Pieces of Greenland Drift Away Because of Global Warming - Measures Required

Posted by Abdullah Mahmood on August 24, 2010 with No comments

Pieces of Greenland Drift Away Because of Global Warming - Measures Required

Greenland, North America's own Iceland lying between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, no longer seems to be a favorite destination for tourists that once delved in its beautiful landscape.

Are humans really responsible for global warming?

Are we the ones responsible for triggering and increasing the rate at which global warming is effecting the environment?

Whatever the cause may be, we sure need to identify this as quickly as possible before we reach the point of no return. The whole world will be effected by global warming as it is not only a problem faced by a country but will end up effecting the lives of the entire world. You may wonder what the reason maybe, but what most do not realize is their own contribution to such devastation including excessive fossil fuel burning, CFCs and industrial wastes.

Large glaciers of ice, four times the size of Manhattan have broken off from Greenland according to the latest updates. It is believed that fresh water stored in this ice island can keep the Hudson River flowing for about two years. The broken ice pieces on the other hand can also block Nares Strait which separates Greenland and Canada and while it continues to melt down and flow into the open waters of the Atlantic. According to environmentalists the rising temperatures of the Arctic have been identified as the underlying reason for global warming, and as of now they have reached their warmest levels.

Scientists are working hard to find solutions and alternate fossil-free energy resources to sway this environmental hazard but there are still unanswered question that need to be answered. If we don't catch up with the real reasons we will never be able to find remedies in the situation. All the research conducted up till now confirms that the sea level rising beyond current predictions is the culprit causing global warming in this area.

The climatic and environmental changes are affecting the animal life living in the areas that are more at risk. With melting of the Arctic ice the flora and fauna found the Arctic region are now even found at lower altitudes. Most animals are not adapting to the rising temperatures and may end up being extinct because they are more suited to live in ice-covered areas. The eco system is also suffering a lot and there are chances that many species may end up being extinct.

The species of polar bear and seals are more badly affected as they usually give birth to their little ones in lairs and caves but because of the early spring rain these lairs collapse and kill the young offspring's. If global warming continues in this way it looks as if soon enough the Arctic Ocean will soon be ice free.

We are experiencing global changes in the air, water as well as the ground and these are changing the face of the earth. We can all step forward and play our part by adopting ways that will help to reduce the effect so that we can reduce it to some extent. Start using eco-friendly energy, use minimum resources and produce less waste. Re-use, Reduce and Recycle today if you want your kids to see a tomorrow!

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