Stem Cell Research Reveals Spectacular Breakthroughs

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Stem Cell Research Reveals Spectacular Breakthroughs

Recent successful Stem cell research for positive treatments of diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s are the breakthrough discoveries this year. The research of the stem cells finding new horizons of treatment for the main culprits involved in causing these diseases.

Technological research carried out on inducing human cells to change into the type of stem cells that are created by the human embryo is a medical advancement known as cellular reprogramming. According to the scientists the embryonic cells have the potential to grow into any type of cell within the body and they are harvested by the embryos grown in labs.

The stem cells are actually blank cells and they are yet to develop into specialized ones as they are in the early stage of development and can grow up into any part of your body organs. There are basically different tissues of stem cells as the embryonic stem cells are originally from the embryo and the embryonic germ cells from the testes while the adult germ cells can be found in your bone marrow. According to recent medical breakthrough it is found that the adult cells can be changed into repair tissues and this sure could bring personalized regenerative medicine to step into the real world.

For these type of Stem cells you don’t need to generate stem cells as the adult cells can be obtained from the human own cells. The fascinating fact is that the stem cells can be developed to become any type of cell from repairing tissues to treating many diseases really raises new hope in the field of medical science.
The first human trial of this kind of discovery was experimented on patients with spinal cord injuries and the first part of the trail consisted of determining if the treatment works out safe without any harmful side effects. Through stem cells there is a possibility of cloning but it is restricted by the government and this is all in the best interest of people.

But the ethical issue involved in this type of research requires human cells that can be obtained from left over fertility clinic embryos. There are certain guidelines that we have to keep in line with as research can be carried out on the Vitro cells that are useless for reproductive purposes. This surely restricts human cloning which is not allowed in any case as stem production can’t be carried out to substantiate and develop human cells for repairing the bodily organs. Plus there should not be any commercial or financial transaction when this research is carried out. The embryos used in this research shouldn’t be more than fourteen days old plus combing the human cells with non human stem cells is also not allowed.

But the real question is, is it right to start of human cloning and disrupting the human cycle as these are situations that are best left to nature. Is this breakthrough really positive or will it start off another speculation and debate? Another negative aspect of this situation can arise when people start to adopt negative ways and sell human embryos o fill up their pockets.

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