The Big debate - LCD screens or HDTV projectors

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The Big debate - LCD screens or HDTV projectors

Today the LCD screens and the HDTV projectors do not stand in much difference with regards to pricing but perhaps in performance. While considering the pros and cons of HDTVs, LCD and DLP projectors I discovered quite some reasons why one of them may suit a person and not the other.

Starting with HDTV, be sure not to get confused with the SDTVs that advertisers today are relating to their uneducated customers to sell their regular TV sets. While HDTV sets that we see today are usually LCD screens portraying colorful, sharp and clear pictures like never before thanks to the 1080 pixels screens that use mirrors of red blue and green light to create HDTV quality.

Even dlp projectors these days have been displaying similar performance but their efforts are feeble in well lit areas. They are ideal for those who may not have a lot of spacious rooms as the dlp projectors are small and have higher contrast ratios than LCD screens.

Additionally, you may not have known that LCD TVs work best at higher altitudes, meaning that if you live in an apartment the LCD displays would be much enhanced than those people living in lofts or cottages trying to take advantage of HDTV quality of their LCD screens. However the gases in an LCD screen have limited life though long enough to fulfill your needs but also tend to deteriorate in terms of quality.
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