Iran Becoming Self Sufficient In Yellow Cakes

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Iran the Islamic republic has started producing Yellow Cake which is an important raw material required in developing nuclear fuel. Iran has become self-sufficient in producing all the materials required to produce nuclear fuel. It has made its nuclear plant self suffienct according to the head of Iraq’s Atomic Energy Organization. 

Iran is ready to show the world that despite the tight sanctions it is not getting weak but is confidently trying to research and look for alternatives to reach its targeted goals. According to the national security council the import of Yellowcake was banned in Iran but still it didn’t lose faith and tried to prove that nothing can come in the Iranians way, that can stop them from becoming self sufficient in its Nuclear Fuel Program.

 Iran has been trying to develop this capability making its nuclear program self-sufficient and Iran’s Yellow Cake mines can easily supply a weapons program. Though Iran has started producing Yellow Cakes but this doesn’t mean that it has become totally independent in its nuclear program.

The Untied States is concerned that Iran will design a nuclear bomb but Iran is constantly denying it. The Gachin mine is the one that is being operated while there is also a second mine that is not yet operational and is twice the size of the first one. The United States Watchdog Program can’t get close enough to access the actual amount of Uranium that the Gachin mine can produce. 

Yellow cake is an intermediate stage between processing uranium as it is actually an oxide of Uranium and is heated to remove the impurities. In the beginning Iran imported it but with the recent sanctions it has tried its best to produce it locally without any problem. According to Iranians the aim of being sufficient in uranium is actually to produce Electric Power but the United States believes that it is developing its nuclear program for military purposes. Though Tehran claims that it has enough to run the nuclear program cycle without any foreign help but we still don’t know for sure if Iran actually has the technology to develop Uranium into fuel rods to run on the nuclear reactor.

Recently two Iranian nuclear scientists were targeted by bombers and Iranian has blamed it on Israel and the Untied States spy agencies for these targeted attacks. But Iran stands up boldly and states that nothing will come in its way and stop its progress in its nuclear sufficient programs.

There is a meeting set at Geneva Switzerland to stop the Iran’s nuclear enrichment program lets see how things take a turn and what is the end result. Iran is ready and willing to hold talks with the United State and other nations and hope the talks will be held in a respectful manner.

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