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Miracles and the Sciences of Honey

Miracles and the Sciences of Honey

Honey is a natural sweet white substance made by bees from flower nectar. It gets its sweetness from glucose and saccharine. Most micro organisms don’t grow in honey because of its low water activity. Honey collected from trees and mountains is better than honey grown in cells. Quality of honey varies according to the area from where the bees collect their food. Bee keepers encourage over production of honey within the hives.

Tradition Of Use Of Honey:
  • In the book of Christians the Promised Land will be the land flowing with milk and honey.
  • In olden days Romans used honey to pay their taxes.
  • Honey was considered very sacred in Buddhist community and was given as a gift to monks.
  • Jews considered honey as a symbol of their New Year.
According to the Quran the sacred book of Muslims.

‘And thy Lord taught the bee to build its cell on hills and trees and in(men’s) habitations….there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colors….wherein is healing for mankind…..Verily in this is a sign for those who give thought.’

Taking honey early in the morning at least thrice a week reduces the chance of a person to have any serious ailment. Honey also activates the memory.

1400 years ago the Prophet of Islam had laid emphasis on the use of honey as remedy for different diseases. And recently it has been proved by medical research that it contains certain antiseptic and anti bacterial properties.

Benefits of Using Honey:
  • MRSA patients are treated with honey.
  • Topical honey is used for Diabetic Ulcers.
  • Antioxidants in honey reduce damage done to Colon in Colitis.
  • Honey is also used for sore throats, coughs and laryngitis.
  • Burns and wounds are treated with honey as Topical honey reduces odors, swelling and scarring.
  • China, Turkey and USA are one of the leading producers of honey.
The natural honey is a miracle cure for various diseases.

Selecting an E-commerce Host? Consider the following Tips

Selecting an E-commerce Host? Consider the following Tips

No matter how small your business really is, you could still be one of those "big shots" in your industry by getting your products and services to be sold online. For this you have to design strategies that would let you to be more competent against the ever more difficult marketplace.

Besides, thinking that just setting up a website you might get the respective audience, I wouldn't be surprised not to see any hits on your website for months. This becomes even more worse if you are short on funds for getting good bandwidth for the site, setting server hardware and efficient softwares for making your website search engine friendly for Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Do not be disheartened, as there are a number of web hosting companies that offer a helping hand to the most novice companies that demand online recognition. The first step would be to identify the segments that you want to get value from.

You can start by looking for an E-commerce host that would completely satisfy your anticipated needs. Thinking how you might start of looking for just the place could be a serious issue. Following are some great tips to minimize your effort and time in the process.

A healthy bandwidth, preferably 45mbps would be just delighting for your visitors to help them download anything in less than seconds. Also ensuring that any registration application could be collected easily, such as credit cards and phone numbers.

In some cases you might come across companies that acquire services from other larger companies to cater you. This means more connections between the service provider and the user, therefore more problems to be associated. Opt for those E-commerce hosters that you can connect as directly as possible.

One thing on which you & I would be unanimous would be the use of latest technological eqipments as we dont want caveman utensils running our website. The E-commerce host should be aware of any advancements.

Most importantly, the host providers should make sure data on their servers drives has backup copies which could be easily accessed when required to prevent data loss due power failure.

Most Ecommerce hosts initially provide 25mb of capacity, enoough for stroring 500 webpages which is definitley good for a start.

I would like to conclude by telling you that finding an apporpriate E-commerce host would not be that difficult after all that we've dicussed, just bear in mind the requirements and you can be on your way. Usual charges for a hosting comapny are not more than $100/month which I personally think is quite nominal for what services they might provide you!