Advantages of Home Automation for a 21st century living

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Advantages of Home Automation for a 21st century living

The pace with which technology is advancing every day is simply unstoppable. We used technology to go to the moon, prepare meals in minutes using the microwave and use computing to make office life more convenient. Therefore I think it is about time we humans used technological too. However there are certain steps you should follow for an efficient living.

Today’s technology offers you unlimited benefits in the terms of home gadgets, home appliances, electronic gadgets, and technological equipments. It not only makes our lives easier and simpler but also provides us with lots of entertainment.

Computers and robots can’t do tasks like cooking or other similar tasks. For them you would definitely have to push in your own efforts. However home automation has made its mark in various other areas.
There are many key functions that help you give key tasks:

1. The home automation systems consist of nothing more than certain electronic devices which help us control our homes. The new technology makes your life easy and simple .You can just click on and off button to switch on your air conditioners and heaters, switch on your music system with dance tracks, light your home or check your surveillance cameras at your doorstep. You can even freeze time by recording your must watch football game while you go out for dinner with your family.

2. The home automation system have three components which are as follows:

• Connection centre

• Structured wiring

• Microprocessor that performs the computer functions.

3. The connection centre has many connection points that help to install the structured wiring across the house, hence connecting multiple devices to a single control unit.

4. The nucleus of the home automation system is the connection centre. There are many microprocessors that are connected to it which therefore have been connected to the small control units.

5. Microprocessors are the medium for enabling homeowners operate their household appliances. Users if want can use the internet to host these control units using the internet and can remotely access them even while not at home. However touch screens and remote controls are always another option.

6. Our life has become quite easy and simple by using this system. Following are some examples if you are still wondering how:

• It is easy to monitor the daily chores from your house in regular days by means of internet, using cameras around the place.

• You can switch on the washing machine and simply operate it from your office. How wonderful would it be to wash your clothes without actually putting some effort?

• Preparing coffee would be an ideal task; this would definitely make you feel more comfortable in entering your house.

• Even if there is somehow a break-in at your place when no-one is around, emergency alarms and even calls to the police could be made automatically.

Bear in mind that it is always preferred to get a wireless home automation system rather than the wired one as the wiring turns to be very expensive and takes a lot of time for installation.