Mount Merapi Unleashed its Volcanic Ash Killing Innocent Indonesians

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Mount Merapi Unleashed its Volcanic Ash Killing Innocent Indonesians

Monday morning Mount Merapi unleashed another violent explosion which made the Indonesians run for their lives. The Indonesian authorities had failed to admit to their short comings in handling the Tsunami and a volcano that killed about 500 people in a week. The residents who had returned back to tend to their livestock after lasts weeks disaster went running back to their shelters. The city came to a stand still when the gray plume of ash shot up to the sky enveloping the area in grey cries and wails could be heard everywhere.

Though there has not been a report of casualties uphill now but thousands have fled to the over crowded shelters looking for relief. The head of the volcanic eruption Centre was expecting more eruptions but didn’t know the strength with which they would happen.

The Indonesian authorities are already being accused of inadequately helping the Tsunami victims in which at least 450 were already dead. Storms and strong wind delayed the rescue operations .Though the military and Red Cross assisted providing aid even through the helicopter but due to lack of coordination among the rescue workers the food and supplies were being spilled due to improper handling.

According to the Indonesian authorities the workers had been educated to handle emergency situations but everything happened so suddenly that those workers didn’t get any warning and were taken by surprise. What people fail to forget that natural disasters just happen you can adopt prevention methods beforehand but you simply can’t wait for warning signs.

According to the locals the recent eruption was stronger and devastating then the last week eruption. Around 47.000 people have been displaced and are staying at government camps but due to lack of co-ordination the authorities fail to provide them the relief that is due to the suffering victims of eth volcanic eruptions.
Alert level have been raised as it has been reported that there are signs of volcanic eruptions in the other four volcanoes of Indonesia. So its time the Indonesian started of to be more serious about enforcing the exclusion zone that so that valuable lives of people can be saved.

There search operations are being carried out looking for the dead victims while some dead bodies are being buried by their close relative .The Indonesians in the relief camps are suffering from respiratory infections due to the volcanic ash and they are also facing symptoms of throat burn. We should all try to play our part and help human lives as much as we can by supporting the Indonesians as you never know in which form we may end up facing natural disasters.

Mount Merapi’s spiritual gate keeper of Mount Merapi is also dead who till his last breathe hanged around protecting the volcanoes hidden spirit. He was a devoted spiritualist and took his job seriously. The people of Indonesia are the happy go lucky type though they are constantly facing threat of erupting volcanoes as they always hope for the best and this is what keeps them on their two feet.

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