The Roswell Incident

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The Roswell Incident

Every single day we wake up to see another historic event being broadcasted on our local news channel. Be it accidents, changes in constitutions, huge companies merging together or another world wide conspiracy like the supposedly 9/11 event where there were stories from different angles with less evidence to support the facts. History recalls these as myths, legends or another conspiracy theory and adds it to the list of the Lochness monster and the famous crop circles known to be formed by aliens.

A similar instance was brought up in the world more than 50 years ago on a long and startling night of the first week of July, 1947. Mac Brazel owner of a huge ranch around the desert land in Roswell city, while taking a morning walk to see the devastations from the night’s thunderstorms. To his surprise, he witnessed some unusual pieces of metal that created huge depression on the fields. He was said to take one of the pieces to the local authorities for further investigation. Intrigued by the findings of this rancher the news spread quickly to the commanding officer at Roswell Army Airfield, who ordered intelligence officers, Major Jesse Marcel and Captain Sheridan to personally investigate the area. It was upon the findings of these two officers that the area was instantly sealed by the military who took their discovery piece by piece to their headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. While on the other hand the rancher was laid into house arrest and soon was sworn to secrecy and if questioned would only relate the remains of a weather balloon with metal radar at its base.

Even without such secrecy being implemented into action by the military, the news of a flying disk (as UFO’s were called then) had leaked out and spread like wild fire. The movement of the armed forces around the ranch sparked much controversy by the locals and especially among the news reporters with their reports being confiscated and were forced to stay out of the area. Eventually the only way that the curiosity of these folks was subdued was by a statement made by the army officers at Fort Worth claiming that the debris had been misidentified and was actually no more than the remains of a radar reflector attached to weather balloon. Soon the interest of the media and public was soothed and the existence of the UFO remained another mystery.

The so called hoax by many who witnessed something they had never seen before was again brought up. However, this time Jesse Marcel one of the two investigators who actually spent his life as an investigator for the 509th bomb group openly stated that his statements were suppressed by what he called as a government cover up. In one of his famous interviews in 1979 he proclaimed that his findings on the summer of 1947 were no flying balloon, no missile or a plane. But it was something out of Earth, modeled out of a metal material lighter than foil and as strong as can be. The metal debris had no weight and would not even show a dent if hit by sixteen pound sledge hammers.

Following Marcel’s open interviews other witnesses who were either pledged to keep quiet or were unheard of gained attention by revealing pieces to what the world now recalls as, “The Roswell Incident”. Officers began to unveil the stories of how they were asked to concoct stories regarding the incident while medical staffs and nurses who examined the bodies told of the strange anatomy of what they experienced.

Little can we confirm on what events actually happened regarding the contact of a UFO, as there is always his story, their story and what actually happened.
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