Outrageous Floods and the Will Power For Survival

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Outrageous Floods and the Will Power For Survival

The rising waters hit the land of Peshawar in Pakistan and left a trail of shrieks and wailing when people drowned and their houses were completely wiped out from the face of this earth. The rooftops were filled with people signaling for help and weeping for their loved ones who were missing. The tallest men were stranded in on the rooftops and looking for ways out. You can just imagine what must have happened to the little babies and kids trying to make way in the flood waters to live up another day. All television channels were filled with breaking news and giving the latest updates on the floods and the damages caused by it.

Saturday was a black day in the life of the people living in the pathan territories of Khyber Pukhtoon Khua as the death toll was rising with the receding waters of the flood. The roads of this North Western province of Pakistan are damaged and all means of communication are cut off hindering the rescue workers from doing their rescue work. When these natural disaster start to recede they spring up the threat of diseases and brings with it more deaths.

The Pakistanis when hit by floods were so devastated and frightened because such an unpredictable situation had arrived without even the slightest hint so that these victims could have evacuated the area beforehand. These drowning men and women clutched at straws and trees or anything that they thought could save their lives from getting swept in the flood water. Buildings and homes on the other hand started crumbling and sunk to the ground with all the furnishings of the inmates who once saw these places as home.

The lists of missing people in these affected areas seem to be growing by the hour. They are ones whose survival is still essential for their relatives and children looking with lifeless eyes hoping for the safety of their fathers and mothers who were swept in the floods.

You can never know the true state of damages and disaster caused by the floods as there are areas that are completely cut of and are unreachable due to the devastating damages. The rooftops are still filled with people in the hope that maybe rescued. Hunger and diseases are lurking in the air ready to attack people who are even a little weak. These are the devastating conditions of the effected people.

But the hope and the faith in Almighty is strong enough to push the people forth so that they can stand up to a new found zest in life and start their lives from where they left off. There sure is a sunny day after every dark night as this is the motivation that keeps the Pakistanis afloat. Life is precious whether it's your or these feeble ones, take care and spend every moment of your life as if they are the last ones.

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