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Benefits of Vacation Rental Homes

Benefits of Vacation Rental Homes

Every year the summer season seem to experience a lot of congestion around the airports, in flights and hotels as people plan out and leave for vacations. The word “travelling” alone may get you to ponder on what sights you might see, what great food you may eat and most importantly where are you going to stay. Hotels seem a good option, however they might be crowded and if you are a frequent traveler there is little that might appeal you as for you there are many vacation rental homes available these days no matter where you go.

Vacation rentals these days do not only exist for the rich and famous, thanks to the high level of competition. Anyone these days can make use of a vacation rental home. Some benefits include:

• Attractive and comfortable rooms for just a fraction of a hotel room rent

• More privacy, more freedom to for what you want with your won personal pool.

• No check-in or check-out time, free to go or come as you want.

• Since many of these rental homes are used by the owners, appliances and maintenance is least likely to be sacrificed.

Check out and for some great rooms and houses you can get for your next trip!

Do it Yourself - How to Clean Your Own Car Battery

Do it Yourself - How to Clean Your Own Car Battery

If you too are an average family person who also rides a not too expensive car, I'm sure you might have had an experience of jumpstarting your car sometime. At that point hooking up your bonnet might have made you notice a gooey gunk on covering the top of your car's battery. That gooey gunk is actually known as "corrosion", a scientific term to explain the reaction of metal and your battery acid in this case. Since it is just an acid, an alkali ( a "detergent" for you who are unfamiliar with this) would ju do the trick for cleaning your battery top.

For this process I would use baking soda to explain the simple procedure of cleaning up a car battery. This I repeat is simple, but precaution is to be taken as you are dealing with a corrosive acid. Follow the steps below and I assure you would experience some safe cleaning.

For a start, you could start by getting this list of supplies which includes; a pair of Adjustable pliers with insulated handles, screw drivers with insulated handles, an old toothbrush, small assorted open-end and box wrenches, a small funnel for pouring any liquids, battery cables and pullers, a small plastic scraper (preferably plastic) some terminal cleaning brushes and any multi-purpose spray cleaner you could find.

For a cleaning concoction use baking soda as your preferred agent and it would be better you use sponges and clean cloths and be ready with a source of ample supply of water (be it any water hose or a bucket). And for your own safety do not forget to get hold of some safety goggles and a pair of rubber gloves.

Now, the process is simple but some points to consider before we start. You must at all times be wearing your safety gloves and goggles to prevent your eyes and skin from any kind of damage possible due to deposits of sulphuric acid on your battery. This could also cause your car's paint to peel off so keep away from that also.

The following steps, starting from cleaning may or not be performed depending on the presence of dirt. Best would be to remove you car battery from its possition for more effective cleaning.

Start by scraping off the corrosive green colored deposits on your battery and then with any stiff bristled toothbrush. Prepare a concoction using a table spoon of baking soda for every pint of water. Then pour the mixture in minute quantities over and around the terminals of the battery using a small funnel. Brush up those rugged stains on the surface, and if possible remove the clamps to provide better cleaning. But make sure you use pliers or cable pullers to disconnect them. Disconnect the negative terminal first and then the positive one.

Brush all the parts of the holder, battery placer and clamps using the dipped brush. Flush them after you are done brushing with the baking soda mixture. Then clean the outside of the battery with the liquid cleaning agent, including the holders. Use a sponge to wipe any remaining dirt. Spray lots of clean water on the cleaned parts to remove traces of baking soda and the detergent. Wipe the battery with a dry cloth and leave it to be dried.

After everything is done just re-install the battery and the terminals, starting with the positive terminal first, this time. Your battery now lies safe and clean!