Lasik Eye Surgery for Short Sightedness

Posted by Abdullah Mahmood on February 08, 2009 with No comments

Lasik Eye Surgery for Short Sightedness

In today’s world staying slim and smart has turned into an obsession for many. Each one of us wants to look beautiful and physically fit throughout their life. No one would like the idea of walking around with crutches in their prime years or asking others to help them around. Such is the case with wearing glasses which many people did not recognize some years back.

In recent times, more and more people seem to be concerned with maintaining their twenty-twenty eye sight. They do not want to be seen around with glasses and contact lenses. They may suit to some, but to many they seem to be a potentially unwanted ornament like hearing aids and crutches. For people like these there seems to be a way out for improving their eye-sight, known as Lasik Eye Surgery.

Lasik Eye surgery is a process, in which those individuals with an impaired vision have their corneas replaced. This surgery is indeed one very complex task as it involves handling one of the most delicate tissues in the eye that is just beneath the cornea. In this process an expert eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) makes use of a knife to make an incision in the cornea to replace a precise tissue that causes short-sightedness. Pulses from an exciter laser are then used to make some minute modifications in this clear covering of the eye.

This surgery is not exactly time consuming but may really lighten up your pocket if you do not have medical insurance. The operation costs somewhere around $4000 due to the advanced and expensive equipment used. But after all the process may be worthwhile as in only a matter of a few days you may be carrying out your regular activities.

Before you go for a full surgery, it is advisable to consult doctors to see if you are fit for it and also which surgeon to choose. Consider visting Stahl Eye Center for expert consultancy if you too are residing in the U.S.

After all eyes are one of the nature’s blessings in this world !