Drug Resistant Bacteria - A Matter of Grave Medical Concern

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Drug Resistant Bacteria - A Matter of Grave Medical Concern

Health officials around the world have been worried as a new drug resistant super bug was discovered in at least three States of the United States of America. This infectious nightmare is unfolding and is frightening the wits out of the world scientist.

A new gene has been discovered that can create havoc in the medical field as it has proved to turn many different types of bacteria’s into super bugs which are resistant to antibiotics and are increasing health complications among the sick. This problem occurred when patients from US and Canada receive medical treatment in India. This gene is said to be found in bacteria that usually ends up causing gut and urinary infections. Scientists have always had a dreaded fear of such discoveries when adaptable genes hitch onto different types of germs and start of broad drug resistant.

This sure is a devastating situation as drug resistant is said to rise and it‘s just a matter of time before this dreadful genes started to spread from person to person and created havoc in the world. This gene is called NDM-1 and is specially named for New Delhi. These foreigners have developed urinary infections while traveling and being treated in India.

According to experts we should not pressurize out doctors to prescribe antibiotics but rather concentrate on the best ayurvedic and homeopathic suitable medicines that they prescribe us. It is also a proven medical fact that repeated antibiotics alter the beneficial gut bacteria and starts of further health complications. Though an antibiotic can surely affect your stomach but with continuous use may leave lingering ill effects by triggering the good germs that already live in your gut. Although research is still going on about confirming such medicals facts and the scientists are confused about how the customized bacterial zoo that lives in our stomach is actually formed.

Patients who are found to be resistant to antibiotics should be isolated so that the infection doesn’t spread from person to person. It is a proven fact that the babies by Cesarean operation react quite differently to bacteria than the babies that are born vaginally and this surely explains the fact that the C-sections are more infectious as compared to the normal delivery procedure. Additionally, the gut bacteria of the pre mature babies contain more hospital type germs as compared to babies who are born in full term.

The antibiotic that were used in the 1950’s and 60’s were known to cause harm to the kidneys. Doctors have constantly been treating medical cases using combination of antibiotics, but we should ideally not use antibiotics because they can soar of infections causing bacteria to become drug resistant. Plus keep your hands clean as this way you can at least prevent your self from getting infected.

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