North Highlands Auto Repair 916-332-6995 Auto Repair North Highlands CA

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North Highlands Auto Repair 916-332-6995 CA

I seem to have many friends around the outskirts of Sacramento, Mississauga and even North Highlands who seem to have had trouble in getting along their college lives away from home. They have often told me how much trouble they have had in finding proper transport facilities as buses and taxis were something they would not want to waste money on each day.

They seemed to have some real trouble finding the right places and people to get a car that would not only be hassle free but also would not burn holes in their pockets. Well, with such instances a name that came up much frequently was North Highlands Auto Repair.

This North Highlands Auto Repair company seems to be a great place if one has car trouble anytime, anyplace. Their services include 24 hr towing services, auto repairs, selling used cars ranging between a $550 Chevy to a $19,900 mercedez. Plus, the best part is they would even buy your own used cars or cars that you would refer as junk and pay a decent price for it too.
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