Youtube - Biker stunts videos lead to jail

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Youtube - Biker stunts videos lead to jail

There are definitely times when you might think no ones watching, if thats your perception think again junior! There are always watchful eyes on the road maybe Youtube might just help you net such bloopers of your own !

For instance check out this guy Sandor Ferenci, 28 yrs of age, filmed by a friend on his motorcycle stunts around Banbury, Oxfordshire, June 2008, performing tricks, wheelies, and skids, zooming at racing speeds at estimated up to 130 mph (210km/hr) also includes going down the wrong side of the road.

Just when he thought no-ones watching him, he was wrong. He was approached by the UK police just when a local motorist saw him speeding and noted his registration number. Upon being interrogated he showed signs of his admittance to his doings & uploading his videos on Youtube. Upon watching the videos in court judges termed his act as "lunatic and grossly irresponsible."
This Monday Ferenci admitted his act as dangerous and against law, and has thus been entitled to serve 12 weeks term in jail. Plus, his driving license will be revoked for two years, and extended drivers' test would be held before he can get back on the road.

For all those daredevils cruising on the streets. Trying to show off their guts either in day or night time beware for officers watching youtube videos are prone to catch you !

Link to his video: