Living the Evils of Capitalism (Part 1)

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Living the Evils of Capitalism (Part 1)

Born in a world where humans soon enter folds of Islam, get baptized under the Christian customs or connect with any religion, it is somehow contradictory that they live up to be profit maximizers. The so called beliefs of Buddhism and its stages of ‘Nirvana’ as a matter of fact none other than those which relate to Christianity, Islam or Hinduism.

Today, the irrational human who would live his life sacrificing material needs and sharing more with those in need, unfortunately exists none in the real world but in theory. Charity concerts, fund raisers and all such activities titled as “Cause for the underprivileged” in conclusion seem to bring more benefits to multinationals and Fortune 2000 companies than the kids in Sudan who were entitled to receive all the benefits as per the show of awareness. UNICEF, USSC, 9/11 Charity concerts and several similar fund raisers have no doubt helped many in taking firm stands and fight their disabilities to cope up living in this world, but in the end these organizations have only been running due self-interested individuals after all.

Man simply has transformed it values from an irrational believer to a profit maximizing entrepreneur. Many hard headed folks who realize this phenomenon tend to blame the US and the Jewish lobbyists for having their hands dirty, yet no one tends to realize their own rat race for the love of their worldly desires.

‘Capitalism’ in the words of Adam Smith himself according to his book, ‘The Wealth of Nations’ is defined as:
" an economic theory which stresses that control of the means of producing economic goods in a society should reside in the hands of those who invest the capital for production. It is a system based on the production of goods and services for exchange rather than use. Private ownership and free enterprise supposedly leads to more efficiency, lower prices, better products. "
The devastations of the World’s economy that looks upon such a system, as an end in itself can lead to nothing else but utter chaos. Financial institutions and government bodies which still look upon instruments of debt consolidation and the business tycoons with helping hands are not receiving much help in reality. Such inefficient practices can only add to suppressing the unavoidable bankruptcies, but with more fearful consequences.

If however one wishes to live a life of freedom in its true sense, following the fundamentals of religion which are not anything other than divinely ordained laws will indeed provide the most fruitful outcomes.

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