The Deadliest Plane Crash in Pakistan, flight ABQ-202

Posted by Abdullah Mahmood on August 21, 2010 with No comments

The Deadliest Plane Crash in Pakistan, flight ABQ-202

28th of July would always remain a tragic day in the history of Pakistan, when domestic flight ABQ-202 of Air Blue Airlines crashed on Margala Hills early in the morning. 6 crew members, pilots and 146 passengers on board, looking forward to reach their destinations found instant death to be their destiny. Incidents like these are obviously unpredictable, but what is even more tantalizing is that not only do the lives of victims are at loss but, instances like these destroy the lives of families involved.

Grief stricken families were devastated with the news and crowded the airport awaiting news of any possible survivors. International news agencies and the local news channels flashed the updates on the plane crash, while Thursday became a national day of mourning declared by the Pakistani government. Over a 100 bodies were badly mutilated and burned under the wreckage, while the rest missed body parts. Rescue workers strived day and night to retrieve fingers and bones to be collected and identified for each individual who boarded the plane.

No one to date has been able to discover the true cause of the devastation. Where some speculate that the bad weather may be the culprit, others think it to be either the incompetence of the flying pilots or loss of communication with the control tower. But whatever the truth may be, the lives of 152 Pakistanis and their families had run down to ruins. The death of these passengers has also destroyed the lives of many close relatives and various other employees of the airline industry in Pakistan.

Among the victims of the plane, there seems to be a long list of young men and women that idealized a promising future for Pakistan. Entire families have been wiped out while some have lost their fathers, mothers and their dear siblings. These are devastating incidents that makes your heart cry out for the realities that are living dead. It was the worst plane crash in the history of Pakistan, after the 1988 crash of General Zia-ul-Haq a martial law administrator that left twisted metal wreckage hanging from the tree tops with clouds of dense gray smoke rising from it.

No one knows what really happened but as the black box has been found the reason of the crash may be revealed soon enough or remain a mystery depending upon its contents. We can avoid the mistakes that led to the crash but the real fact is that we can't bring back the survivors to life. Although the cause of the plane crash is still to be determined, the irreparable damage can never be replaced.

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