The Rising Oceans - A Threat to Marshall Island

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The high rising sea level in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean may end up swallowing entire islands. This is what global warming has instigated for which we need to understand the cause and effect of the factors that lead to it in the first place. 

International global warming news issued around the world and Port cities states that they are more vulnerable to the rising sea water. The sea levels are raising the salt level in Marshall Islands and these strong waves are ready to cut the silvery islands and sunk it into the deep sea.

People of Marshall Island who are at risk of being eaten up by the swelling seas can only wonder how many years they will be able to cope with it further. What would happen to the people living in these places? What must they do? Who would they become and where will they live as these are puzzling questions that lurk behind our minds and we desperately need to look into these answers.
Global negotiation of climate changes have dragged on for quiet sometime though the UN is ready to meet again at the Caribbean Resorts but no decisive action will be taken against the industrial, agricultural and transport emissions that are actually the real cause of Global Warming and the swelling seas.
The government of Marshall Island is seriously concerned about the future of the island and its people and is trying their level best to come out with some positive solutions to save their existence. People who built their homes close to shores require more rocks to build up a sea wall so that they can protect their homes and existence.
The changing climate is the main cause of global warming as it is all due to the expanding heat from sun and the run off of the melting ice that is rising to drastic situations and causing swapping in the scarce land of corals. The island may also become uninhabitable even before the waves wash it over and the salt contamination may ruin the crops.
Parts of the island are eroding away and what Global Warming has in store for us all is really unpredictable but it is better to take precautions and adopt ways that help to reduce its effects and prevent it from turning into a total disaster. The inhabitants of Marshall Island are still waiting and hoping for a miracle that will help to save their island and their existence.
From deforestation to rising sea levels people’s lives are at stake and it is all because of their lifestyle and jobs that has stimulated the carbon culture and increased pollution which is the leading cause of all environmental problems. These are the reason that lead to such disastrous environmental situation and if something positive is not done soon enough the consequences may end up even worse.

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