Review: Intel Core I5 The Smart Performance Processor

Review: Intel Core I5 The Smart Performance Processor

Nine months earlier, what Intel introduced as its solution to lagging computer and frozen screens has been hot cakes over the market. Yes, this is the Intel Core i5 processor that many people got their eyes attached to during the extensive sales promotion that were held a couple months ago. The smell of owning a MacBook Pro presenting a Core i5 processor built with a 4MB cache inside was just too good to be true for many awaited gaming fans.

Available processors

Among the first to be released was Intel's Core i5 750, Lynnfield with its 2.66GHz, 4 core processing capabilities, along with an 8MB cache. Later versions include Arrandale Core i5 5xx with half the L3 cache for mobile processing capabilities and Clarkdale which was a desktop version having somewhat the same running speeds as the former version. Today 5xx, 6xx and 7xx processors are available in all three models.

Added Features
  • Dual core 32nm processing for Intel® Core™ i5 600 and 700 processors run two same frequency processors within a single processor.
  • Up to 8MB of L3 Intel® Smart Cache enables steady access to numerous, commonly used files and enhance the user's gaming experience.
  • Intel® HD Graphics for sharper, brighter images and videos provide ultimate HD viewing even in active matrix laptop screens and desktops.
  • Dual channel integrated memory controllers provide DDR3 1333MHz high speed memory. Keeping up with data intensive application processing is not an issue any more.
  • Advanced technology, Intel® Turbo Boost identifies and enhances speed variations for heavy applications to enable seamless processing.

Recent claims on the Intel® Core i5-600 processors have been introduced with Hyper-Threading technology where processing threads are known to be equally distributed among both the cores. This allows the users to work on multiple tasks at the same time, without any offsets on time and money.