Depleting Water Resources In China - Thirsty Days Ahead!

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Depleting Water Resources In China - Thirsty Days Ahead!

According to the Hydrological reports China’s reservoirs have run dry and about 250,000 people are unable to get drinking water. China is the world’s second largest economy and is capable of importing myriad commodities to all parts of the world to drive such growth but there sure is no perfect solution to its water problem which is turning scarce with each passing minute.

The water crisis in China has risen quite recently as China was unable to support the infrastructure and water supplying streams in most sensitive parts of the country quickly enough to quench its thirsty population while the water shortage has really turned into a devastating situation.

The farmers of Northern China are under constant pressure as the land has developed cracks that are about 10 meters deep. While on the other hand, South West China’s Guizhou province drought has affected thousands of Chinese villagers and their live stock trying to live in the area. More troublesome is the deteriorating water quality that is constantly rising as the industries continue to pollute the water by draining their chemicals waste in it.

The Chinese government is trying to build dams, river reservoirs and deeper wells to store water and the large countries of China like Beijing have gone to the extent of tapping the underground water to meet the growing demand of water shortage of the Chinese people. World Bank has also warned China against the unsustainable demands of water that will increase the status difference between the rich and poor and the rural and the urban population living in the area.

The stability and growth of China is also threatened due to the water crises not only in China but several neighboring countries on the whole. Some beautiful natural lakes around China have found to be covered with a blanket of toxic blue green algae that has been identified to be the result of chemical fertilizers for agricultural cultivation. And according to reports the water tested from the Lakes was not even usable for watering plants and crops let alone drinkable water for human beings.

Although Southern China has abundant water but the water is not usable as it is polluted. China is trying its best to extract underground water most efforts remain in vain as the water table seems to be seeping lower each day. The Chinese government is trying to resolve the issue of water pollution by investing in waste water treatment facilities but something on a large scale should be done to meet the growing demand of water shortage in the whole world.

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