The Mysterious Murder of Ali Ayaz Fakhri

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Jameel Fakhri, a veteran Pakistani actor received a phone call from the Pakistan Embassy confirming the murder of their son Ali Ayaz Fakhri who didn’t die an accidental death  but was murdered by unknown people who actually cut up his body into pieces before putting his car on fire. According to a US official the body of the deceased was not in one piece and the motive of his murder remains an unsolved mystery.

Ali Ayaz Khan aged 36 had mysteriously disappeared last February and there was no information about his whereabouts and nobody could locate him. The way his dead body was found it was impossible to identify it physically and it was only through the DNA test that it could be confirmed that he was a member of the Fakhri family.

The Pakistan Embassy is cooperating with Ali’s Fakhri’s father but the real problem is that there are many facets of this murder that are unanswered as no one has  the correct answers that  may lead them  to the murderer.

The loss of a young family member is always very painful for the parents, as never in their wildest dreams can anyone parent even dream of such a devastating situation. We can share the pain and misery of the Fakhri family and console them by praying that Allah gives them the courage to bear this misfortune and may their son’s soul rest in peace.

The Foreign Office is of the opinion that there are certainly gaps in the reports of Ali Fakhri and has directed the Pakistan Embassy to seek clarifications from the embassy. Mr. Fakhri had asked the Pakistan Embassy in Washington to help him locate his missing son but the Embassy people have given him a cold shoulder. He said that the Pakistani Embassy only approached him after he contacted the media five days ago and has also appealed to the Pakistani’s not to send their children abroad.

Ali Fakhri was a business graduate and had moved to the US about 10 years ago. Will there be any justifications of his murder are questions that the future beholds. A mysterious call had identified two people involved with Ali Ayaz disappearance and during the investigation the mysterious caller was traced back to a disposable mobile phone which left no trace.

Mr Fakhri awaits justice, and we hope he gets it’s soon and also gets to know the real facts that are the missing links in his son’s disappearance.
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