Earth's Next Katrina - Are We Prepared for Solar Storm 2012?

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Earth's Next Katrina - Are We Prepared for Solar Storm 2012?

Years ago, the Mayans had created calendars that stated the end of the world. Many thought such statements to be illusionary, but today scientists have discovered some similar facts stating these prophecies may be part of what we might face in the future years. It is believed that a solar storm due the ultraviolet rays of the sun is said to strike the Earth, however what is more important is what kinds of devastations could this bring us?

Are the predictions of a solar storm going to turn out true?

This is a really puzzling question, although I never believe in predictions but with the scientific evidence supporting it especially from NASA it sure makes you ponder. Natural disasters are unpredictable and you never know when they can occur and how extreme they can be until you are struck by them.

The solar storms can cause colorful auroras which are usually seen at higher altitudes. In 2012 the sun will be at its peak of its 11th year called the solar maximum and according to scientist around the world we are heading towards a super storm with such catastrophic incidents paving way. The solar experts in the world are constantly looking for stir ups in the sun's surface and they have recorded hyper activity in the sun.

Lawrence D Joseph warns the world, to prepare for a Super Solar Storm that may end up destroying a crucial piece of infrastructure and could cost losses of trillions daily. NASA has launched a Solar Dynamic Observatory which keeps a consent eye on the solar activity going up there this very minute and this way the sun's activity is constantly monitored. According to NASA's findings the super solar storm can end up knocking out the power grid station and thus all the electricity on this planet will be zapped out. Is this really going to happen and are we going to start back from level zero? Living, in a blackout and leading a life of the pre historic man? These are the questions that keep rewinding and disturbing us.

The 1859 and the 1921 solar storm which created havoc in the world and brought enough destruction that simply took years to build up is an example through which we can learn. Over the Kink Rover of Palmer in Alaska, activity on the sun creates a natural light show and if they turn too severe they can even destroy Earth's power and utilities and knock out total communications.

With some possibilities, it might take only one solar storm to wreck our lives, returning civilization to the 18th century with total blackout and while those who survive may need to start from square one. Our reliance on technological gadgets in this modern world will lead to more destruction and devastation as we all our slave of this technical age and have become dependent on all the electronic gadgets.

Experts are out there constantly trying to search for ways that can prevent this from happening but the works of nature with waves as high as 500 meters and cyclones that dissolved bays there is no definite answer for stopping them though we can try our best to adopt precautionary methods.

What will happen? Will it really happen? And will we survive?, are questions that are churning in your mind that only lead you to one answer is Almighty God who is the only one who can save and help us out. So its time that along with liking preventive measures we should start to prays and asks for God's forgiveness to help us out of this destruction.

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