Add Social Bookmark Buttons after every post in Blogger

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Add Social Bookmark Buttons after every post in Blogger

For all those of you bloggers trying to get the best you can out of your blogs, there is one very crucial element you might be missing out for better targeted traffic and that would be social book marks ....these are usually in the form of buttons appearing at the bottom of the page so that viewers who get to see your blog directly or else wise have a better chance of returning if they bookmark it.

Adding social book marking buttons/icons, gives you the opportunity to add your articles on several sites. These bookmarking sites have numerous daily visitors, and there is a high chance that your article catches their eye.

These codes are for the new blogger and in perfect working condition & think that I definitely should share it with others, because I really understand the pain for getting proper working SEO tools being an optimizer myself.....

So without further adieu, I bring to you the method for adding Social Bookmarks just like the ones right at the end of my post........Bookmarks code by Raman Shingade