Television Helps in Creating Environmental Conservation Awareness

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Television Helps in Creating Environmental Conservation Awareness

It’s important for all individuals to make the world a healthier and safer place to live. In order to have a desired environment we need to conserve energy, take our environmental problems seriously and work with green technology. Although this is all not so easy but there are certain steps which need to be taken starting from the high-ranking politicians to local internet consumers. The major issues which are faced by many companies are factory emissions and fuel economy. The individual consumers needs to decide on whether to purchase the green products, which include items from the recyclable grocery materials to artificial golf turf and the conservation of natural resources.

In May 2008, many networks dedicated their month to the concept of conservation of energy and for that they did their advertisements according to that. They even changed their logos on web-sites accordingly and modified their advertising efforts which clarified their objectives.

Direct TV is putting forward a green campaign on its web site, and are stressing on the four satellite specials which are dedicated to green living. One of the most thrilling attribute of this program was the planet Green Network. This channel is produced by the working team of Discovery channel. It highlights on how to educate and carry out the recycling practices on green production facilities. An original program of 250 hours was carried out by the network which helped the people who supported the green to stay firm in their resolution and help those viewers who were not very sure, in order to mark their first step.

Another characteristic dedicated to green causes is Forecast Earth. It is produced by weather channel on channel 362 and it comes on weekends. These educational series highlight on climate, particularly the problems occurred due to changes in climate and how it is disturbing the whole development of the numerous parts of the human society. The show attempts to reveal the latest news and the scientific developments so far with its commentary regarding the effects the current situation will have on future. As the title of the show is “forecast” for tomorrow’s earth.

On HGTV a reality show was launched in May named as “Hidden potential: Looking for a Green house”. This shows main idea was to promote an eco-friendly house. The show is shot in Portland in which there’s a young family who takes up the mission to create an eco-friendly house in assistance with the design expert. With the help of the computer graphics, the whole household starts the adventure of building a new house in the interest of Mother Earth. There was a competition between three separate eco-friendly homes, each intended to be made with different vision and strategy like any other famous reality show, and hidden potential was also loaded with entertaining interviews and suspense.
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