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Living the Evils of Capitalism (Part 1)

Living the Evils of Capitalism (Part 1)

Born in a world where humans soon enter folds of Islam, get baptized under the Christian customs or connect with any religion, it is somehow contradictory that they live up to be profit maximizers. The so called beliefs of Buddhism and its stages of ‘Nirvana’ as a matter of fact none other than those which relate to Christianity, Islam or Hinduism.

Today, the irrational human who would live his life sacrificing material needs and sharing more with those in need, unfortunately exists none in the real world but in theory. Charity concerts, fund raisers and all such activities titled as “Cause for the underprivileged” in conclusion seem to bring more benefits to multinationals and Fortune 2000 companies than the kids in Sudan who were entitled to receive all the benefits as per the show of awareness. UNICEF, USSC, 9/11 Charity concerts and several similar fund raisers have no doubt helped many in taking firm stands and fight their disabilities to cope up living in this world, but in the end these organizations have only been running due self-interested individuals after all.

Man simply has transformed it values from an irrational believer to a profit maximizing entrepreneur. Many hard headed folks who realize this phenomenon tend to blame the US and the Jewish lobbyists for having their hands dirty, yet no one tends to realize their own rat race for the love of their worldly desires.

‘Capitalism’ in the words of Adam Smith himself according to his book, ‘The Wealth of Nations’ is defined as:
" an economic theory which stresses that control of the means of producing economic goods in a society should reside in the hands of those who invest the capital for production. It is a system based on the production of goods and services for exchange rather than use. Private ownership and free enterprise supposedly leads to more efficiency, lower prices, better products. "
The devastations of the World’s economy that looks upon such a system, as an end in itself can lead to nothing else but utter chaos. Financial institutions and government bodies which still look upon instruments of debt consolidation and the business tycoons with helping hands are not receiving much help in reality. Such inefficient practices can only add to suppressing the unavoidable bankruptcies, but with more fearful consequences.

If however one wishes to live a life of freedom in its true sense, following the fundamentals of religion which are not anything other than divinely ordained laws will indeed provide the most fruitful outcomes.

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What’s Next with Pakistan’s most popular couple: Shoaib & Sania?

What’s Next with Pakistan’s most popular couple: Shoaib & Sania?

The couple (Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik), which made news all over the world 2 months earlier with their wedding have eventually made Dubai as their abode. What started off as a rumor among the sports section of each newspaper turned into a wonderful and epic marriage sprinkled with a little mayhem with the legal and social dilemma tossed upon the two players.

Both Sania & Shoaib seemed to have decided before hand that each would play for its respective country no matter what, while still cheering for each other and giving all moral support they could give. Dilawar Abbas, the chief of Pakistan Tennis Federation states, “We welcome her and hope that she would become a Pakistani national and play for us in future. She has a great future ahead and we would be delighted if she plays for Pakistan”. He further added that if required she could also team up for a great mixed doubles partner with Pakistan’s very own Aisam-ul-Haq and bring home lots of cheers together.

For the time, I believe that Mr. Dilawar Abbas should not keep his hopes too high and it would be perfectly fine for anyone to play for his mother country. What we should cherish at the moment is that both these couples who made history hold trust in each other and best of all they both are Muslims.

But being a female Muslim tennis player creates another dilemma in the minds of many Muslims in the subcontinent altogether. Playing tennis or any game for that matter for a woman isn’t and shouldn’t be a problem, however there are certain limitations that one should try and confine to.

To start off, many Muslims would certainly find it a little disrupting to see a Muslim woman to put a show wearing nickers and mini skirts to worldwide broadcasted game. Many broad minded Muslims would not mind such a picture but with the Revisionist and Orthodox Mulsims on the line who try to cling on the Divinely Ordained laws of protection for Women would suggest quite the opposite of how things are running with this couple.

It is believed that if in future Sania gets to pursue her life in her husband’s home country she would have to face a lot of criticism and may be asked to give up her game. Issues like these and that of a marriage between an Indian woman with a Pakistani husband have a possibility to create more problems for both of these world class players.

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“The 99 Superheroes”: Are Islamic Cartoons justified?

“The 99 Superheroes”: Are Islamic Cartoons justified?

In Islam, every man or woman who enters the fold of the ‘Divinely ordained’ religion is bound by a number of laws and beliefs that he is to adopt for sustaining in the material world. No doubt, the most important faith among these is to believe in the uniqueness of the Creator, His Powers and His Attributes. It is thus, known to be the responsibility of Muslims to not only commit their lives to their creator but also convey the message to those who still dwell in ignorance.

A few days ago, while skimming through some news websites on the internet I came across one of president Obama’s speech that he delivered during a Summit on Entrepreneurship a month ago. The speech covered topics on what areas he wanted American citizens to look upon to add on to their productivity and how they should collaborate with each other to promote their common goals of sustenance. Among this speech was also a topic that caught all my eyes and ears. The president shed light on a Muslim figure; Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa for his contributions on capturing the imagination of youngsters through a message of tolerance with his comic series entitled “The 99 superheroes”.

This series of comic heroes as I discovered later were actually derived from the 99 names of Almighty Allah. The founder of Teshkeel Comics, Mutawa, considered his act to be a way of building a bridge between the Muslim extremists and the Western ideology by making use of the Islamic concepts to promote universal virtues. The comic book with a monthly subscription around US, UK, Middle East and several other countries since first printed in May 2006, for me was hard to swallow.

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) himself once mentioned that angels would never enter the house of those who had pictures. For every believer it should be clear that images and portraits of any living thing or cartoons for that matter cannot be justified in the jurisdiction of Islam. In this regard, not only the images but those personifying the attributes of God in cartoon characters cannot be allowed. A human being can possess one or many virtues attributable to God for His 99 names, but the use of cartoons in this case raise questions and controversies similar to the past incidents at Denmark and recently reincarnated on Facebook.

One cannot deny alcohol to be condemned, interest to be forbidden and the taste of pork to be justified in Islam. Cartoons or any other expressions of art, no matter what angelic purpose they might seem to pursue cannot be allowed in any case no matter what.

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The Mexican Oil Spill - Is it Over?

The Mexican Oil Spill - Is it Over?

The oil spill that ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico is slowly seeping into the Middle East. Although the State authorities tried their best ways, closing the lakes from reaching the Eastern part and started lining up barges to stop the spilled oil from spreading. However, the oil spill is spreading as the sea has no boundaries but the clean up crews are working hard to collect the tar from the dock as quickly as possible to reduce the damages as much as they can.

Quite a huge amount of oil waste has been collected and the tests on sea life have not as yet turned up with oil contamination and this shows hope for the remaining sea life. These are incidents that are really unpredictable but a little care and precaution can surely help you to resolve such problems within a short time.

The slow response of the American government as compared to the fast forward reactions and solutions of the Malaysian and Singaporean people in such matters shows that they are far better in environmental performance. BP is surely responsible and needs to face all the liabilities in the circumstances of grave danger which may cause environmental destruction to both the coastal areas and the marine life living there.

The slow reaction of the Americans really speaks out that there is surely a need to make amend in the oil prevention policy within the US soil. The huge oil spill disaster occurred just days before the American president announced that more oil would be drilled of the Eastern and the Mexican shore of America. The most troubling question lurking behind the minds of the local population that are at risk is will they be able to survive the oil spill.

The bad weather conditions and the storm threat surely acts as an obstacle and halts most of the work at the oil spill. The reports of the oil spill are based on the State and Federal official conclusion. Plus the government makes its reports based on two estimates firstly it reports are based on the study of the undersea video of the oil and gas that is leaking out from the site and the study of the flow rate group is also combined to form the final report. But due to bad weather there may also be problems in getting the exact estimates and International news is filled up with the latest updates in the rescuing strategies used for the oil spill disaster.

The oil spill workers have landed on safer waters so that they don't get tangled up with the storm and are waiting for the weather to tone down so that they can start of with their protective measure in fast forward way. is a US based Online News Magazine, capturing different perspectives of people and their view on News around the world. For more detailed insights on US and the Middle East News visit the website.