Now Make Free Phone Calls to US & Canada with Voice in Gmail !!!

Posted by Abdullah Mahmood on August 26, 2010 with No comments

Now Make Free Phone Calls to US & Canada with Voice in Gmail!!!

Well this is like one of those days when you buy the last Willy Wonka Chocolate in the shop and win your Golden ticket to visit the Chocoloate! I might have got a little carried away with all the excitement rushing up through my nerves, but on a more serious note Google's dedication to be best at everything and its wishful days of eventually taking over my and your computer does not seem too far!

Like everyday, I seated myself infront of the computer to check my gmail account to connect back to the wireless world most of us have been accustomed to and get rid of those unwanted messages piling up to infinity and beyond. Surprisingly a pop-up message with a "New! Make phone calls from Gmail" feature notification.

To some people, they would still prefer skype while others would just be astounded with additional features like a preload 10cent credit, which you could use to call around the world for as low as 2 cents per minute. Well, I'm a miser what actually made me breathless wa sthe power to call on landlines and phones with my google account and all that for FREE! Atleast that what it seems when they say Free Calls to U.S and Canada in 2010.

Some of us might already be using services like Google Voice to call from our cellphones to each other like we do for Nimbuzz or Skype but this stuff is neat, really neat! Dial a direct number whether your friend is not signed in or is still in bed even when you are outside U.S.

Although Voice in Gmail has a lot of benefits, I somehow fear that this may be another way of tracking what the gmail users have been up with or even surpassing the algorithims that Google Adsense implemented to find out the demographics, likes and dislikes of IPs and people.

Additionally, one more funny yet irritating scenario could be to get actual human voice calls, with real people or recorded messages on software telling you to buy their stupid shampoos and so called money back guarantee teeth whiteners. I'd really love to hear such funny voices....but lets see how it really goes!