found concrete is not affected by the pollutant which is why it has recently been used on the pavements of a Dutch town in Hengelo. The results are positive and have inspired hope that it's really going to reduce acid rain and leave positive effects on the environment.

Thus, areas where there is increase in air pollution will undoubtedly find this very useful. Plus it is quality material that doesn't require much maintenance and doesn't wear off easily. Though the material is quite expensive at the moment public usage seems to be confined with just a few people. For this reasons, scientists are continuously trying out new experiments to reduce the cost down to at least 10 percent. This should be in your best interest as this way you will not have to spend more on maintenance when you use quality materials that are healthy for you as well as the environment.

There is always hope for the future and our hope is our motivation that keeps us going. Maybe some day our inspired hope will offer more feasible solutions to the problems and difficulties that we face in our economy. We should abide by the laws and follow strict rules and regulations that will help us reduce the effect of pollution in our lives so that we can lead a quality life.

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Now Make Free Phone Calls to US & Canada with Voice in Gmail !!!

Now Make Free Phone Calls to US & Canada with Voice in Gmail!!!

Well this is like one of those days when you buy the last Willy Wonka Chocolate in the shop and win your Golden ticket to visit the Chocoloate! I might have got a little carried away with all the excitement rushing up through my nerves, but on a more serious note Google's dedication to be best at everything and its wishful days of eventually taking over my and your computer does not seem too far!

Like everyday, I seated myself infront of the computer to check my gmail account to connect back to the wireless world most of us have been accustomed to and get rid of those unwanted messages piling up to infinity and beyond. Surprisingly a pop-up message with a "New! Make phone calls from Gmail" feature notification.

To some people, they would still prefer skype while others would just be astounded with additional features like a preload 10cent credit, which you could use to call around the world for as low as 2 cents per minute. Well, I'm a miser what actually made me breathless wa sthe power to call on landlines and phones with my google account and all that for FREE! Atleast that what it seems when they say Free Calls to U.S and Canada in 2010.

Some of us might already be using services like Google Voice to call from our cellphones to each other like we do for Nimbuzz or Skype but this stuff is neat, really neat! Dial a direct number whether your friend is not signed in or is still in bed even when you are outside U.S.

Although Voice in Gmail has a lot of benefits, I somehow fear that this may be another way of tracking what the gmail users have been up with or even surpassing the algorithims that Google Adsense implemented to find out the demographics, likes and dislikes of IPs and people.

Additionally, one more funny yet irritating scenario could be to get actual human voice calls, with real people or recorded messages on software telling you to buy their stupid shampoos and so called money back guarantee teeth whiteners. I'd really love to hear such funny voices....but lets see how it really goes!

Pieces of Greenland Drift Away Because of Global Warming - Measures Required

Pieces of Greenland Drift Away Because of Global Warming - Measures Required

Greenland, North America's own Iceland lying between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, no longer seems to be a favorite destination for tourists that once delved in its beautiful landscape.

Are humans really responsible for global warming?

Are we the ones responsible for triggering and increasing the rate at which global warming is effecting the environment?

Whatever the cause may be, we sure need to identify this as quickly as possible before we reach the point of no return. The whole world will be effected by global warming as it is not only a problem faced by a country but will end up effecting the lives of the entire world. You may wonder what the reason maybe, but what most do not realize is their own contribution to such devastation including excessive fossil fuel burning, CFCs and industrial wastes.

Large glaciers of ice, four times the size of Manhattan have broken off from Greenland according to the latest updates. It is believed that fresh water stored in this ice island can keep the Hudson River flowing for about two years. The broken ice pieces on the other hand can also block Nares Strait which separates Greenland and Canada and while it continues to melt down and flow into the open waters of the Atlantic. According to environmentalists the rising temperatures of the Arctic have been identified as the underlying reason for global warming, and as of now they have reached their warmest levels.

Scientists are working hard to find solutions and alternate fossil-free energy resources to sway this environmental hazard but there are still unanswered question that need to be answered. If we don't catch up with the real reasons we will never be able to find remedies in the situation. All the research conducted up till now confirms that the sea level rising beyond current predictions is the culprit causing global warming in this area.

The climatic and environmental changes are affecting the animal life living in the areas that are more at risk. With melting of the Arctic ice the flora and fauna found the Arctic region are now even found at lower altitudes. Most animals are not adapting to the rising temperatures and may end up being extinct because they are more suited to live in ice-covered areas. The eco system is also suffering a lot and there are chances that many species may end up being extinct.

The species of polar bear and seals are more badly affected as they usually give birth to their little ones in lairs and caves but because of the early spring rain these lairs collapse and kill the young offspring's. If global warming continues in this way it looks as if soon enough the Arctic Ocean will soon be ice free.

We are experiencing global changes in the air, water as well as the ground and these are changing the face of the earth. We can all step forward and play our part by adopting ways that will help to reduce the effect so that we can reduce it to some extent. Start using eco-friendly energy, use minimum resources and produce less waste. Re-use, Reduce and Recycle today if you want your kids to see a tomorrow!

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The Deadliest Plane Crash in Pakistan, flight ABQ-202

The Deadliest Plane Crash in Pakistan, flight ABQ-202

28th of July would always remain a tragic day in the history of Pakistan, when domestic flight ABQ-202 of Air Blue Airlines crashed on Margala Hills early in the morning. 6 crew members, pilots and 146 passengers on board, looking forward to reach their destinations found instant death to be their destiny. Incidents like these are obviously unpredictable, but what is even more tantalizing is that not only do the lives of victims are at loss but, instances like these destroy the lives of families involved.

Grief stricken families were devastated with the news and crowded the airport awaiting news of any possible survivors. International news agencies and the local news channels flashed the updates on the plane crash, while Thursday became a national day of mourning declared by the Pakistani government. Over a 100 bodies were badly mutilated and burned under the wreckage, while the rest missed body parts. Rescue workers strived day and night to retrieve fingers and bones to be collected and identified for each individual who boarded the plane.

No one to date has been able to discover the true cause of the devastation. Where some speculate that the bad weather may be the culprit, others think it to be either the incompetence of the flying pilots or loss of communication with the control tower. But whatever the truth may be, the lives of 152 Pakistanis and their families had run down to ruins. The death of these passengers has also destroyed the lives of many close relatives and various other employees of the airline industry in Pakistan.

Among the victims of the plane, there seems to be a long list of young men and women that idealized a promising future for Pakistan. Entire families have been wiped out while some have lost their fathers, mothers and their dear siblings. These are devastating incidents that makes your heart cry out for the realities that are living dead. It was the worst plane crash in the history of Pakistan, after the 1988 crash of General Zia-ul-Haq a martial law administrator that left twisted metal wreckage hanging from the tree tops with clouds of dense gray smoke rising from it.

No one knows what really happened but as the black box has been found the reason of the crash may be revealed soon enough or remain a mystery depending upon its contents. We can avoid the mistakes that led to the crash but the real fact is that we can't bring back the survivors to life. Although the cause of the plane crash is still to be determined, the irreparable damage can never be replaced.

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