Another Ecological Invention - Concrete That Reduces Pollution

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Another Ecological Invention - Concrete That Reduces Pollution

The latest scientific experiments and research have led to new discoveries that can really help in reducing the pollution problem. Scientists have come up with a new type of concert that helps reduce pollutants in the environment that lead to acid rain.

Netherlands finest researchers in Enid Hoven University of Technology have been successful in developing a paving material that eats up the aerial pollutants, especially green house gases and is soon to be the most crucial tool for improving the quality of air in industrialized locations.

The new concrete absorbs nitrogen oxide from the air and turns it into Nitrate a quite harmless substance. Scientists are confident that it can be mixed with Asphalt and used as a perfect material to build roads and walls that will be free from wear and tear due to environmental l factors.

Today, industrialized countries responsible for vehicle emission and fossil fuel usage have been reportedly increasing in the percentage of nitrogen oxide in the air. This is the main cause of acid rain and smog that ends up causing adverse health effects on humans and also effects the material used in building. Though the government has imposed strict air regulations, the quality of air in most busy streets is still low.

As revealed upon severe experimentation, the new found concrete is not affected by the pollutant which is why it has recently been used on the pavements of a Dutch town in Hengelo. The results are positive and have inspired hope that it's really going to reduce acid rain and leave positive effects on the environment.

Thus, areas where there is increase in air pollution will undoubtedly find this very useful. Plus it is quality material that doesn't require much maintenance and doesn't wear off easily. Though the material is quite expensive at the moment public usage seems to be confined with just a few people. For this reasons, scientists are continuously trying out new experiments to reduce the cost down to at least 10 percent. This should be in your best interest as this way you will not have to spend more on maintenance when you use quality materials that are healthy for you as well as the environment.

There is always hope for the future and our hope is our motivation that keeps us going. Maybe some day our inspired hope will offer more feasible solutions to the problems and difficulties that we face in our economy. We should abide by the laws and follow strict rules and regulations that will help us reduce the effect of pollution in our lives so that we can lead a quality life.

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