CPLC - Security Measures for Family & Child Safety

The political charade that we have all been experiencing these past few days is in no way hidden from anyone. Whether we acclaim the responsible culprits as political hounds or ruffians trying to create utter chaos and loot the public, its every man for himself.

Under the recent circumstances even the Citizens-Police Liason Committee (CPLC) has issued an instruction manual for everyone to take charge of their own security and safety.

Personal Protection is largely a matter of common sense. Most people have a built-in sense of survival and avoid situations that may endanger themselves. However, most people are not aware of how criminal operate. The following measures reduce the risk of becoming a target / victim of criminal activities. 

If you are a witness to an incident or need to file a complaint against robbery, theft, damage to public property or require any assistance please note the following details with regard to the crime suspects.