Celebrities & Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Celebrities & Criminal Defense Attorneys

With so many celebrity cases in the news these days, it may be worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of being a defendant who is a celebrity - rather than an ordinary person. But what is important is to remember that when the defendant is a celebrity, an accuser may make up charges to get money. This may happen when the celebrity has a squeaky-clean image that a single charge will ruin.

This might be happening with respect to Kobe Bryant. As Jonna Spilbor discussed in a recent column for this site, the defense in that case may well be able to argue effectively that the accuser - who has, unusually, already begun her civil action - is going forward for money, not for justice.

False charges brought for money may be more likely to be filed when similar charges have been lodged against the celebrity before. In such a situation, the accuser knows that his or her charge - even if it's based on nothing but words - will probably be taken seriously.

This also may well be happening with respect to Michael Jackson'S child abuse charges. One such celebrity has always been the member of the Jackson family himself who's death lead millions to grieve on his loss. But on the other hand even if Jackson might be guilty of some of these charges, could he possibly be guilty of all of them? Did his decision to reach a civil settlement with his first accuser start a fateful pattern of false accusations? Even the Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney might not have the answer to this, but there is always a probability that the events never happened!