Getting Acquainted with the Facebook Timeline

Posted by Abdullah Mahmood on January 08, 2013 with No comments

The facebook timeline is the new online profile that helps tell your personal story through your personal milestones. And once you have a facebook timeline profile you have about seven days to change it the way you want it to look before others get to see it. The first thing that you need to do is to highlight the things you want and add things that are missing. The good thing is that you can even control who sees your profile as all this is under your own control.

Facebook timeline, the new design of the user profile of Facebook also helps in summarizing all the activities that you are involved in within the social network. Its new features can help to pinpoint important posts and are placed on the left hand corner of your facebook page. The advantage is that through your facebook fan page you can even share messages which help you to connect and communicate with your friends quickly. But one important thing that we all need to consider is that the key to the new facebook timeline pages lies in creating a unique visual aesthetic as facebook is geared more towards targeting audience visually.

And so with the introduction for the new facebook timeline format it is very important that all businesses should know how to enjoy the new format as it is crucial for their business to remain on top of the social media game. A complete analysis of the facebooktimeline, highlights the fact that this high end feature gives the online businesses a chance to display information on what they are up to and this way different users get to know more about you and your business. Though there was resistance at first when facebook timeline was introduced but because of its high end functional features it has proved to be an asset for the business owners. This is because it gives them a chance to make their business sites more interesting. But the fact is that before you try to use the facebook timeline page you should upgrade your timeline first. As this gives you time to prepare your page and get familiar with the features. While choosing a cover photo for your facebook timeline you need to select one that follows facebook cover guidelines and keeps the traffic attracted. Most facebook fans stay connected to the new admin panel efficiently as it allows brands insights of their fan activity.

Facebook timeline has changed face of brands and businesses and so it is best if we start believing in integrity in living and business because all that we leave back is the impression that we create. Visualization is the key to the latest trend in facebook timeline as it believes in being a branding narrative and a message board for your personal experience. Your facebook timeline reflects your personality and this is the reason that the facebook fans try their best to make their facebook timeline as attractive and unique as possible.