Environmentally-Conscious Battery Sparks a Revolution in the Watch Market

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Environmentally-Conscious Battery Sparks a Revolution in the Watch Market

Many of us today are not well aware of the dangers of the mercury batteries. We take for granted a source of power supply when manufacturing little boys car toys and radio controls. We may also manufacture hearing aids, but they seem to be essential and not some bad sources of health damage.

It has long been recognized that mercury is a noxious and dangerous substance and the usage of mercury batteries has been banned for many years in most countries. However, exceptions have always been made for button-type watch batteries because of the very low levels of mercury they contain and because mercury's anti-corrosion properties contributed to the overall product safety. Mercury has been used to control the corrosion of the zinc within the battery; this was necessary to eliminate the generation of hydrogen gas which could cause the battery to swell and leak.

Today, all silver oxide batteries have up to 2% mercury by weight. But we surely do not look out for such factors when repairing some toy or doing some work , where we make use of our mouth as a third hand. It is seen not only in children but adults as well of about whom 8% when baffled during the process or shocked might accidentally allow it to enter their gullet. The introduction of mercury free batteries could eliminate hundreds of kilograms of this dangerous metal entering the environment every year.

Recently, Sony launched one of the world's first mercury-free Silver Oxide batteries. This was however considered one of the most difficult challenges within the industry, the introduction of the battery is responsible for a revolution for millions of watch owners around the world and a major advance for the environment. As a leader in the watch battery market, Sony has utilized its expertise to develop the new product, overcoming major technical obstacles. Ten types of other mercury batteries have also added to the range of environment friendly batteries.

The highest efforts were those put in by the Seiko watch making company, as it promised to continue it’s production using not only lead free, but now also mercury free batteries.

This sets the precedent for the rest of the watchmaking fraternity and can only add pressure on those that mass produce low to middle end range watches and toys. Even toys nowadays have been using more watch size batteries recently. These include remotes for toy cars and other laser lights and stuff. The cost factor is not exactly to be considered an issue as we are authorized to buy the Sony range. As there is little or no price difference between this environmentally safe Mercury free batteries and other main stream brands link Renata and Maxell.

I just wish more companies would invest in such a venture, and say no to cadmium and mercury batteries. Breakthroughs like that of Sony have definitely helped us in combating the evils of technology that adversely effects our environment rather than making our lives much better.
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