The Mexican Oil Spill - Is it Over?

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The Mexican Oil Spill - Is it Over?

The oil spill that ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico is slowly seeping into the Middle East. Although the State authorities tried their best ways, closing the lakes from reaching the Eastern part and started lining up barges to stop the spilled oil from spreading. However, the oil spill is spreading as the sea has no boundaries but the clean up crews are working hard to collect the tar from the dock as quickly as possible to reduce the damages as much as they can.

Quite a huge amount of oil waste has been collected and the tests on sea life have not as yet turned up with oil contamination and this shows hope for the remaining sea life. These are incidents that are really unpredictable but a little care and precaution can surely help you to resolve such problems within a short time.

The slow response of the American government as compared to the fast forward reactions and solutions of the Malaysian and Singaporean people in such matters shows that they are far better in environmental performance. BP is surely responsible and needs to face all the liabilities in the circumstances of grave danger which may cause environmental destruction to both the coastal areas and the marine life living there.

The slow reaction of the Americans really speaks out that there is surely a need to make amend in the oil prevention policy within the US soil. The huge oil spill disaster occurred just days before the American president announced that more oil would be drilled of the Eastern and the Mexican shore of America. The most troubling question lurking behind the minds of the local population that are at risk is will they be able to survive the oil spill.

The bad weather conditions and the storm threat surely acts as an obstacle and halts most of the work at the oil spill. The reports of the oil spill are based on the State and Federal official conclusion. Plus the government makes its reports based on two estimates firstly it reports are based on the study of the undersea video of the oil and gas that is leaking out from the site and the study of the flow rate group is also combined to form the final report. But due to bad weather there may also be problems in getting the exact estimates and International news is filled up with the latest updates in the rescuing strategies used for the oil spill disaster.

The oil spill workers have landed on safer waters so that they don't get tangled up with the storm and are waiting for the weather to tone down so that they can start of with their protective measure in fast forward way. is a US based Online News Magazine, capturing different perspectives of people and their view on News around the world. For more detailed insights on US and the Middle East News visit the website.