People World Over Still Struggle for a Quality Life

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People World Over Still Struggle for a Quality Life

The world is at war fighting against poverty, hunger and inequality among the developing nations. For over a decade the world leaders are constantly fighting to overcome these problems and the world economic situation has collapsed under the pressure.

Nations around the world had already set their specific goals but the struggle is to meet the targeted goal in the year 2015. Leaders world over are busy planning the right strategies to start off on the perfect path of eradicating devastating problems from their lives. According to recent reports the sub Sahara African area has made very little progress for eradicating poverty. The lack of progress in mother and child deaths and promoting the quality of life of the females in poor and developing countries like Africa, Asia and Latin America needs improvement on a large scale.

The important goals of the world leaders are to eradicate poverty and hunger from the world so that no one stays hungry and to at least give the young kids the chance to get primary education so that the children of even the poor countries will have their basic education need fulfilled and will have a better quality of life. The set strategy of the world leaders is to promote gender equality so that girls and boys will get equal opportunities to educate themselves and will also provide opportunities to empower women as well as men as they should get equal rights.

They are also working up in improving the quality of life so that they can help reduce child mortality each year as more children die below the age of 5. These leaders are also trying to improve the maternal health of the females in these countries so that healthy women can give birth to healthy offspring and lead to lower birth to death ratios in both developing and developed nations today.

Combating the spread of infectious diseases like aids, HIV and malaria is another problem that is being targeted by the world leaders so that the quality of life in this world speeds up. Plus the main focus of all the countries is also to ensure possible ways for environmental stability as this is a problem that is getting worse each minute.

World leaders are trying hard to achieve but will they really be successful is uncertain but staying motivated to your cause helps in gaining the impossible.

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