Large Hadron Collider & another Big Bang !

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Large Hadron Collider & another Big Bang !

A 27 kilometre long underground tunnel built by scientists that houses the Large Hadron Collider, which allowed them to smash proton particle beams against each other at approximately speed of light.
The scientists hoped to create a replica of the events spontanously after the Big Bang in an effort to learn more about how the universe had evolved.

How the Large Hadron Collider worked ?
Scientist from centuries have been keen on understanding the concept of our existence. How the world came into existence and how we had evolved. Where some like Professor Geoffrey Taylor from the University of Melbourne spent 20 years on his quest for knowledge.

Similarly some around 7000 eager scientists from different parts of the globe helped in setting up a circular tunnel around 17 miles and 50 to 175 m underground. Straddling the Swiss and French borders on the outskirts of Geneva. The tubelike tunnels were fit with about 9000 very powerful magnets, and had the capacity to operate at -456.25F. Energy consumed for the time the experiment proceeded was around 120 MW. The Experiment was done using beam pipes injecting 1.0×10-9 grams of hydrogen, which would fill the volume of one grain of fine sand.

It smashed particles moving at near the speed of light together. Then, detectors looked for very rare particles in the wreckage. These particle detectors worked like digital cameras with 150 megapixels taking snaps, 600 million times a second!

The funds included US contribution standing at $531 million, however the European counterparts pooled the rest raising the total amount to $10 billion .