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Google Wallet Paving The Way for a Better Alternate to Paypal in Pakistan

October 5th, 2015 - Karachi, Pakistan.

With Facebook already sweeping away advertiser interest from Google, the search engine giant had to step in the game. Products after products seemed to had been developed in the past, among which many had been ridden off to focus on possibly more lucrative services for the growing markets in both developed and under developed countries. Some popular examples include: Google Health (2008-2013), Google Wave (2009-2012), Google Buzz (2010-2011), Google Answers (2002-2006), Google Notebook (2008-2012).

However, like Zig Ziglar said, "Each failure brings you one step closer to success."

Google did continue to release a number of pilot projects which seemed to be more enticing for the masses and full of potential for the company. Among these projects there came Google Wallet on May 26, 2011. Google Wallet was set to limited markets for sending and receiving money on the internet. Adopted by few early eCommerce stores and service providers, it seemed to be a fruitful venture though growth seemed slow with so many early adopters of services like Paypal, Payoneer and direct merchant accounts.

Today, however, this little baby "$" appeared on my screen when I was set to compose an email. 

The curiosity nonetheless brings one to clicking on the highlighted pop-up bubble which leads to this:

and then this:

For a second, it seemed that all the troubles of not having Paypal for payment services may have just gone away. Unfortunately, the billing address for the debit card to send money lists the option for United States and the United Kingdom only. But atleast getting these options here in Pakistan, could possibly mean this may soon be available for the Digital Media industry that is growing rapidly in the country. 

Google Wallet has been around for some time, with a US only limited customer base. Taking it to the emerging Asian markets would definitely be a good move for the company overall especially now that Facebook has once again started promoting its own video upload shelf with the autoplay feature and ad placement for videos. A technique that seems to be aimed at taking away share from Youtube, the largest video streaming site and second largest search engine alternative to Google itself.

Now, we can only hope and wait till we see the options to use credit cards and debit cards or simply connect our bank account to Google emails for local and offshore transactions. Till then, lets keep our fingers crossed and keep monitoring the internet!

Facebook Covers that ‘Speak a Thousand Words’

Facebook, the largest social networking site that engages people of all ages and to connect to it you need to register a profile which gives you the opportunity to interact with you friends and keeps you and your friends updated on what is hot and happening around the world. Facebook, to date is the most popular social media platform that has overtaken other forms of communication and this is the real reason, businesses look after the simplest details, even if it were their Facebook covers to make their profile unique from others.
 Customizing your Facebook page with attracting and unique Facebook covers to engage a large audience who may eventually turn out to be to be your prospective customers in the near future is always best. You can search up the internet and download the best Facebook covers as there are many options for you to choose from. With thousands of world wide users Facebook has turned out to be an internet sensation. This is the main reason people try to download the latest trendy Facebook covers as they want to appear unique as ever.

Most people prefer to download new Facebook covers to ensure that their individuality remains unique. No matter what your taste and style is you can find the perfect Facebook covers that work for you absolutely free. Some facebook friends even try to download the ones that fit in with their mood swings.

The Facebook covers that you choose reflect the type your behaviour and your personality, so be wise and carefully choose the one that fits in with your interest. You can even customize it and use technical stuff to upgrade it so that it fits in with your business specifications and will give your Facebook friends an idea of the type of business dealing you are interested in. There are many different sites that offer Facebook covers related to different themes so just log on and download them instantly.

 Your Facebook covers are a form of a picture which you can download from websites that offer it for free or you can even get them customized by paying a minimal fee. The colourful Facebook covers appeal to almost everyone and make you feel cheerful while your browse around the Facebook fan page. Your Facebook covers enhance the look of your profile pages, offering better picture clarity and expressing your feelings and thoughts because as you have mood swings you can easily change your Facebook covers to reflect your feeling.

By researching around you can come up with ideas and great designs for your personal Facebook covers.  People who use facebook pages for their business promotions edit their Facebook covers to incorporate their business logos this helps make their facebook account look like an official business website and in turn help to promote the products and services that you deal in. Facebook covers are the best medium that highlights your products and services as it is the first thing that the facebook fans see when they connect to your facebook profile. 

Facebook Fan Page - ‘Letting Brands Eat, Sleep & Live with Customers’

Social media platforms continually attract the internet users and this is why your facebook fan page has become an important venue for businesses as it helps to create interest in their businesses and enhance traffic. Facebook fan page is a great online tool that helps you connect with your loved ones, interact, share and exchange information and messages and has turned out to be a gold mine for the online marketers.  You can easily build your facebook fan page for free as you don’t need any professional expertise to run it. Through the facebook fan page you get to integrate videos, send real time messages and share pictures and views with all your facebook fans that may eventfully turn into your prospective customers.
The good thing is that the facebook fan page is easily accessible to all even if you are not registered on Facebook. So in fact you can say that your facebook fan page turns out to be a mini version of your very own website. And as your facebook fan page gets easily indexed on major search engines like Google this surely means that all the information that that you share on your Facebook fan page can be found by Goggle and your business not only gets recognized through your Facebook fans but by all internet users. Many business owners are busy creating their very own official facebook fan page and even use their company’s logo and URL so that it has the same feel as their business website. The real truth is that when you set up your facebook fan page you enhance your websites visibility, so take full advantage and follow the best tips to maximize the potential of generating profits for your business through it. You need to place a captivating keyword title for your facebook fan page as this makes it standout in the search engines.
By posting informative and relevant content on your facebook fan page you will end up engaging your targeted audience and your official business profile will grow and expand. The best thing about owning a facebook fan page is that you get to add your main website link and also include your blog links and videos that lead customers to your site.
With the growing popularity of the facebook fan page many online sites are offering expert designs for your personal and business profile as they are aware that all businesses big or small will be ready to hire their services as it is the most cost effective approach to gain recognition on social media platforms. So create a unique and attractive facebook fan page as they make you stand out in a crowd because people are always more attracted to things that look new and different. Though it may be very difficult to come up with an original facebook fan page but with some practice and tips you will be able to build up a creative one that will make heads turn around.

Getting Acquainted with the Facebook Timeline

The facebook timeline is the new online profile that helps tell your personal story through your personal milestones. And once you have a facebook timeline profile you have about seven days to change it the way you want it to look before others get to see it. The first thing that you need to do is to highlight the things you want and add things that are missing. The good thing is that you can even control who sees your profile as all this is under your own control.

Facebook timeline, the new design of the user profile of Facebook also helps in summarizing all the activities that you are involved in within the social network. Its new features can help to pinpoint important posts and are placed on the left hand corner of your facebook page. The advantage is that through your facebook fan page you can even share messages which help you to connect and communicate with your friends quickly. But one important thing that we all need to consider is that the key to the new facebook timeline pages lies in creating a unique visual aesthetic as facebook is geared more towards targeting audience visually.

And so with the introduction for the new facebook timeline format it is very important that all businesses should know how to enjoy the new format as it is crucial for their business to remain on top of the social media game. A complete analysis of the facebooktimeline, highlights the fact that this high end feature gives the online businesses a chance to display information on what they are up to and this way different users get to know more about you and your business. Though there was resistance at first when facebook timeline was introduced but because of its high end functional features it has proved to be an asset for the business owners. This is because it gives them a chance to make their business sites more interesting. But the fact is that before you try to use the facebook timeline page you should upgrade your timeline first. As this gives you time to prepare your page and get familiar with the features. While choosing a cover photo for your facebook timeline you need to select one that follows facebook cover guidelines and keeps the traffic attracted. Most facebook fans stay connected to the new admin panel efficiently as it allows brands insights of their fan activity.

Facebook timeline has changed face of brands and businesses and so it is best if we start believing in integrity in living and business because all that we leave back is the impression that we create. Visualization is the key to the latest trend in facebook timeline as it believes in being a branding narrative and a message board for your personal experience. Your facebook timeline reflects your personality and this is the reason that the facebook fans try their best to make their facebook timeline as attractive and unique as possible.

How Facebook Skins Can Help You Net More Fans?

Facebook is one of most popular social networking site and many businesses have found ways to capitalize on it. Among these practices, facebook skins have shown to be an effective way to help users to download creative themes and set up attractive personal profile pages and fan pages on Facebook. Though the original Facebook profile is blue and white but you can make it unique by adding colorful facebook skins or a new background theme.
Facebook applications offer you a variety of facebook skins to add on your profile and downloading them is almost free. This allows visitors to change whenever they want, but to replace it they need to learn how to remove the active facebook skins before they download a new one. They even need to remove the facebook application that created the skin on their facebook profile. Users who have multiple apps on their fan page should delete one at a time as it is impossible to tell which one works in changing their profile. And if by mistake they end up deleting the wrong apps they can re-add it by visiting the apps page.

It is in fact the greatest web application that gives the facebook users a chance to build up unique and attractive fan page is facebook skins. This allows the users to place the facebook skins on their profiles and the virtual graphic skins are laid over the facebook page which can be modified according to their specification. And the good thing is that they don’t even require coding knowledge of HTML or CSS and only by installing a plug-in they gain access to facebook skins of different colors and themes to choose from.        

Creating a facebook page by using creative facebook skins can give your fan page a professional look and make it stand out in the competitive business world. To build up a creative and functional facebook page fast and easy you need to use facebook skins as they are the most popular option.

The best way to download new facebook skins on your facebook profile is to sign up on your facebook account and click on the profile link on the upper right hand corner of your facebook’s homepage. You only need to click on the link of the facebook skins in the vertical panel of your facebook profile to download a new one. By scrolling through the links and clicking the tab that says remove the active Facebook Skins can be removed in no time. Most Facebook users change their facebook skins to customize their background as this gives them the chance to add their personal touch and attract the potential clients that will help them gain profitable business outcomes. This also reflects that uniformity in things is fading way and users who follow the updated trends are the real winners. So setting a new Facebook Skins on your online profile is the way to go.

Facebook Fan Page Apps Revolutionize Social Engagement

Facebook has really revolutionized social networking to this day. Dismissed as a silly site in the beginning it has proved its worth with the passage of time, as today every existing brand/company wishes to remain connected with it. With just a matter of time, all types of business owners started scrambling to be part of it and try to reach their customers with a facebook page as it seems to be the best way to interact with their potential customers. But for this they need to create an effective facebook page using innovative facebook fan page apps along with informative and relevant content.

Among some good facebook fan page apps is the Fan of the Week which automatically keeps track of your users participation on your page. This facebook fan page apps is free but if you want to customize it you can easily upgrade it at a minimal fee and customizations are limited. The facebook application can be installed on your facebook page as a tab and your facebook friends who miss your post can still see it on the fan of the week facebook page. But the most important thing that you need to do is to add the application on your page at the time you post it. 

Bookshaka is also a very helpful facebook fan page apps that highlights the fan participation on your facebook page. A custom tab called Top Fans is added to your facebook page the moment you install this application. This facebook fan page apps is the best way to stay tuned with you friends and is certainly more visible than the RSS feed or your mini blog. Plus it offers more functionality and even better customization. 

With the growing popularity of Facebook it is important to create a fan page for your website launch as this is an outlet for your friends to connect together and share their ideas and views. This type of marketing works best in corporate or personal events and is also perfect for your business growth. Facebook being the most heavily trafficked website can enhance you online visibility and create awareness for the products and services that you offer so creating your business fan page on facebook is highly recommended.

Another popular facebook fan page apps is the Post Planner as it comes in handy when you need to schedule posts to your facebook page. You can even use the white label version of post planner to customize the apps name and lead your fans to your website. To increase your facebook circle and for easy interaction with your facebook community you can use the ContactMe, facebook fan page apps.

The best way to engage the masses and build your own facebook community is by creating a page with the help of functional facebook fan page apps that can lead to good fan engagement. And the good thing is that these facebook fan page apps make your life easier with only a little automation. It is also worth noting there are several apps that you might already find, but not all may suit to your needs. Therefore, reaching out to a professional app developer may still be a much better way to boost your steam up your fan engagement plans.

Google Wave Sunsetting in 2012

Search Engine Giant Google has been taking significant steps to do away with some of its unprofitable businesses....this is another one of them that is definitely going down.

Google Wave, another one of Google's experimental services to conquer as a networking and inquisitive online collaboration tool for families and businesses has finally figured that the big bird will not fly has taken a decision to shut it down.

Following is the excerpt from an email that had been received earlier this morning with the sad news, by a Wave member who once took pride in being among the first to find out what it was all about.
Dear Wavers,

More than a year ago, we announced that Google Wave would no longer be developed as a separate product. At the time, we committed to maintaining the site at least through to the end of 2010. Today, we are sharing the specific dates for ending this maintenance period and shutting down Wave. As of January 31, 2012, all waves will be read-only, and the Wave service will be turned off on April 30, 2012. You will be able to continue exporting individual waves using the existing PDF export feature until the Google Wave service is turned off. We encourage you to export any important data before April 30, 2012.

If you would like to continue using Wave, there are a number of open source projects, including Apache Wave. There is also an open source project called Walkaround that includes an experimental feature that lets you import all your Waves from Google. This feature will also work until the Wave service is turned off on April 30, 2012.  For more details, please see our help center. 

Yours sincerely,  The Wave Team  © 2011 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Wave account.

CPLC - Security Measures for Family & Child Safety

The political charade that we have all been experiencing these past few days is in no way hidden from anyone. Whether we acclaim the responsible culprits as political hounds or ruffians trying to create utter chaos and loot the public, its every man for himself.

Under the recent circumstances even the Citizens-Police Liason Committee (CPLC) has issued an instruction manual for everyone to take charge of their own security and safety.

Personal Protection is largely a matter of common sense. Most people have a built-in sense of survival and avoid situations that may endanger themselves. However, most people are not aware of how criminal operate. The following measures reduce the risk of becoming a target / victim of criminal activities. 

If you are a witness to an incident or need to file a complaint against robbery, theft, damage to public property or require any assistance please note the following details with regard to the crime suspects.

‘WikiLeaks’ the Journalists’ Tool to A More Concise World

On 28Th November 2010 it started publishing the largest set of confidential documents of the United States embassy cables and the important revealing documents gave people an unprecedented insight to US government and foreign activities. All the important information that is revealed through WikiLeaks is archived so that the general public can easily access it. This was all done to protect the infrastructure of WikiLeaks as it was attacked. Plus it helps to make sure that each and everyone gets access to all these important facts.

WikiLeaks stands out to be a non profit media organization that brings out the secret information innovatively from anonymous sources and has awakened the world to seeing things with a new perspective. Wikileaks information is considered ethical and has political significance while keeping the identity of the sources anonymous for the safety of the informing source. This surely provides the perfect way of revealing the suppressed injustice that is being hidden from the world.

From information to videos all the secrets are revealed with accurate proof that leaves nothing in doubt when you get such clear cut concise evidence which makes things clear as crystal. Each passing day Wiki leaks releases information through its website and is being highly criticized by the US government and other authoritative bodies but the real fact is that in this innovative world there is nowhere to hide as everything comes out in the open some way or the other. The over flooded information is bound to leak out even after you adopt strategic ways to suppress it and it will be out before you even know it.

Wiki Leaks doesn’t release the name of the source of information though it is highly criticized by the US government but it is best that the identity of the informer should not  come out in the open as there is a fear of attacks from high authorities. We should be thankful to such people who are brave enough to prove their points with evidence though their names are not revealed because of their own safety.

There are many political secrets revealed of different countries and leaders around the world and this may end up bringing the downfall of many and reduce their popularity among the masses. The secret behind the Afghanistan War might end up discriminating high officials and governments and this is the reason that the sources are kept anonymous as the revealer’s life may be threatened.

The author is also affiliated with IslamTribune an emerging US based Online News Magazine. His works include capturing distinct stories and perception of people the world over. Visit for more updates around the world and News in the Middle East.

Iran Becoming Self Sufficient In Yellow Cakes

Iran the Islamic republic has started producing Yellow Cake which is an important raw material required in developing nuclear fuel. Iran has become self-sufficient in producing all the materials required to produce nuclear fuel. It has made its nuclear plant self suffienct according to the head of Iraq’s Atomic Energy Organization. 

Iran is ready to show the world that despite the tight sanctions it is not getting weak but is confidently trying to research and look for alternatives to reach its targeted goals. According to the national security council the import of Yellowcake was banned in Iran but still it didn’t lose faith and tried to prove that nothing can come in the Iranians way, that can stop them from becoming self sufficient in its Nuclear Fuel Program.

 Iran has been trying to develop this capability making its nuclear program self-sufficient and Iran’s Yellow Cake mines can easily supply a weapons program. Though Iran has started producing Yellow Cakes but this doesn’t mean that it has become totally independent in its nuclear program.

The Untied States is concerned that Iran will design a nuclear bomb but Iran is constantly denying it. The Gachin mine is the one that is being operated while there is also a second mine that is not yet operational and is twice the size of the first one. The United States Watchdog Program can’t get close enough to access the actual amount of Uranium that the Gachin mine can produce. 

Yellow cake is an intermediate stage between processing uranium as it is actually an oxide of Uranium and is heated to remove the impurities. In the beginning Iran imported it but with the recent sanctions it has tried its best to produce it locally without any problem. According to Iranians the aim of being sufficient in uranium is actually to produce Electric Power but the United States believes that it is developing its nuclear program for military purposes. Though Tehran claims that it has enough to run the nuclear program cycle without any foreign help but we still don’t know for sure if Iran actually has the technology to develop Uranium into fuel rods to run on the nuclear reactor.

Recently two Iranian nuclear scientists were targeted by bombers and Iranian has blamed it on Israel and the Untied States spy agencies for these targeted attacks. But Iran stands up boldly and states that nothing will come in its way and stop its progress in its nuclear sufficient programs.

There is a meeting set at Geneva Switzerland to stop the Iran’s nuclear enrichment program lets see how things take a turn and what is the end result. Iran is ready and willing to hold talks with the United State and other nations and hope the talks will be held in a respectful manner.

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