The After Effects of the Gulf Spill Are Yet To Come

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The After Effects of the Gulf Spill Are Yet To Come

Sea Snot the sticky clump of organic matter discovered around the Middle East and surrounding regions is the result of the Gulf oil spill and has temporarily wiped out the base of the food chain by scouring the small organisms from the water column. The oil rig explosion site that was surveyed but the top scientists have spotted large particles of Sea Snot. These marine snow flakes are actually the tiny dead and living organic matter.

The mucous like substance produced by the ocean Phytoplankton pumped out more of this sticky stuff due to the devastation caused by the oil spill. Nobody knows how this organic matter sunk so fast and deep down in the ocean but according to scientific calculations the large number of organism that were killed due to oil spill became abnormally heavy and sank faster and deeper into the ocean.

It is possible for the Sea Snot storm to pass away but the devastating effects that it will leave behind is a matter of grave concern as it may starve or poison the marine creatures living in the area. It is possible that the snow storm may have ended up the lives of many marine bottom dwellers.

Researchers have also seen tar balls accumulate in the snow storm under the ocean bed and observed that their toxicity has also been a contributing factor for killing more marine life. Most fishes mature slowly making it difficult to actually determine how many species have been wiped out from the face of the Earth due to the oil spill.

The Gulf Oil spill has also threatened the lives of thousands of migratory birds who now have nowhere to go while we may face a lost generation of sea and land animals in the future as we can never tell for sure the real extent of the devastation caused by the Gulf oil spill. One can see the ill effects of the oil spill even in distant lands which are far away for water has no boundaries and it can flow from one area into another without any reservations. Thousands of dead jelly fish were discovered recently, additionally the low oxygen levels in the sea water has also been a contributing factor for many marine fishes are dead.

The Gulf oils spill has seen to expand in the dead zone when the mass of oil eating bacteria gobbled up all the oxygen and left none for the sea organisms. We humans are impatient creatures and aim for speed and success undermining the fact that nature works in its own way at a slow and steady pace to keep the eco system intact. We should adopt ways in life to inspire people to care about our plants so that we can save its natural resources for our future generations to come.

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