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Traces of Flame Retardant, Now Found In Butter

A chemical called poly brominates biphenyl ether also known as PBDE was found in a stick of butter purchased from a local grocery chain in Dallas. This is the first time that the PBDE contamination was found in butter; the source of the contamination remains a mystery. The Flame Retardants are not edible as it is only used to slow down the smoke in fires and they are certainly not a food component and doesn’t  belong any where near food items. 

Traces of PBDE were found more on the wrapper of the butter and its means that either the wrapper was contaminated before it reached the factory or there was a possibility of the wrapper being contaminated in the factory itself.

All humans have a high percentage of fire retardants in their body and it is all because the environment is loaded with it the negative health effects especially in the growing children. In animals the PBDE’s are associated with liver cancer and neuro-behavioral alterations but their effect on humans still need to be confirmed.

This really motivates us to be careful when we buy our groceries and try out our level best to buy from hygienic stores and eat hygienically so that our overall health doesn’t get affected. These types of incidence have become a common occurrence and so we need to take precautions while eating.

Though you can refer this incident as an isolated one and it certainly is not represented by the product category but further investigation is essential so that these things can be avoided as much as possible and will not end up ruining people’s health. The positive thing is that there are many reliable companies that even recall their product if there seems to be any problem with them. These sure are caring people who are not concerned only in mercenary benefits but also care for people’s health in the real way. 

PDBE’s are found in the environment that is air, water and soil. Though the levels of PBDEs are quite limited in the environment, while research states the main source of exposure of PDBE’s in humans is through indoor and outdoor dust and food items including breast milk. You can minimize the risk of exposure to the PDBE”s in your life by buying household items those are free from PBDE’s.

What is the  world coming to as even our butter seems to contain high levels of a Flame Retardant that is used in electronics according to the environmental scientist from the University Of Texas School Of Public Health.

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Launch a Failure ‘The Russian Glonass Navigational Satellite’

The failure of the Russian Proton launch on 5th Dec which instead headed straight into the Pacific Ocean was caused due to programming error according to sources. It carried the new additions of Russians Glonass-M navigation satellite constellation and this occurred exactly after 86 seconds of its launch. The launch failure has set back the sovereignty of the Russians and this can delay their sovereignty in satellite navigation.

According to official sources that are connected with this program it is believed that there were programming errors in the Proton rocket that started of sending the rocket to quiet a high and faulty trajectory. The rocket launch failed to reach the correct orbit on Sunday after being launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome. These satellites crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. The failure of this launch was a real set back for the Russians as they were eager to launch a satellite system in space to rival the US GPS system.

The Russians optimistic nature is the reason that they are prepared to work up and launch a better navigations system in about 2012.The Russians were eager to compete with the GPS system and launch a better and more efficient system through their satellite. And they had also started planning ahead and building this technology in the new cars that are being made in the country.

These rockets were unmanned and thus there were no human looses to account for but they sure must have left a lot of garbage in space and increased global pollution. The Russian president has ordered an investigation as to what was the reason of the failure of the launch and to name the people who were responsible for it. The failure of the Russian Glonass system has brought a lot of unpleasant surprises as further plans need to  be corrected as they all are connected and have a bearing with each other. Plus the failure of the launch has also ruined the official festivities that were planned to celebrate its success.

Though the financial losses are yet to be calculated but according to reliable sources the cost of one satellite is estimated to have been about five million rubbles. The explosion of the Russian satellites also seemed to light up the Norwegians skies and baffle the locals into thinking that there was some alien activity when they saw the massive white spiral with a blue light trailing the night sky. Let’s wait and watch the clever Russians at work.

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The Rising Oceans - A Threat to Marshall Island

The high rising sea level in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean may end up swallowing entire islands. This is what global warming has instigated for which we need to understand the cause and effect of the factors that lead to it in the first place. 

International global warming news issued around the world and Port cities states that they are more vulnerable to the rising sea water. The sea levels are raising the salt level in Marshall Islands and these strong waves are ready to cut the silvery islands and sunk it into the deep sea.

People of Marshall Island who are at risk of being eaten up by the swelling seas can only wonder how many years they will be able to cope with it further. What would happen to the people living in these places? What must they do? Who would they become and where will they live as these are puzzling questions that lurk behind our minds and we desperately need to look into these answers.
Global negotiation of climate changes have dragged on for quiet sometime though the UN is ready to meet again at the Caribbean Resorts but no decisive action will be taken against the industrial, agricultural and transport emissions that are actually the real cause of Global Warming and the swelling seas.
The government of Marshall Island is seriously concerned about the future of the island and its people and is trying their level best to come out with some positive solutions to save their existence. People who built their homes close to shores require more rocks to build up a sea wall so that they can protect their homes and existence.
The changing climate is the main cause of global warming as it is all due to the expanding heat from sun and the run off of the melting ice that is rising to drastic situations and causing swapping in the scarce land of corals. The island may also become uninhabitable even before the waves wash it over and the salt contamination may ruin the crops.
Parts of the island are eroding away and what Global Warming has in store for us all is really unpredictable but it is better to take precautions and adopt ways that help to reduce its effects and prevent it from turning into a total disaster. The inhabitants of Marshall Island are still waiting and hoping for a miracle that will help to save their island and their existence.
From deforestation to rising sea levels people’s lives are at stake and it is all because of their lifestyle and jobs that has stimulated the carbon culture and increased pollution which is the leading cause of all environmental problems. These are the reason that lead to such disastrous environmental situation and if something positive is not done soon enough the consequences may end up even worse.

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