Soundproofing a Room in a four step process

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Soundproofing a Room in a four step process

I’m sure music has become the life of most of us these days. However for many others it is still a headache no matter if it’s the slow jazz or even the groovy blues. They think that that they already have enough of noise to be faced outside the house. For such people the following procedure would be much helpful in Soundproofing their abodes.

Step 1
You could start by soundproofing your own room. This could be initiated by adding a door sweep to your door. The sweep seal will keep sound from passing through the gap between the bottom edge of the door and the floor. This could be done by simply cutting and pasting a strip of one of your carpets at the bottom edge of your door. But for extreme measures, your sweep seal could be consisting of a metal strip equipped with a noise blocking flapper, which prevents noise but does not cause your door from opening and closing as usual. This will give your hollow-core door sound-blocking qualities which you might attain by spending some extra bucks and replacing your door with a soundproof one.

Step 2
For soundproofing your walls it is not necessary that you go over the hassle of having some specialist soundproof foams to be blown into the spaces between your walls from your attic. Neither do you really need to cover your walls with layers of cork-backed glued to make your place soundproof. Instead you could get started by purchasing attractive designed and coloured, adhesive soundproof mats. The will easily attach to your walls just like ordinary wall papers.

Soundproofing through glue mats if is seen as a hassle you could revert to using sound deadening rugs which are very effective and attractive for the procedure.

Step 3
Ideally walls are not the place for carpeting, so why not add them to the floor where they really belong. Some woolen underlayments would be very helpful in getting that room of your sound proof. Start by getting rugs and carpets in contrast to your wall rugs if any if you live in an apartment especially. Noisy neighbors below could be shut this way. For more effective practice use padding preferably deluxe ones to keep your room cozy and soundproof. Sound waves travel faster and more effectively when induced in an object, therefore carpeting the floor would definitely be helpful as your own echoes or noise would be absorbed.

Step 4
Windows would be another area of importance in combating noise. I can not suggest a better method for soundproofing your room rather than by installing soundproof windows. If you cannot conform with this process all the other efforts that you put in for making your place soundproof might not be as effective. You should under any circumstances try to get soundproof windows installed behind the original ones to protect from external noise through their exceptionally tight seals. Or I’m sure you could at least keep your windows shut !
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