Water Pollution and its Unseen Fruits of the Future!

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Water Pollution and its Unseen Fruits of the Future!

It sure is a reality of which we Earthlings should be aware of that the Earth’s rivers are in crises and this is going to cause dreadful devastations in the world. Freshwater is undoubtedly the most essential and the only water resource that is vital to life and this is the reason that humans have build dams and reservoirs to store freshwater. But the burgeoning human population and the chemical pollution has had far reaching results on these fresh water resources.

Latest research has uncovered the possible threat to Earth’s rivers which is affecting its quality and aquatic life throughout the world. The world‘s rivers are under stressful conditions as they go through agricultural intensifications and industrial developments. The flowing rivers are the only largest renewable water resources for the human population. But when you take note of the combined threat to freshwater rivers you can see a global syndrome of river degradation developing in the coming future.

United States of America and Europe face the highest level of threats of diminishing resources of freshwater. This is the reason that the government is working on project goals for water system protection.

Water pollution is actually the contamination of water bodies like lakes and river which in turn affect the aquatic plants and aquatic life who live and depend on it. This water pollution is actually caused by sewage effluent chemicals and fertilizers that contain harmful chemicals and are discharged without filtration into the river leaving negative health effects on living organisms including humans.

The Asian rivers are the most polluted rivers in the world as they have three fold increases of harmful bacteria as compared to other rivers. The most comprehensive river assessment results show that nearly eighty percent of the earth’s river bodies are at risk. And the river biodiversity is also in deep trouble because of the polluted water.

But some scientists still hopes that by working with nature we can secure our water future for our survival and development. The water body’s main risk factors are the overuse of water, pollution and over fishing. Humans are sucking the water bodies of the world to ensure the reliable supply for agriculture, as food is also an important ingredient of living.

Its time we made our contribution and start to adopt positive lifestyles that will not deplete out water resource and make them sustainable for the future generations to survive. If we start today we sure will get fruitful results as a fluid ounce of prevention is much better than a gallon of cure.

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