‘WikiLeaks’ the Journalists’ Tool to A More Concise World

On 28Th November 2010 it started publishing the largest set of confidential documents of the United States embassy cables and the important revealing documents gave people an unprecedented insight to US government and foreign activities. All the important information that is revealed through WikiLeaks is archived so that the general public can easily access it. This was all done to protect the infrastructure of WikiLeaks as it was attacked. Plus it helps to make sure that each and everyone gets access to all these important facts.

WikiLeaks stands out to be a non profit media organization that brings out the secret information innovatively from anonymous sources and has awakened the world to seeing things with a new perspective. Wikileaks information is considered ethical and has political significance while keeping the identity of the sources anonymous for the safety of the informing source. This surely provides the perfect way of revealing the suppressed injustice that is being hidden from the world.

From information to videos all the secrets are revealed with accurate proof that leaves nothing in doubt when you get such clear cut concise evidence which makes things clear as crystal. Each passing day Wiki leaks releases information through its website and is being highly criticized by the US government and other authoritative bodies but the real fact is that in this innovative world there is nowhere to hide as everything comes out in the open some way or the other. The over flooded information is bound to leak out even after you adopt strategic ways to suppress it and it will be out before you even know it.

Wiki Leaks doesn’t release the name of the source of information though it is highly criticized by the US government but it is best that the identity of the informer should not  come out in the open as there is a fear of attacks from high authorities. We should be thankful to such people who are brave enough to prove their points with evidence though their names are not revealed because of their own safety.

There are many political secrets revealed of different countries and leaders around the world and this may end up bringing the downfall of many and reduce their popularity among the masses. The secret behind the Afghanistan War might end up discriminating high officials and governments and this is the reason that the sources are kept anonymous as the revealer’s life may be threatened.

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