Red Toxic Sludge Creates an Environmental Havoc across Hungarian Villages

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Red Toxic Sludge Creates an Environmental Havoc across Hungarian Villages

Three villages in South West Hungary were hit by a wave of toxic red sludge that was the result of blast and leakage in an Alumina Plant Reservoir. Four people are already dead and 6 missing with quite a few injured. The workers have been searching for the missing people in the villages wearing chemical protection suits and using metal sticks to detect the missing people in the three feet deep mush. The 116 injured people are under treatment in Budapest hospitals.

The repair work has halted the flow of alumina from the plant but the material that flowed out caused a threat to the people in the area. More than 500 people from the National Disaster as well as the staff members of the Hungarian Aluminum Production Company have been working relentlessly searching for the missing people and trying to halt the flow so that further damage doesn’t take place. They worked hard to stop the Alumina leakage from reaching the Danube River so that it may not spread into the neighboring areas. The Alumina sludge has already reached the Marcia River where the clever scientists have poured fertilizer and plaster to neutralize the acidity of the toxins in the sludge.

People who overturned in the sludge are lying dead because of its deadly composition that is extremely harmful for humans. The villagers are restricted not to eat any fruits and vegetables grown in the area the sludge overflowed in. The government has declared a state of emergency and it looks like the villagers living in the area are going to face long term disastrous consequences.

The village was evacuated as human life was in danger and with the hard dedication of the people who worked in stopping the flow of the deadly alumni really came out with positive results. Test results show that the acidity level of the river was only a little above normal and so the river water will not be harmful for the people living there.

It is believed that all this devastation was caused due to human error but the environmental damage is yet to be assessed. Scientists are still keeping a careful watch on the area where the Danube water flows so that necessary precautions can be taken. The Hungarian officials are still trying to calculate the cost of the disaster as they were busy in halting the flow of the sludge as soon as possible.

This sure shows that at least the Hungarians were clever enough to deal with the emergency situation first and didn’t waste time in calculating the cost of damages. This sure was an intelligent decision on their part as human life is certainly more valuable as compared to the devastation cost.

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