Physical Fitness Kindles Hope in Life Of Cancer Patients

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Physical Fitness Kindles Hope in Life Of Cancer Patients

People suffering from cancer have always been prescribed to have loads of bed rest in the past to help them conserve their energy to fight against the diseases, however latest research speaks otherwise. Today, it has been proved that people who are active and participate more in physical activities have a better chance of fighting for the survival of cancer than the ones who are inactive. There are numerous healthy benefits associated with exercise that even the American College of Sports Panel has considered adding several new drills and workouts for athletes.

Just like other normal people, cancer patients should strive to get 15 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise daily. Until now doctors have been recommending patients to take it easy and not to push themselves but this theory has certainly changed due to the recent discovery. Through exercise the patient’s body can withstand the withering effects of cancer treatments of Chemotherapy and Radiation. Promising evidence has increased the hopes of the cancer patients and they are more lively know with the new found hope to enjoy life with a little precaution.

A good exercise routine recommended by the medical experts turns out fruitful results as they lessen the need for the use of drugs and increase the production of the red blood cells because of chemotherapy. Resistance training turns out the best healthy exercise of the breast cancer patients.

The loss of red blood cells is the main culprit that causes fatigue in cancer patients undergoing treatment. It is also found that you will need less medication if you are active. Most patients end up losing muscles and bone mass density during chemotherapy but latest evidence has found that regular exercise patterns can help accentuate that comes from wasting away that come from the cancer treatments. Some cancer treatments end up making your bones more brittle and weak and so starting of exercises that will place less stress on the patients will work in your favor.

Though doctors don’t expect the cancer patients under going chemotherapy to keep up to the same level of activity as normal people as they understand the trouble that patients undergo during chemotherapy yet it is recommended that they should still be physically active as much as they can.

Thus the quality of life of cancer patients improves with inculcating regular workouts and adopting exercises as par t of their daily routine and keeping physically active.

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