You are now property of Facebook!

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You are now property of Facebook

It appeared quite shocking to me when today while I was watching TV in my lounge, a report on BBC showed how ingeniously the owners and CEO of Facebook devised a plan to own any person’s identity and personal information that might have been posted on the site.

Facebook has just recently added to the Terms & Conditions that all activities, photos or any and every kind of personal information etc that any user of Facebook might have posted may be used in any way that they deemed fit.

Facebook's New Terms Of Service: We Can Do Anything We Want With Your Content. Forever.

This has brought an immense shock on the internet users today to let lose any information open on the cyberspace. Most users fear that their personal information on Facebook could create a great loss of privacy as it contains events of their everyday lives. Whether it is their going to a concert, a seminar, any event, signing of any petitions or most importantly their photo albums where they put pictures of their own and allow or disallow it to be used or seen by any other person. All these pieces of information together seem to be of immense importance.

The main idea behind this strategy by Facebook seems to be to get data which could be provided or sold to organizations in the form of leads so that they could easily advertise on Facebook to their target audience.

In lieu of these Terms & Conditions more than over 18000 users have deleted their accounts already and more are on their way. But to their notice I would like to mention that they may not be sure if their information has been removed anyways as due to facebook’s rights copies of such data could be used and already circulated in the open.
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