Another Pakistani Plane Crash Leaves No Survivors

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Another Pakistani Plane Crash Leaves No Survivors

A private airliner filled with 21 Pakistani passengers and an Italian travelling to the site of a foreign oil company crashed near the Karachi airport as soon as it took off. This was a charted flight by an Italian company carrying its employs at work for their weekly shift.

The pilot reported the control tower of engine immediately after takeoff and while returning back it crashed into an open field. According to the civil aviation authorities the Black box of the aircraft ahs be been recovered and they are trying to investigate the real cause of the crash. According to the airline company’s spokesman the plane was fit to fly and there was no problem with it but nothing can be said officially about the circumstances that lead to the plane crash until an investigation is carried out.

The bad news is that all passengers were killed on board and their bodies are unidentifiable because the plane set of in flames and everyone on board was burnt to death. They have been shifted to the Agha Kahn Hospital for DNA test through which they can be identified as there is no way they can be identified physically. They will be handed over to their family members after the reports of the test.
21 passengers were Pakistani wheel there was also an Italian board the flight. The cries and the heart rendering wails of the relatives of the victims in the crash could be heard all around. The plane was literally broken into pieces and the tail of the plane was separated from the charred wreckage.

This was the second plane crash in less four months and all passengers on board were killed .While in Thursday night a Cuban State airliner carrying passenger from Europe and Latin America also crashed without any survivors the night before and the next morning the Pakistani plane crashed .The important point is that there were no survivors of the plane crash and all passengers were killed. What is the world coming to as these are crashes that are becoming a common day occurrence as you get to hear of plane crashes more than ever?

According to the Pakistani civil aviation authorities this was a weekly flight to an oil and gas field located near Bhit Shah and the plane was checked before take off and given through clearance .Plane crashes are really unpredictable but the loss of the victims of the crash can’t be compensated for as nothing can compensate for eth valuable lives of people. Rescue workers worked voluntarily helping to remove the bodies of the victims of the plane crash and the scene was so devastating that it brought tears the eyes of every rescue worker.

These are very heart touching incident when you are taken by surprise and it becomes even more painful when you are even unable to identify the bodies of your relatives in such disastrous situations.

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