Ideas, Innovations & More of SEO, Article Writing, Facebook Promotions, Social Media Marketing, Wordpress Management, Online Branding and Ebay Inc. still denying access to PayPal services to 5119 Pakistanis! and Ebay Inc. still denying access to PayPal services to 5119 Pakistanis!

5119 Pakistanis have gotten together on in Facebook hosted cause at or simply at pledging and Ebay Inc. to launch the payment services in Pakistan. Many likeminded Pakistani Knowledge Workers, Freelancers and Webmaster’s have joined the campaign extensively from all across the country and the world.

This campaign was initiated when a considerable pressure built up online by Pakistanis for the need of E-Payment services in Pakistan, despite the Inc. ignoring this region on purpose while giving service to India and China, we launched a cause page on Facebook titled the “PayPal Authorize Pakistan Now Campaign”.

The fact remains that Pakistan contributes massively to the global Knowledge Economy through Information Technology as the region has millions of knowledge workers that require PayPal

PayPal authorizes China and India; does it have a grudge against Pakistan? Why can’t Pakistan be authorized even though we have so many Foreign Banks? Companies and Businessmen do not outsource their work to Pakistani Knowledge Workers because we don’t have PayPal Accounts!

Another interesting fact of this campaign is that it seeks an explanation to why's global expansion includes India, China and UAE but not the country Pakistan which is located at the heart of this region. During various communications by members of the campaign with, their reply usually is:'s Email Reply:

"We are having a high volume of emails right now. Writer, we sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming a PayPal member. Unfortunately, we are not yet providing services for Pakistan. Establishing our service in each new country or region involves complex changes due to different regulations. We are always looking to expand our availability; however, due to the complexities of global expansion, we cannot provide a specific time frame. We are working hard and look forward to expanding our services to additional countries and regions in the future."

Despite this hypocritic statement, Ebay Inc/PayPal continues to offer services including payments of goods and services as well as funds transfer to India, China and UAE. We as Pakistani knowledge workers must continue our campaign to convince Ebay Inc and to lauch their services for Pakistani citizens that are today connected to an international banking network and have all the requirements for banking regulation and telecom/technology infrastructure to support services in Pakistan.

Once again, I request all Pakistani knowledge workers to Write an email with the title: " Authorize Pakistan Now!" to the following email address of the Owner and CEO of and

Again, if over 5119 members blog about this - spread the word – on your blogs and websites – the more activists and lobbyist effort we can garner! This is about us, this is for Pakistan! Help Pakistan, Help Blog and Email out this message to!!!!

Sources: Fouad Bajwa

E-books Replacing Paperback books

E-books Replacing Paperback books

Being an internet user you might be aware of “E-Books”. Well! right from the very beginning of the internet E-books were not only known but with the advancement of internet these books eventually came to the scene and very soon they spread like a fire filling up the cyber space. They are very helpful and are appreciated by nearly every internet user.

Actually an E-book is an abbreviation for the term “Electronic Book”. E-books are the electronic version of any book. Generally they are for assistance and provide a complete guide. These books are used all over the internet, nearly by every online business firm.
Following are the two main categories of the E-books, which are made available to you online.

E-books with limited information:
Internet is the source for free E-books. You just need to find out the desired one and click the buttons, provided to you to complete the downloading process and get to the pages of the E-book. But as you proceed through the pages you find out that the book doesn’t have the desired information and more often you just read and the rhythm is broken with these casual lines “buy our complete book and get to the real, matter”. Well! This is all about the free E-books available online.

Complete E-books:
There are two main sources for complete editions of the E-Book. You can search on the internet for your desired E-book. Some of the books can cost you $5 while others are available at $999. The rates do depend on the information enclosed within. These E-books have the complete data.

Topics for E-books:
Topics for E-books are as diverse as the actual world, no matter they are read and are published in the virtual media, still the topics are as vast as they are in the real world. You can find an E-book on every existing topic.

E-books give you
- Advertisement: Many web based businesses are given free of cost and this also include e-zones and user guides.
- Novels: They are also available online to meet your demands and the world’s most prestigious authors are publishing their write ups online which costs up to $768
- Educational Books: are today available in electronic form and you can read on diverse topics through these books, covering every existing field with minor details.

Thanks to E-books now, you don’t have to rush out searching for a book store.

Perfect Ingredients for a Great Catch

Perfect Ingredients for a Great Catch

Remember the last time you went fishing with your Dad on an early Sunday morning to spend some quality time and make a great catch for lunch. Those were the mornings that you would really look forward to and even try to get all your fishing equipments which you unfortunately never might have got a chance to use.

If you are another one of those troubled chaps that went home rather disappointed or stressed out due to a bad experience at fishing then do I have the perfect equipment for you. The dream come tru for all fishermen and angles out to make a great catch is none other than the HummingBird 997 SI Fish Finder that had been formed after the successes of the military sonars.

Using this amazing gadget, you can seriously get a load of fish schools and big ones on your radar to make a more esy and adventurous time. Try to read on the following Humminbird 997 SI Fish Finder Review and make the most of your next fishing trip

Cuddly Chinese Shar-Pei puppies

Cuddly Chinese Shar-Pei puppies

Most of us just love the idea to have a few pets around the place for a change. Some may need them for companionship due to their age, while others may just love to cuddle around with fluffy pets when they can. One such amazing breed that has becoming a world favorite among dog shows and pet lovers throughout the world is the ancient Chinese breed of Shar-Pei puppies.

Shar-Pei meaning sand skinned, or more appropriately referred to the hanging velvetty skin they had.This particular species originates from around 200 B.C during the reign of the Han Dynasty......and blah blah blah!

Well, I just dont want to bore you, just to remind you that you can get the Baggins Shar-Pei today by just visiting their site online and get it in any colour like red, fawn, white, grey and even blue for a change !

Celebrities & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Celebrities & Criminal Defense Attorneys

With so many celebrity cases in the news these days, it may be worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of being a defendant who is a celebrity - rather than an ordinary person. But what is important is to remember that when the defendant is a celebrity, an accuser may make up charges to get money. This may happen when the celebrity has a squeaky-clean image that a single charge will ruin.

This might be happening with respect to Kobe Bryant. As Jonna Spilbor discussed in a recent column for this site, the defense in that case may well be able to argue effectively that the accuser - who has, unusually, already begun her civil action - is going forward for money, not for justice.

False charges brought for money may be more likely to be filed when similar charges have been lodged against the celebrity before. In such a situation, the accuser knows that his or her charge - even if it's based on nothing but words - will probably be taken seriously.

This also may well be happening with respect to Michael Jackson'S child abuse charges. One such celebrity has always been the member of the Jackson family himself who's death lead millions to grieve on his loss. But on the other hand even if Jackson might be guilty of some of these charges, could he possibly be guilty of all of them? Did his decision to reach a civil settlement with his first accuser start a fateful pattern of false accusations? Even the Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney might not have the answer to this, but there is always a probability that the events never happened!

North Highlands Auto Repair 916-332-6995 Auto Repair North Highlands CA

North Highlands Auto Repair 916-332-6995 CA

I seem to have many friends around the outskirts of Sacramento, Mississauga and even North Highlands who seem to have had trouble in getting along their college lives away from home. They have often told me how much trouble they have had in finding proper transport facilities as buses and taxis were something they would not want to waste money on each day.

They seemed to have some real trouble finding the right places and people to get a car that would not only be hassle free but also would not burn holes in their pockets. Well, with such instances a name that came up much frequently was North Highlands Auto Repair.

This North Highlands Auto Repair company seems to be a great place if one has car trouble anytime, anyplace. Their services include 24 hr towing services, auto repairs, selling used cars ranging between a $550 Chevy to a $19,900 mercedez. Plus, the best part is they would even buy your own used cars or cars that you would refer as junk and pay a decent price for it too.

The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident

Every single day we wake up to see another historic event being broadcasted on our local news channel. Be it accidents, changes in constitutions, huge companies merging together or another world wide conspiracy like the supposedly 9/11 event where there were stories from different angles with less evidence to support the facts. History recalls these as myths, legends or another conspiracy theory and adds it to the list of the Lochness monster and the famous crop circles known to be formed by aliens.

A similar instance was brought up in the world more than 50 years ago on a long and startling night of the first week of July, 1947. Mac Brazel owner of a huge ranch around the desert land in Roswell city, while taking a morning walk to see the devastations from the night’s thunderstorms. To his surprise, he witnessed some unusual pieces of metal that created huge depression on the fields. He was said to take one of the pieces to the local authorities for further investigation. Intrigued by the findings of this rancher the news spread quickly to the commanding officer at Roswell Army Airfield, who ordered intelligence officers, Major Jesse Marcel and Captain Sheridan to personally investigate the area. It was upon the findings of these two officers that the area was instantly sealed by the military who took their discovery piece by piece to their headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. While on the other hand the rancher was laid into house arrest and soon was sworn to secrecy and if questioned would only relate the remains of a weather balloon with metal radar at its base.

Even without such secrecy being implemented into action by the military, the news of a flying disk (as UFO’s were called then) had leaked out and spread like wild fire. The movement of the armed forces around the ranch sparked much controversy by the locals and especially among the news reporters with their reports being confiscated and were forced to stay out of the area. Eventually the only way that the curiosity of these folks was subdued was by a statement made by the army officers at Fort Worth claiming that the debris had been misidentified and was actually no more than the remains of a radar reflector attached to weather balloon. Soon the interest of the media and public was soothed and the existence of the UFO remained another mystery.

The so called hoax by many who witnessed something they had never seen before was again brought up. However, this time Jesse Marcel one of the two investigators who actually spent his life as an investigator for the 509th bomb group openly stated that his statements were suppressed by what he called as a government cover up. In one of his famous interviews in 1979 he proclaimed that his findings on the summer of 1947 were no flying balloon, no missile or a plane. But it was something out of Earth, modeled out of a metal material lighter than foil and as strong as can be. The metal debris had no weight and would not even show a dent if hit by sixteen pound sledge hammers.

Following Marcel’s open interviews other witnesses who were either pledged to keep quiet or were unheard of gained attention by revealing pieces to what the world now recalls as, “The Roswell Incident”. Officers began to unveil the stories of how they were asked to concoct stories regarding the incident while medical staffs and nurses who examined the bodies told of the strange anatomy of what they experienced.

Little can we confirm on what events actually happened regarding the contact of a UFO, as there is always his story, their story and what actually happened.

Benefits of Vacation Rental Homes

Benefits of Vacation Rental Homes

Every year the summer season seem to experience a lot of congestion around the airports, in flights and hotels as people plan out and leave for vacations. The word “travelling” alone may get you to ponder on what sights you might see, what great food you may eat and most importantly where are you going to stay. Hotels seem a good option, however they might be crowded and if you are a frequent traveler there is little that might appeal you as for you there are many vacation rental homes available these days no matter where you go.

Vacation rentals these days do not only exist for the rich and famous, thanks to the high level of competition. Anyone these days can make use of a vacation rental home. Some benefits include:

• Attractive and comfortable rooms for just a fraction of a hotel room rent

• More privacy, more freedom to for what you want with your won personal pool.

• No check-in or check-out time, free to go or come as you want.

• Since many of these rental homes are used by the owners, appliances and maintenance is least likely to be sacrificed.

Check out and for some great rooms and houses you can get for your next trip!

Do it Yourself - How to Clean Your Own Car Battery

Do it Yourself - How to Clean Your Own Car Battery

If you too are an average family person who also rides a not too expensive car, I'm sure you might have had an experience of jumpstarting your car sometime. At that point hooking up your bonnet might have made you notice a gooey gunk on covering the top of your car's battery. That gooey gunk is actually known as "corrosion", a scientific term to explain the reaction of metal and your battery acid in this case. Since it is just an acid, an alkali ( a "detergent" for you who are unfamiliar with this) would ju do the trick for cleaning your battery top.

For this process I would use baking soda to explain the simple procedure of cleaning up a car battery. This I repeat is simple, but precaution is to be taken as you are dealing with a corrosive acid. Follow the steps below and I assure you would experience some safe cleaning.

For a start, you could start by getting this list of supplies which includes; a pair of Adjustable pliers with insulated handles, screw drivers with insulated handles, an old toothbrush, small assorted open-end and box wrenches, a small funnel for pouring any liquids, battery cables and pullers, a small plastic scraper (preferably plastic) some terminal cleaning brushes and any multi-purpose spray cleaner you could find.

For a cleaning concoction use baking soda as your preferred agent and it would be better you use sponges and clean cloths and be ready with a source of ample supply of water (be it any water hose or a bucket). And for your own safety do not forget to get hold of some safety goggles and a pair of rubber gloves.

Now, the process is simple but some points to consider before we start. You must at all times be wearing your safety gloves and goggles to prevent your eyes and skin from any kind of damage possible due to deposits of sulphuric acid on your battery. This could also cause your car's paint to peel off so keep away from that also.

The following steps, starting from cleaning may or not be performed depending on the presence of dirt. Best would be to remove you car battery from its possition for more effective cleaning.

Start by scraping off the corrosive green colored deposits on your battery and then with any stiff bristled toothbrush. Prepare a concoction using a table spoon of baking soda for every pint of water. Then pour the mixture in minute quantities over and around the terminals of the battery using a small funnel. Brush up those rugged stains on the surface, and if possible remove the clamps to provide better cleaning. But make sure you use pliers or cable pullers to disconnect them. Disconnect the negative terminal first and then the positive one.

Brush all the parts of the holder, battery placer and clamps using the dipped brush. Flush them after you are done brushing with the baking soda mixture. Then clean the outside of the battery with the liquid cleaning agent, including the holders. Use a sponge to wipe any remaining dirt. Spray lots of clean water on the cleaned parts to remove traces of baking soda and the detergent. Wipe the battery with a dry cloth and leave it to be dried.

After everything is done just re-install the battery and the terminals, starting with the positive terminal first, this time. Your battery now lies safe and clean!

Hello World !

My motto for life is simple, wake up…..survive in this cruel world….try fulfill your duties in life…..and eventually back to sleep again !!!!

Although I am only 20 years of age I am proud to say that I have learnt and understood the corporate culture of different countries of the world and even experienced a taste at different levels in my country. I wish to pursue my study in these two fields altogether as I think that the corporate world is advancing at a far more rapid pace than we think and eventually those who are aware and constitute to the minds who do multi tasking in this world are going to be the ones successful in this world.

I have loved to write and share my own views with the rest of the world on many issues such as religion, human rights in this world and especially how nations are exploiting the resources of other nations to gain more power and control in the world.

Since the day I went to school, I always wanted to become an engineer and invent some amazing gadgets that people would often see on TV, such as the hover board in Steven Spielberg’s “Back to the future” and holographic images from some amazing cartoons like “The Centurions”. Unfortunately life has been very unpredictable and I believe everything that happened in life with me was already planned by God Himself.

Tips for Selecting Snowboard or Ski Goggles

Tips for Selecting Snowboard or Ski Goggles

The use of snow goggles has started from the Inuit people who used to live the coastal regions, which are now called Siberia, Greenland, and Alaska. Thousands of pre historic sites have been seen by the archeologist, which see thousands of years old with snow goggles in them. The Inuit version of the snow goggle is a carved piece of bone, shell or driftwood which has horizontal slits for eye holes which are an inch a half wide. These goggles were used on the place of the sinew and were used to cut down the suns light and the ultraviolet rays, so as to prevent snow blindness. Snow blindness is a sunburn effect in one’s eyes and is painful. It can also create blindness in the extreme cases.

Even after a thousand years the primary function of the snow goggles have remained the same to prevent the eyes from the ultraviolet rays. And it is useless to purchase a pair of snow goggles which do not offer the protection of eyes from ultraviolet rays as it Is its basic function. According to the American National Standards Institute one should look for the lenses that offer the blockage of two components- UVB and UVA- by 99 percent and 95 percent respectively. Other than offering the protection In one’s eyes from UV rays it also acts as a physical barrier which keeps snow, wind, ice rocks and flying debris from your eyes. However before you set of shopping for them consider to keep in mind the following important points.

Make sure to buy a pair of ski or snowboard goggles which have good peripheral vision- while traveling at high speeds it is important to have good visions that hazards could be identified quickly. They can be natural hazards as uneven terrain, rocks or trees, or even the lovers of snowboarding and skiing.

Be sure you buy a comfortable pair of snow goggles so that you can wear them for longer periods of hours at a time. And if you are used to of wearing helmet wear it while trying the goggles to avoid hitting the slopes. Adjusting the equipment again and again can be really annoying and it’s worst discovering later that you cannot buy those expensive goggles at all.

Anti fog: but those kinds of skiing goggles which have the anti-fogging technology built in. there are several kinds of approaches- a double year lens. While manufacturing chemical treatments can be used and finally you can take an anti-fogging spray or wipe at the store.

The conditions of your lens should match with the conditions in which you’ll be skiing or snowboarding, yellow or rose snow-board goggles provides a better contrast when skiing in low light or overcast conditions.

If you plan to go out on the slopes at night then wear clear goggles. In order to reduce eye strain in bright conditions use a darker tint purple, green etc. new ski goggles offer you interchangeable lenses in which you can change the lenses according to the conditions, and the colors suitable to them. Finally, Uvex has introduced the interesting approaches to have the correct lens at hand. A battery powered liquid crystal technology allows you to switch from the high contrast for light conditions and dark lenses for bright conditions by pressing a button only.

There has been a great improvement in the technological standards of the ski goggles but its primary purpose of protecting your vision remains the same.

Drive-In Theaters Or Driving Theaters?

Drive-In Theaters Or Driving Theaters?

There was a time when you and your car both had to suffer at the expense of going to a drive-in movie with your family. You paid the bills while your car experiences the greasy popcorns, and wrappers of other food items you took along for the movie. But today the vehicle entertainment process has far more advanced than one could have thought about. Today media players and satellite television are just a few emerging technologies for an automotive engineer to consider for sugar coating some models as an attractive magnet for potential car buyers.

Portable Entertainment & Infotainment
The amazing functionality and integration of portable entertainment has become more than just a feature for luxury vehicles nowadays. Portable device interfaces allow drivers to access their personal music library or a video game via their automotive system using a compact disk or USB port in some newer versions.

Mp3 players connect using certain adapters to a vehicle radio, enabling the users to control and listen to their music selection. And simultaneously see the song title, artist, album and other details displayed on the screen. SD card playbacks also just attached to your car lighters area might also bring music to your drives at comfortable and affordable ways.

Multiple music tracks can be played using a single user interface. They can connect through the use of voice command, touch screens, knobs, or even steering wheel added controls. You could even choose the genre of music that you might want to listen to, be it hip hop or the pop. Other features include Bluetooth® enabled audio streaming, DVD-V/ROM, MP3 and full-featured navigation capabilities.

Best Seat Isn't Even in the House
The back seat is not that bad after all. It is actually the best one if you really have access to on road entertainment. Rear seat entertainment includes having LCD color screens, providing clear and sharp pictures from every viewing angle you could think of. Some factory fitted systems provide DVD enabled entertainment. This is definitely the best you can get, as they can not only give access to movies and shows but also play music and used for viewing photos etc.

The best thing about it is that it is fitted with a special module that starts the system from where it was switched off and makes it easy for looking for last played programs.

It is only a matter of few days that every seat would have it’s own playback options with headphones just like in the airplane.

TV on the Drive
The presence of satellite TV technology gets you to leave your DVDs home and enjoy great quality pictures, through access to more than 100 TV channels and 5o plus satellite radio channels.

Today’s on road entertainment surely is much more delightful than one might have even thought of. Access to traffic news, GPS additional options, safety features and wonderful spring of music will just make driving more than just a ride on the road.

Look more Lively by visiting the Dead Sea

Look more Lively by visiting the Dead Sea

The title might sound a bit oxymoron but believe it or not the Dead Sea is the only living spa in the world and is another one of those fascinating gifts of nature.
The Dead Sea is famous for its mineral rich skin healing waters. The historical beauties, Queen Sheba and Cleopatra have visited the Dead Sea in order to bathe in its mineral rich waters. The minerals in the Dead Sea sure give women their beauty boost as it has many beauty effects. They sure do wonders for people’s hair, body and face.
The most amazing thing about the Dead Sea is its tendency to keep you afloat even when you don’t know how to swim. (This explains the picture not being fake )The secret to its quality of never letting you drown is its high content of salt that makes it
The therapeutic effects of the Dead Sea are many. Every year hundreds of tourist tend to visit the Dead Sea to seek its spa like qualities. The Dead Sea improves the quality of life and tries to heal the skin from different ailments.
The beneficial effects of the Dead Sea’s raw material on the skin and their unique therapeutic effects and its beautifying powers have been recognized for a long time. The Dead Sea is referred as the sea of Salt and it lies at the lowest point on Earth and has greater solid content than any other body of water.  As the atmospheric pressure of the Dead Sea is the highest on the planet and this great therapeutic and mineral rich combination makes the Dead Sea unusually therapeutic.

You would also be quite surprised to know  that the Dead Sea is known to contains 21 minerals including Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Bromine, Bitumen and Potassium. Twelve of these are found in no other sea or ocean and some are recognized for imparting a relaxed feeling, nourishing the skin, activating the circulatory systems and for easing rheumatic discomfort and metabolic disorders.

Buying a car during a Credit Crunch

Buying a Car During a Credit Crunch

With the kind of recession that the world is experiencing today, we have started making smart choices. Similar is the case when it comes to getting your wheels. But for many of us, even in these days when are pocket have little power to speak, still think about getting the wheels of our dreams.
It is only for people like these that cars are being modified.
Do I mean modified, sqeezed into miniatures is what I see. Check out the following versions that arrived with the Recession around the globe.

The new Mini-Corvette

Mini Lamborgini

An Addition to the Porsche Family

The Smorche Targa as I call it

And when you thought your eyes had too much for the day.
Last but not the least.
The Smerrari ( Budget cut Ferrari)

Start Drinking Green Tea for a Healthier living

Drinking Green Tea for a Healthier Living

Green tea has increasingly become a very popular drink worldwide because of its immensely powerful health benefits.

It is extraordinarily amazing what green tea can do for your health. And if you're not drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea today, you're definitely NOT doing your health a big favor.

1. Green Tea and Cancer -Green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer. The antioxidant in green tea is 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times better than vitamin E. This helps your body at protecting cells from damage believed to be linked to cancer.

2. Green Tea and Heart Disease - Green tea helps prevent heart disease and stroke by lowering the level of cholesterol. Even after the heart attack, it prevents cell deaths and speeds up the recovery of heart cells.

3. Green Tea and Anti-Aging - Green tea contains antioxidant known as polyphenols which fight against free radicals. What this means it helps you fight against aging and promotes longevity.

4. Green Tea and Weight Loss - Green tea helps with your body weight loss. Green tea burns fat and boosts your metabolism rate naturally. It can help you burn up to 70 calories in just one day. That translates to 7 pounds in one year.

5. Green Tea and Skin - Antioxidant in green tea protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, which cause wrinkling and skin aging. Green tea also helps fight against skin cancer.
6. Green Tea and Arthritis - Green tea can help prevent and reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Green tea has benefit for your health as it protects the cartilage by blocking the enzyme that destroys cartilage.

7. Green Tea and Bones - The very key to this is high fluoride content found in green tea. It helps keep your bones strong. If you drink green tea every day, this will help you preserve your bone density.

8. Green Tea and Cholesterol - Green tea can help lower cholesterol level. It also improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol, by reducing bad cholesterol level.
9. Green Tea and Obesity - Green tea prevents obesity by stopping the movement of glucose in fat cells. If you are on a healthy diet, exercise regularly and drink green tea, it is unlikely you'll be obese.

10. Green Tea and Diabetes - Green tea improves lipid and glucose metabolisms, prevents sharp increases in blood sugar level, and balances your metabolism rate.

11. Green Tea and Alzheimer's - Green tea helps boost your memory. And although there's no cure for Alzheimer's, it helps slow the process of reduced acetylcholine in the brain, which leads to Alzheimer's.

12. Green Tea and Parkinson's - Antioxidants in green tea helps prevent against cell damage in the brain, which could cause Parkinson's. People drinking green tea also are less likely to progress with Parkinson's.

13. Green Tea and Liver Disease - Green tea helps prevent transplant failure in people with liver failure. Researches showed that green tea destroys harmful free radicals in fatty livers.

14. Green Tea and High Blood Pressure - Green tea helps prevent high blood pressure. Drinking green tea helps keep your blood pressure down by repressing angiotensin, which leads to high blood pressure.

15. Green Tea and Food Poisoning - Catechin found in green tea can kill bacteria which causes food poisoning and kills the toxins produced by those bacteria.

16. Green Tea and Blood Sugar - Blood sugar tends to increase with age, but polyphenols and polysaccharides in green tea help lower your blood sugar level.

17. Green Tea and Immunity - Polyphenols and flavenoids found in green tea help boost your immune system, making your health stronger in fighting against infections.

18. Green Tea and Cold and Flu -Green tea prevents you from getting a cold or flu. Vitamin C in green tea helps you treat the flu and the common cold.

19. Green Tea and Asthma - Theophylline in green tea relaxes the muscles which support the bronchial tubes, reducing the severity of asthma.

20. Green Tea and Ear Infection - Green tea helps with ear infection problem. For natural ear cleaning, soak a cotton ball in green tea and clean the infected ear.

21. Green Tea and Herpes - Green tea increases the effectiveness of topical interferon treatment of herpes. First green tea compress is applied, and then let the skin dry before the interferon treatment.

22. Green Tea and Tooth Decay - Green tea destroys bacteria and viruses that cause many dental diseases. It also slows the growth of bacteria which leads to bad breath.

23. Green Tea and Stress - L-theanine, which is a kind of amino acids in green tea, can help relieve stress and anxiety.

24. Green Tea and Allergies - EGCG found in green tea relieves allergies. So, if you have allergies, you should really consider drinking green tea.

25. Green Tea and HIV - Scientists in Japan have found that EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) in green tea can stop HIV from binding to healthy immune cells. What this means is that green tea can help stop the HIV virus from spreading.

You are now property of Facebook!

You are now property of Facebook

It appeared quite shocking to me when today while I was watching TV in my lounge, a report on BBC showed how ingeniously the owners and CEO of Facebook devised a plan to own any person’s identity and personal information that might have been posted on the site.

Facebook has just recently added to the Terms & Conditions that all activities, photos or any and every kind of personal information etc that any user of Facebook might have posted may be used in any way that they deemed fit.

Facebook's New Terms Of Service: We Can Do Anything We Want With Your Content. Forever.

This has brought an immense shock on the internet users today to let lose any information open on the cyberspace. Most users fear that their personal information on Facebook could create a great loss of privacy as it contains events of their everyday lives. Whether it is their going to a concert, a seminar, any event, signing of any petitions or most importantly their photo albums where they put pictures of their own and allow or disallow it to be used or seen by any other person. All these pieces of information together seem to be of immense importance.

The main idea behind this strategy by Facebook seems to be to get data which could be provided or sold to organizations in the form of leads so that they could easily advertise on Facebook to their target audience.

In lieu of these Terms & Conditions more than over 18000 users have deleted their accounts already and more are on their way. But to their notice I would like to mention that they may not be sure if their information has been removed anyways as due to facebook’s rights copies of such data could be used and already circulated in the open.

Lasik Eye Surgery for Short Sightedness

Lasik Eye Surgery for Short Sightedness

In today’s world staying slim and smart has turned into an obsession for many. Each one of us wants to look beautiful and physically fit throughout their life. No one would like the idea of walking around with crutches in their prime years or asking others to help them around. Such is the case with wearing glasses which many people did not recognize some years back.

In recent times, more and more people seem to be concerned with maintaining their twenty-twenty eye sight. They do not want to be seen around with glasses and contact lenses. They may suit to some, but to many they seem to be a potentially unwanted ornament like hearing aids and crutches. For people like these there seems to be a way out for improving their eye-sight, known as Lasik Eye Surgery.

Lasik Eye surgery is a process, in which those individuals with an impaired vision have their corneas replaced. This surgery is indeed one very complex task as it involves handling one of the most delicate tissues in the eye that is just beneath the cornea. In this process an expert eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) makes use of a knife to make an incision in the cornea to replace a precise tissue that causes short-sightedness. Pulses from an exciter laser are then used to make some minute modifications in this clear covering of the eye.

This surgery is not exactly time consuming but may really lighten up your pocket if you do not have medical insurance. The operation costs somewhere around $4000 due to the advanced and expensive equipment used. But after all the process may be worthwhile as in only a matter of a few days you may be carrying out your regular activities.

Before you go for a full surgery, it is advisable to consult doctors to see if you are fit for it and also which surgeon to choose. Consider visting Stahl Eye Center for expert consultancy if you too are residing in the U.S.

After all eyes are one of the nature’s blessings in this world !

A Google search produces 7g of carbon dioxide

A Google search produces 7g of carbon dioxide

Two search requests on the internet website Google produce as much carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle, according to a Harvard University academic.
US physicist Alex Wissner-Gross has conducted research into the environmental impact of "googling". Environmental physicists are worried about the environmental impact of information technology.

In a statement, Google said it took the issue "seriously", adding "the energy used per Google search is minimal".A recent study estimated the global IT sector generated as much greenhouse gas as the world's airlines put together.

Mr Wissner-Gross's study found a typical Google search on a desktop computer produces about 7g (0.25oz) of carbon dioxide.If you enter another request you obviously end up with double that amount, which is the roughly the equivalent of boiling an electric kettle for a cup of tea.

The Harvard academic argues that these carbon emissions stem from the electricity used by the computer terminal and by the power consumed by the large data centres operated by Google around the world.

Although the American search engine is renowned for returning fast results, Mr Wissner-Gross says it can only do so because it uses several data banks at the same time, producing more carbon dioxide than some of its competitors on the net.

Mr Wissner-Gross says for every second we stay connected to the internet, we produce 0.02g of carbon emissions.

This may not sound like a lot but each day an estimated 200 million internet searches are carried out.

In a statement, Google said that as computers became a bigger part of more people's lives, they consumed an increasing amount of energy - "and Google takes this impact seriously".
It said it had designed and built "the most energy efficient data centres in the world".

Soundproofing a Room in a four step process

Soundproofing a Room in a four step process

I’m sure music has become the life of most of us these days. However for many others it is still a headache no matter if it’s the slow jazz or even the groovy blues. They think that that they already have enough of noise to be faced outside the house. For such people the following procedure would be much helpful in Soundproofing their abodes.

Step 1
You could start by soundproofing your own room. This could be initiated by adding a door sweep to your door. The sweep seal will keep sound from passing through the gap between the bottom edge of the door and the floor. This could be done by simply cutting and pasting a strip of one of your carpets at the bottom edge of your door. But for extreme measures, your sweep seal could be consisting of a metal strip equipped with a noise blocking flapper, which prevents noise but does not cause your door from opening and closing as usual. This will give your hollow-core door sound-blocking qualities which you might attain by spending some extra bucks and replacing your door with a soundproof one.

Step 2
For soundproofing your walls it is not necessary that you go over the hassle of having some specialist soundproof foams to be blown into the spaces between your walls from your attic. Neither do you really need to cover your walls with layers of cork-backed glued to make your place soundproof. Instead you could get started by purchasing attractive designed and coloured, adhesive soundproof mats. The will easily attach to your walls just like ordinary wall papers.

Soundproofing through glue mats if is seen as a hassle you could revert to using sound deadening rugs which are very effective and attractive for the procedure.

Step 3
Ideally walls are not the place for carpeting, so why not add them to the floor where they really belong. Some woolen underlayments would be very helpful in getting that room of your sound proof. Start by getting rugs and carpets in contrast to your wall rugs if any if you live in an apartment especially. Noisy neighbors below could be shut this way. For more effective practice use padding preferably deluxe ones to keep your room cozy and soundproof. Sound waves travel faster and more effectively when induced in an object, therefore carpeting the floor would definitely be helpful as your own echoes or noise would be absorbed.

Step 4
Windows would be another area of importance in combating noise. I can not suggest a better method for soundproofing your room rather than by installing soundproof windows. If you cannot conform with this process all the other efforts that you put in for making your place soundproof might not be as effective. You should under any circumstances try to get soundproof windows installed behind the original ones to protect from external noise through their exceptionally tight seals. Or I’m sure you could at least keep your windows shut !

Plasma or LCD, What would you prefer?

Plasma or LCD, What would you prefer?

There is often a debate whenever you go to buy a TV for your place on whether the performance of Plasma or LCD would be a better choice if you wish for a flat screen. Different people would differ on the opinions based on their past experiences or what they would have heard from others. But in reality there is no definite answer to the issue as both Plasma screens and LCDs are great and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In reality, with the advancement in technology the differences between the two have been on a decline. But still you might have to make your choices depending upon your own circumstances such as time, price or even shelf space required. The following are some great points to help you with your purchasing experience.

Plasma Screens – why would you buy them?
According to most analysts Plasma screens offer better picture quality. They may be relatively close to what LCD screens might show but have the best contrast ratios. They have a wide range of qualities that offer you the in depth real picture that you might see on screen. Especially the dark ranges that offer you to see more clearly.

There are other advantages as well such as the cost factor, and the exact size that you might avail as Plasma screens tend to be cheaper than LCDs. Plasma screens have an amazing viewing angle, and the picture appears to be same, whereas LCDs are manufactured using Passive Matrix technology which require you to be at a specific viewing angle for best viewing. This problem is being resolved through active matrix systems but is more costly. Plasma screens are fast adapting to fast moving images while when using LCD TVs you might experience blurry images if they are moving above the speed of 8ms adding to instant response time.

LCD - why would you buy them?
Apparently the greatest advantage of LCDs is seen as preventing from image burns. Image burns happens when there are some images that constantly remain in place, such as the Windows logo or any other desktop background as in computers. This leaves a shadow mark of the image, distorting the quality of image on screen. This would definitely be a much intelligent option if you spend much of your time playing video games on your TV screens for hours.

LCD screens may only appear costly due to their initial costs however not many people know of the fact that they require 30-40% less power. They are light in weight, which tends to make them more convenient even if you want to mount them on walls. Plus another advantage they have over Plasma screens is that people who live on tall buildings would get better picture quality as Plasma TV's use gas, that tend to struggle at heights of about 6500 feet or above. They even have sizes smaller than 32 inches whereas Plasmas do not.

For those who think that Plasma screens have a short life, LCD and plasmas both survive upto a life of 60,000 hours.

Sending Large Files on the Internet

Sending Large Files on the Internet

Each of who takes the advantage of the blessings of the computer and the internet, and does a lot of file management is prone to transferring large data files today or tomorrow. There are few basic ways to do it, however people still don’t know the most perfect and most effective one. For this reason I have taken the opportunity to share my knowledge in helping them getting their tasks done easier.

The most common and well-known, procedure is not always right. I’m sure you know Im talking about e-mail attachments that most of us make along with our e-mails to send such big files to our counterparts. But people usually don’t know think about the problems they are creating for themselves and the receiver by attaching files this way along with the outgoing emails.

Firstly, attaching a file to an e-mail requires you to locate the file and in a way copy it to the e-mail host’s server. Taking minutes before the file is copied depending on the size of files. These data packets then travel through a lot of different networks before it can come in contact into the receiver’s server host. It is then that the receiver too spends huge amounts of time to download the file adding to the longetivity of the procedure. This badly affects the host and your internet when millions of other users are using the same method for transferring data.

The other way of doing it is trying to find a way to reduce the number of times the files may be copied or downloaded. You could do this by simply hosting your file on any of those free file hosts on the internet that you can get by one search on Google. You could then e-mail the link which maybe less than a kilobyte to the destination of that file. Hence, no intermediaries and no unnecessary travel.

This way you could send the file to hundreds of people at the same time, without getting them to wait before their email hosts tend to check for viruses and decrypt data before they get it. You also won't have to worry about your file being lost to a computer crash, a virus or the dreaded "this file is too big and we can't deliver your message" response that a lot of people receive when sending a file that is too big for conventional email.

Another very sophisticated but time saving procedure for those who have better computing skills would be to send Remote Assistance offers to the recipient. This process however should only be applied if the receiving end is seen as credible enough for not opening any other personal files that you may have on your computer. However there is always an option to restrict your shared files if you know which ones would be useful. You could then easily follow the Windows Remote Assistance walkthrough procedure by sharing your IP address to the recipient. He then enters it into Remote assistance program. And just depending on your internet speed you both could be connected in no time.