and Ebay Inc. still denying access to PayPal services to 5119 Pakistanis! and Ebay Inc. still denying access to PayPal services to 5119 Pakistanis!

5119 Pakistanis have gotten together on in Facebook hosted cause at or simply at pledging and Ebay Inc. to launch the payment services in Pakistan. Many likeminded Pakistani Knowledge Workers, Freelancers and Webmaster’s have joined the campaign extensively from all across the country and the world.

This campaign was initiated when a considerable pressure built up online by Pakistanis for the need of E-Payment services in Pakistan, despite the Inc. ignoring this region on purpose while giving service to India and China, we launched a cause page on Facebook titled the “PayPal Authorize Pakistan Now Campaign”.

The fact remains that Pakistan contributes massively to the global Knowledge Economy through Information Technology as the region has millions of knowledge workers that require PayPal

PayPal authorizes China and India; does it have a grudge against Pakistan? Why can’t Pakistan be authorized even though we have so many Foreign Banks? Companies and Businessmen do not outsource their work to Pakistani Knowledge Workers because we don’t have PayPal Accounts!

Another interesting fact of this campaign is that it seeks an explanation to why's global expansion includes India, China and UAE but not the country Pakistan which is located at the heart of this region. During various communications by members of the campaign with, their reply usually is:'s Email Reply:

"We are having a high volume of emails right now. Writer, we sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming a PayPal member. Unfortunately, we are not yet providing services for Pakistan. Establishing our service in each new country or region involves complex changes due to different regulations. We are always looking to expand our availability; however, due to the complexities of global expansion, we cannot provide a specific time frame. We are working hard and look forward to expanding our services to additional countries and regions in the future."

Despite this hypocritic statement, Ebay Inc/PayPal continues to offer services including payments of goods and services as well as funds transfer to India, China and UAE. We as Pakistani knowledge workers must continue our campaign to convince Ebay Inc and to lauch their services for Pakistani citizens that are today connected to an international banking network and have all the requirements for banking regulation and telecom/technology infrastructure to support services in Pakistan.

Once again, I request all Pakistani knowledge workers to Write an email with the title: " Authorize Pakistan Now!" to the following email address of the Owner and CEO of and

Again, if over 5119 members blog about this - spread the word – on your blogs and websites – the more activists and lobbyist effort we can garner! This is about us, this is for Pakistan! Help Pakistan, Help Blog and Email out this message to!!!!

Sources: Fouad Bajwa